Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant v3.0 (Sales-Cloud-Consultant)

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How would you describe a quota?

Answer : A benchmark of how much revenue and/or units you should sell within a time frame.

What happens if a language is deactivated?

Answer : When a language is deactivated, all translations for that language are still available in the Translation Workbench but users with that language selected see the organization's default language values.

Which task should be included in a business continuity plan for a contact center? (There are three correct answers.)

  • A. Route cases toagents in an alternate center.
  • B. Disable the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.
  • C. Deliver training on case handling for contingent staff.
  • D. Update the case status field values.
  • E. Monitor service level agreements (SLAs) and notify customers.

Answer : A,C,E

What are the factors that influence marketing metrics and drive key marketing business challenges?

  • A. Insufficient lead generation
  • B. Poor alignment with sales
  • C. Measuring marketing ROI

Answer : A

What should you do when migrating Opportunities?

  • A. Determine ifyou need to load owner who are not current users
  • B. Always load all owners, including those who are not current users
  • C. Only load owners who are current users
  • D. Load all available data, including owners

Answer : A

Arrange the steps to set a passcode, in the correct order (using Salesforce Classic).

  • A. Enter your passcode again for confirmation
  • B. Enter your passcode when prompted to create a passcode
  • C. Ensurethat the Salesforce Classic application is installed and all your Salesforce records are downloaded to your device

Answer : A,B,C

Why are profiles important when managing security of records? (Select all that apply)

  • A. Profiles allow users Read permission only. Toallow Create, Edit, or Delete permissions, an admin must change the default setting.
  • B. When custom applications are installed or created, you can manage access at the profile level. C. Profiles define auser's permission to perform different functions within Salesforce.
  • C. Profiles manage data visibility based on where users are placed

Answer : B,C

Who has permission to edit a Chatter profile?

  • A. An Administrator
  • B. An individual user
  • C. A user's manager
  • D. Profiles are not editable

Answer : B

If you need to compare two values within one group and display unconnected points what type of chart would you use?

Answer : A Scatter chart.

UniversalContainersis designing a contact center that will store 20 million cases. Of those,
5 million will need to be accessed for reporting and search.Which approach will ensure best system performance? Chose 3 answers:

  • A. Customindexes
  • B. Tiered datastrategy
  • C. Record types
  • D. Division
  • E. Custom search

Answer : A,B,D

Data.com: What does the Reviewed Status indicate?

  • A. The recordhas minimal activity on Data.com
  • B. The record should be deleted from Salesforce
  • C. The record has been manually cleaned against Data.com
  • D. The record might have a bad phone number

Answer : C

Which of the following statements are true about the Opportunity field, "Stage"? (Select all that apply)

  • A. There are 10 default stage values, based on a commonly used sales methodology.
  • B. The list ofdefault stage values cannot be edited or added.
  • C. There are othersales methodologies that can be downloaded from the AppExchange and used within Salesforce

Answer : A,C

How would you track campaign influence?

Answer : 1. Auto set influence of a campaign to an opportunity 2. Associate influential campaigns (to contact role) on oppty prior to close date 3.Measure influence timeframe (max #days between campaign first associated date and opty create date)

Insurancepolicieson accounts. 2 sales teams should not see eachothers policies. 2 custom objects, each w/relationship to account object.Bothobjects private. What are the design considerations here?

  • A. Sales user needs to apply manual sharing rules
  • B. Custom report type needs to be created to view all policies in a single report

Answer : B

Match this tip with its design consideration. "Users should not do things more than once because it takes time and may create dirty data"

  • A. Tab and field naming
  • B. Reduced clicks
  • C. Search
  • D. Record types and page layouts
  • E. Workflow rules and approvals
  • F. Minimizedredundant data entry

Answer : F

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Total 318 questions