Servicing HP Networking Products v6.1 (HP2-Z12)

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Which HP routers support a 3G USB modem?

  • A. HP A-MSR20 Series routers
  • B. HP A-MSR20-1X Series routers
  • C. HP A-MSR50 Series routers
  • D. HP A-MSR900 Series routers

Answer : D

The A-MSR 900 and A-MSR 900W provide the following:
One console port One USB slot, in which customers can install a USB 3G modem The modem provides an uplink connection to a 3G service provider of one of three types:
Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA)
Code Division Multiple Access 2000 (CDMA2000)
Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA)
The router itself provides an internal interface for the 3G connection, which handles the IP functions and other functions at and above the Network OS Layer. Si x 10/100 Base -T
Ethernet ports:
Four Layer 2 ports (no IP functionality) for LAN connections
Two Layer 3 ports for WAN connections
On the A-MSR 900W only, one 802.11b/g antenna, which enables the router to act as an
AP and provide wireless connectivity to endpoints
The A-MSR 900 routers support a 70 Kpps packet forwarding rate.

You have been dispatched to a customer site by the response center.You need to connect your laptop to the console port on the customer's HP E6600 switch to access the CLI.
Which applications can you use to accomplish this?(Select two.)

  • A. TFTPd32
  • B. Sam Spade network utility
  • C. HyperTerminal
  • D. Solarwind Subnet Calculator
  • E. TeraTerm Pro

Answer : C,E

You are installing an HP A-WA2220 AP for a customer, and you need to determine whether the new AP has been recognized by the device that manages it. Which device can control this AP?

  • A. HP A5120 Series switch
  • B. HP A-MSR20-12W Series router
  • C. HP A-WX5002 Access Controller
  • D. HP A-MSR920W Series router

Answer : C

Using the hardware, how do you reset an HP 1700 Series switch to its factory default settings?

  • A. Press the Reset button and hold for five seconds
  • B. Press the Reset and Clear buttons at the same time and hold for five seconds.
  • C. Power off the switch, connect port 1 to port 2, and power the switch back on.
  • D. Remove the power supply without turning off the power switch

Answer : C

Reset HP V1700 Series Switches to Factory Default Settings
You can also initiate a hardware reset to factory defaults on the HP V1700 Series switches although these switches have no Reset button. Follow these steps:
1. Remove the switchs power adapter.
2. Remove all cables.
3. Connect port 1 to port 2.
4. Reconnect the power adapter.
5. Wait at least 40 seconds before disconnecting port 1 from port 2.

Which statement is true about HP E Series MSM Controllers?

  • A. The LAN port on all controllers is Port 1; the Internet port is Port 2.
  • B. All controllers are Power over Ethernet (PoE) compatible.
  • C. All controllers can be installed in an HP E8200 z1 Series or HP E5400 z1 Series switch.
  • D. All controllers provide three management options: a Web browser interface, a command-line interface, and SNMFV3.

Answer : D

You are configuring the IP address and default gateway for an HP E2910 al switch from the
CLI. After you finish entering the configuration, you issue the write memory command.What does this command do?

  • A. copies the startup-config to the running-config
  • B. saves the startup-config to a TFTP server
  • C. copies the running-config to non-volatile RAM
  • D. saves the running-config to a TFTP server

Answer : A

Which networking products are included in the HP E Series? (Select two.)

  • A. a wireless access point that operates as a managed AP (controlled mode) only
  • B. a wireless access point that operates as a standalone AP (autonomous mode) only
  • C. a wireless router
  • D. wireless controllers

Answer : B,D

You are troubleshooting an HP A Series switch. You attempt to log in to both the CLI and the Web browser interface in several different ways, but you are always prompted for credentials. The customer tells you that the person who created the passwords is no longer employed by the company. What can you do to access the switch?

  • A. Use the failsafe credentials, admin for username and password for password.
  • B. Press the Reset and Clear buttons on the switchs front panel, holding them for at least 5 seconds, to clear the password
  • C. Access the Boot ROM menu and bypass the configuration, starting the switch at factory default settings.
  • D. Access the switch over a direct console connection, which always permits access without a password.

Answer : C


Bypass a Faulty Configuration -

Which HP V Series switches permit four different levels of access to their Web browser interface?

  • A. HP V1810 switches
  • B. HP V1700 switches
  • C. HP V1910 switches
  • D. HP V1905 switches

Answer : C

V1910 Series switches divide the Web browser interface, which offers full management features, into four access levels. But a single password provides access to the limited CLI.

You are at a customer site where one of the redundant power supplies on an HP E5406 zl switch has failed. How can you determine which power supply needs to be replaced?
(Select two.)

  • A. Observe the switch's LED patterns to determine the faulty power supply.
  • B. Issue the debug power-supply command at the CLI.
  • C. Issue the show log command at the CLI.
  • D. Check the Status tab on the web interface.
  • E. Check the Diagnostics tab on the web interface
  • F. Issue the show errors command at the CLI.

Answer : B,D

You need to install a replacement HP E-MSM415 RF Security Sensor on a customer's network. When is it absolutely necessary to manually configure the E-MSM415? (Select two.)

  • A. when the E-MSM415 runs in Sensor Only (SO) mode
  • B. when the E-MSM415 runs in Network Detector (ND) mode
  • C. when multiple E-MSM415s are set up to connect to multiple HP RF Manager Controllers
  • D. when you are placing the E-MSM415 on a subnet that is DHCP enabled
  • E. when the E-MSM415 is connecting to an RF Manager Controller that is using a non- default IP address

Answer : B,C

You are entering the operator password to access an HP E8212 zl switchs CLI. Which context do you enter?

  • A. Switch#
  • B. Switch (config)#
  • C. Switch:
  • D. Switch>

Answer : D


Operator -
The operator level is identified by the > in the switch prompt:
HP Switch>

On the HP Wireless Unified LAN Controller A3000G, what does the LED marked Mode indicate?

  • A. the type of information the controller's port LEDs are currently reporting
  • B. the status of the controller's module
  • C. the status of thecontroller's PoE functionality
  • D. whether the Unified LAN controller is functioning as an Ethernet switch or as awireless controller

Answer : C

What distinguishes an unmanaged HP V Series switch from a smart-managed HP V Series switch?

  • A. The unmanaged switch provides a Web browser interface but no CLI.
  • B. The unmanaged switch provides no management interface.
  • C. The unmanaged switch provides a CLI but no Web browser interface.
  • D. The unmanaged switch can be managed locally but not remotely via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Answer : B

Reference: (see page 7, unmanaged switch)

You are troubleshooting a connection on an HP A Series switch that has one LED per-port.
You want to know if the port is operating in the wrong duplex mode. How do you use the
LED to obtain relevant information?

  • A. Click the Mode button until the mode LED is blinking greenand thencheck the port LED.
  • B. Click the Mode button until the mode LED is yellow and then check the port LED.
  • C. Check if the port LED is blinking, which indicates its duplex status (while its color indicates speed).
  • D. Check the color of the port LED, which indicates its duplex status (while its blinking indicates speed).

Answer : B

You can use the Mode button to check the duplex mode of each port.
Press the button until the Mode LED displays yellow.
In Duplex Mode, a Port LED displays green if the port is operating in full-duplex mode
(meaning data can be transmitted in two directions simultaneously). The Port LED displays yellow if the port is operating in half-duplex mode (meaning data can be transmitted in one direction at a time).

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