Genesys Certified Professional 8 System Consultant, Genesys Workforce Management (GCP8 - CWFM) v6.0 (GE0-806)

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What does synchronization of daily schedules mean?

  • A. All Agents in a team start a shift within specified threshold
  • B. All Agents in a team receive lunch at the same time
  • C. All shifts in a schedule scenario are automatically synchronized with shifts in Master schedule
  • D. Every Agent starts a shift within a specified threshold for a specific period

Answer : B

You're experiencing OutOfMemory exceptions in the default installation of Tomcat, used exclusively for WFM Web application. Assuming that Tomcat configuration has not been modified since installation, what would be your troubleshooting strategy?

  • A. Review Tomcat configuration, -Xmx parameter
  • B. Review Tomcat configuration, -Xms parameter
  • C. Review memory utilization by operating system
  • D. Install additional memory for Tomcat host

Answer : D

Which of the following statements is true?

  • A. An Agent must have only one contract, but can be scheduled for multiple shifts.
  • B. An Agent does not new to have a contract, but must work for at least one shift,
  • C. An Agent can have multiple contracts, but must be scheduled only for one shift.
  • D. An Agent can have any number of contracts and can be scheduled for any number of shifts.

Answer : A

You are configuring an Event, in building a forecast for a particular period, which of the following should you select to ignore volume and AHT?

  • A. Attribute Property
  • B. Disregard Historical Data
  • C. Overlap Template
  • D. Activity

Answer : D

An agent is scheduled to start a shift at 12:00 PM and the Start Before threshold is set to 5.
Ifthe agent starts the shift at 11:54 AM. They will be considered________.

  • A. Adherent
  • B. Non-adherent
  • C. Severely non-adherent
  • D. Exception

Answer : D

Which of the following access rights can be configured in WFM Configuration utility?

Choose 4 answers -

  • A. Access to Agent Groups
  • B. Access to Teams
  • C. Agent access to WFM Web for Agents
  • D. Access to WFM reports
  • E. Access to Master Schedule
  • F. Publish Forecast

Answer : A,C,D,F

Which are possible methods of WFM Server load balancing?

Choose 2 answers -

  • A. Processor balancing
  • B. Memory balancing
  • C. Host balancing
  • D. Third-party load-balancer

Answer : B,D

What does "in Review" signify when performing Agent trading?

  • A. The proposal is being reviewed by the proposing Agent before it is sent to the second Agent.
  • B. The proposal has been sent by the proposing Agent. The second Agent is reviewing prior to responding.
  • C. Both Agents have confirmed the trade proposal, but the trade is waiting for approval from the Supervisor.
  • D. This is during a community proposal when an Agent issues a proposal and is waiting for any other Agent to respond.

Answer : A

Which two actions can you perform using the WFM Configuration Utility?

Choose 2 answers -

  • A. Modify schedule
  • B. Create a Report
  • C. Create a shift
  • D. Change access rights to scheduling module

Answer : A,C

Breaks and_____________ are created together?

  • A. Activities
  • B. Contracts
  • C. Shifts
  • D. Site/Team

Answer : C

In order to successfully create and process a schedule which of the following applications are required to run?

Choose 2 answers -

  • A. WFM Configuration Utility
  • B. WFM for Supervisors
  • C. WFM Daemon
  • D. WFM Builder
  • E. Universal Routing Server

Answer : A,D

When synchronizing configuration data to Genesys WFM, which objects are not synchronized?

  • A. Agents
  • B. Skills
  • C. Agent Skill Level
  • D. Switch
  • E. Agent Group(s)

Answer : E

Which of the following WFM reports is designed to show the total amount of time an agent, team or site has spent in various states?

  • A. Schedule States Report
  • B. Activity weekly Schedule Report
  • C. Schedule Summary Report
  • D. Schedule State Totals Report

Answer : B

What must be done to remove obsolete data from the WFM database?

  • A. Select 'Cleanup Database' from the WFM Database utility
  • B. Change the 'PurgeData' option to 'True' on the WFM application object in the Configuration Layer
  • C. Run the 'DB_ Maintain' sql script
  • D. Run the DB Wizard from the WFM Configuration Utility

Answer : A


When using Schedule Bidding where several Agents may prefer the same schedule, what are the possible Agent criteria which may be configured to prioritize amongst the Agents?

Choose 2 answers -

  • A. Skill
  • B. Rank
  • C. Access Rights
  • D. Seniority
  • E. Team Preference

Answer : C,E

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Total 85 questions