Certified Senior System Architect (CSSA) 74V1 v1.0 (PEGACSSA74V1)

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In an application selling office supplies, the Payment form displays order items and collects payment information. In the Payment section rule, the order items are grouped in a dynamic layout. You find out later that the OrderSummary form also needs to display the order items.
How do you implement the UI so that the order items display is shared between Payment and OrderSummary forms?

  • A. Convert the Payment section layout that contains order items to a section, and embed this section in the OrderSummary section.
  • B. Build the OrderSummary section with a layout inside to group the order items, similar to the Payment section.
  • C. Embed the Payment section in the OrderSummary section.
  • D. Reuse the Payment section in the OrderSummary form and circumstance the section rule to hide payment information.

Answer : D

You are implementing a UI form collecting job applicant information. Users must provide values to certain fields before submitting the form.
Which configuration adds asterisks to indicate the mandatory fields on the form?

  • A. Use multiple Validate rules for each mandatory field
  • B. Use a Validate rule to verify the mandatory fields have a value
  • C. Configure the mandatory fields as Required in the section rule
  • D. Use an Edit Validate rule to verify if each of the mandatory properties has a value

Answer : C

What are the minimum components of a user interface (UI) action set?

  • A. Two actions and one event
  • B. One action and one condition
  • C. One action, one event, and one condition
  • D. One action and one event

Answer : C

In a hotel reservation application, a form displays a list of hotels with available rooms based on the check-in and check-out dates entered by users.
How do you configure the form to refresh the hotel list whenever the check-in or check-out date changes?

  • A. Display the hotel in an embedded section with a visible when condition.
  • B. Configure an action set on the hotel list display to refresh the section when the hotel list changes.
  • C. Configure action sets on the date fields to refresh the section when the date values change.
  • D. Configure edit values on the date fields to refresh the section when the date value change.

Answer : C

Which three use cases demonstrate the Pega dynamic UI behavior? (Choose Three)

  • A. Automatically calculate order total when users change quantities.
  • B. Display a message upon form submission that a date field must be in the future.
  • C. Unmask a password field when users click an icon.
  • D. Display partner information fields when a screen loads for married applicants. check box.

Answer : ABE

You configure an application to allow users to download a mobile app. When users select one of the three supported platforms (Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile), the application opens a new window pointing to the appropriate app store.
How do you configure this behavior?

  • A. Add three check boxes and one button. For each check box, configure an action set with a click event to set the value of the URL. For the button, configure an action set with a click event to open the URL in a window.
  • B. Add one button and configure three action sets. In each action set, specify a click event and add an action that opens the vendor"™s URL in a window.
  • C. Add one button and configure one action set. In the action set, specify a click event with three actions to open each vendor URL in a window. Apply a when rule to each action to determine the correct URL.
  • D. Add a button for each platform and configure an action set for each button. In each action set, specify a click event and add an action that opens the vendor"™s URL in a window.

Answer : D

Select the three benefits of using Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO). (Choose Three)

  • A. Generate the latest code from business-friendly metaphors.
  • B. Empower project participants to review development progress.
  • C. Facilitate collaboration between business and IT around working models.
  • D. Enter and store business requirements in the application.
  • E. Automate custom business process.

Answer : CDE

In the Answer Area, select the development approach that corresponds to each attribute.
Hot Area:

Answer :

You are asked to build a report listing customer order cases with an Order Total value over USD10000 sorted by Creation date (pxCreateDate). The report should display the following three fields: Case ID (pyID), Customer ID, and Order Total.
Which property or property combination should you optimize to improve performance?

  • A. Customer ID and Order Total
  • B. pxCreateDate and Order Total
  • C. pxCreateDate
  • D. Order Total

Answer : B

You create an application to track package deliveries.
Choose three elements that are essential for this application. (Choose Three)

  • A. A shipment tracking case type
  • B. A user view to enter the shipping details
  • C. A delivery cancellation child case
  • D. A set of fields to capture the shipping details
  • E. A work party to represent the customer

Answer : BCE

A form listing nearby restaurants has four columns:
"¢ Restaurant name
"¢ Restaurant location
"¢ Thumbnail image of the seating area
"¢ Make reservation (check box)
You want to ensure that users have the information they need to make a reservation regardless of screen size. When viewed on a small screen, you do not need to display the images.
What three configuration steps do you take to support this requirement? (Choose Three)

  • A. Set the importance of the image column to Other.
  • B. Set the importance of the image column to Secondary.
  • C. Set the importance of the Restaurant name column to Primary.
  • D. Set the importance of the Make reservation column to Primary.
  • E. Set the importance of the Restaurant name and Make reservation columns to Primary.
  • F. Set the importance of the Restaurant location and Make reservation columns to Secondary.

Answer : ACF

You want to unit test a rule. To ensure that the rule executes as intended, you need to populate the clipboard with valid data.
Which two options allow you to populate the clipboard before testing the rule? (Choose Two)

  • A. Configure an assertion to define the required data.
  • B. Copy data from an existing clipboard page.
  • C. Configure a validate rule to populate the needed data.
  • D. Run a data transform to create the test page.

Answer : CD

While testing a business process to approve an expense report, you receive an error.
Which tool allows you to review the rule execution to determine the source of the error?

  • A. The Dependency Analyzer
  • B. The Clipboard tool
  • C. The Tracer
  • D. The Application Profiler

Answer : B


Which two conditions do you test with a unit test? (Choose Two)

  • A. An application displays user views for 20 users within three seconds.
  • B. A property value is set correctly by a data transform.
  • C. An application is successfully migrated to a test system.
  • D. A data page populates without any errors.

Answer : BD


A customer wants to copy the contents of a previous order to their current order. What rule type do you use to copy the order contents?

  • A. Data transform
  • B. Data page
  • C. Declare expression
  • D. Function

Answer : A


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