Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional – Consolidated v1.0 (GCP-GCX)

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Routing is a part of customer communication that connects the customer with an appropriate automated resource or agent.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer : A

Which of the following attributes ensure that the interactions are routed to the most qualified agent? (Choose two.)

  • A. Languages
  • B. Medians
  • C. Skills
  • D. Index Ratings
  • E. Knowledge levels

Answer : CE

Alerts that have been read are not included in the alert count, even if they are still active.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer : A

What do a Service Level of 80 and a Service Level Target of 20 for Voice interactions mean?

  • A. 80 calls must be answered every 20 seconds.
  • B. 80% of calls must be answered within 20 seconds.
  • C. 80% of agents must answer calls within 20 seconds.
  • D. 20 chats and calls must be answered in 80 seconds.

Answer : B

A user who is freshly added to Genesys Cloud CX realizes that there is no phone call icon on the left pane, preventing the user from making or receiving calls.
What is the most likely reason for this?

  • A. The user may have deleted the icon.
  • B. The user is not assigned the appropriate role.
  • C. The user's phone is unplugged.
  • D. The phone number is being used by a different user.

Answer : B

Which options can be configured when setting up a queue? (Choose two.)

  • A. Wrap-up Codes
  • B. ACD Skills
  • C. Utilization
  • D. Alerting Timeout
  • E. Inbound Flows

Answer : BD

Why are Divisions important in an organization?

  • A. Divisions are used to divide interactions equally between 2 or more queues.
  • B. Divisions allow the organization to control which roles can be assigned to users.
  • C. Divisions allow grouping and segregation of objects while keeping them inside the same organization.
  • D. Divisions define which users can be assigned to queues.

Answer : C

Under which container is Queue available?

  • A. Contact Center
  • B. Telephony
  • C. Integration
  • D. Routing

Answer : D

Which Genesys Cloud CX feature presents caller info to an agent and allows the user to update or collect the information?

  • A. Dialog boxes
  • B. Scripts
  • C. Toast pop-ups
  • D. IVR prompts

Answer : A

If you have not created any additional templates, you will have several default template options when creating a new script.
These default templates are: (Choose four.)

  • A. Blank Script
  • B. Default Callback Script
  • C. Default Inbound Script
  • D. Default Outbound Script
  • E. Collection Script Template
  • F. Sales Script Template

Answer : ACEF

You cannot add variables to a script.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer : B

Currently, you manage all agents' schedules using a spreadsheet. This shows when each agent is working, when they are on breaks, and when they have meetings or other events that take them away from the queue. You would like to manage these in an easier and more automated way.
Which Genesys Cloud CX contact center feature can you use to replace and automate the spreadsheet schedule?

  • A. Genesys Cloud CX Workforce Management
  • B. Genesys Cloud CX API
  • C. Genesys Cloud CX Architect
  • D. Genesys Cloud CX Reporting and Analytics

Answer : A

Policies automate repetitive quality management tasks.
Which of the following items could be defined as policies? (Choose three.)

  • A. Update the Do Not Call list with records that have the appropriate wrap-up code.
  • B. Specify time sets as a matching criteria.
  • C. Set up a schedule to run a daily report.
  • D. Automatically assign an evaluation for all calls over 5 minutes.
  • E. Determine how long to retain recordings and whether to archive or delete them.

Answer : ACE

Which of the following items need to be configured for an outbound campaign? (Choose three.)

  • A. Agents
  • B. Evaluation Forms
  • C. Contact Lists
  • D. Campaigns
  • E. Dialing Modes

Answer : ACD

Where can you view agent evaluation scores, evaluation activity, and calibration activity in real-time?

  • A. Performance > Workspace > Dashboards
  • B. Performance > Overview (Evaluations)
  • C. Admin > Contact Center
  • D. Admin > Quality

Answer : B

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