Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant v1.0 (Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant)

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Which two statements are correct regarding Attribute Groups? (Choose two.)

  • A. They link data extensions to Contacts.
  • B. They link subscriber lists to Contacts.
  • C. They link data extensions to other data extensions.
  • D. They link data extensions to subscriber lists.

Answer : AC

ABC Company has a requirement to create a distinction between marketing and transactional emails in terms of From Name and IP Address for reputation purposes.
Which two actions should ABC Company take in order to create Send Classifications? (Choose two.)

  • A. Define custom Reply Mail Management.
  • B. Define a Delivery Profile.
  • C. Define a Subscriber ג€" specific From Name.
  • D. Define a Sender Profile.

Answer : BD

A publishing company has presented the following:
✑ A need to send renewal reminders to customers whose subscriptions expire in 15 days and 7 days.
✑ A campaign needs to be created and managed by a general marketing user who will not have administrative rights and who is not technical.
✑ The customersג€™ expiration date is included in the data file.
What component should the customersג€™ solution include? (Choose three.)

  • A. Automation Studio
  • B. Triggered Send
  • C. Suppression list
  • D. Data Filter
  • E. Template-based emails

Answer : ADE

A subscriber asked to be removed from a customerג€™s email list multiple times by replying directly to the customerג€™s marketing message, but continues to receive emails.
Which three settings should be confirmed? (Choose three.)

  • A. Reply Mail Management (RMM) is configured for the customerג€™s account.
  • B. The RMM setting ג€˜Delete auto-replies and out-of-office repliesג€™ is set to NO.
  • C. An email address was provided as the Routing Address for Remaining Replies.
  • D. The RMM setting ג€˜Unsubscribe Manual Requestsג€™ is set to YES.
  • E. The subscriberג€™s request contained one of the standard terms that qualify for automatic unsubscribe.

Answer : ACD

A retail company wants to create journeys to target subscribers based on website behavior. They have identified three separate groups: customers who searched for an item, abandoned a cart, and made a purchase.
Which three questions should the consultant ask to design the data structure for this solution? (Choose three.)

  • A. How long after the behavior occurs will a subscriber need to enter a journey?
  • B. How are subscribers identified in your web analytics?
  • C. Should customers exit the journey when the goal is met?
  • D. How many messages should be included in each journey?
  • E. Should a single customer exist in multiple journeys at the same time?

Answer : ABE

A retail company does business in both the United States and Canada. They have a loyalty program in which a customer can enroll. The company will provide a pre-segmented customer file, per campaign, which has a "Version" data field indicating the type of email the customer is to receive.
Which two questions should be asked to determine a data/segmentation strategy? (Choose two.)

  • A. Will "Version" values/meanings change, precluding reusable AMPscript?
  • B. Will a lookup table be needed for a dynamic From Name?
  • C. Will customers be able to sign up for the loyalty program at the store?
  • D. Is the purpose of these emails for acquisition or retention or transactional?

Answer : AB

A company is hosting a series of events and wants its customers who register to enter into a journey.
Which two methods are viable configurations for entry? (Choose two.)

  • A. A form hosted on the company website that fires the entry event via SOAP API.
  • B. A form hosted on the company website that fires the entry event via REST API.
  • C. A SmartCapture form hosted in CloudPages that updates a Profile attribute.
  • D. A SmartCapture form hosted in CloudPage that populates the entry source.

Answer : BD

A customer needs to compare the engagement across three creative versions, and then send a follow-up email for those contacts who did not engage with any of the test versions.
Which sequence of activities would best accomplish this?

  • A. Engagement Split > Send email > Wait > Random Split > Send email
  • B. Random Split > Send email > Wait > Engagement Split > Join > Send email
  • C. Decision Split > Send email > Engagement Split > Send email
  • D. Random Split > Send email > Join > Decision Split > Wait > Send email

Answer : B

What action should be taken to increase subscriber engagement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Adopt a Cart Abandonment Email Campaign.
  • B. Increase the use of dynamic content in emails.
  • C. Introduce more identity verification steps in check out process.
  • D. Increase volume of emails to a wider audience.

Answer : AB

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is launching a new campaign, driving them to redesign their data structure. NTO needs to change the cardinality between two data extensions inside Contact Builder.
What are two consequences of this change? (Choose two.)

  • A. All filters created before will adapt automatically to the new cardinality.
  • B. One of the data extensions must be deleted from the attribute group in order to change the cardinality.
  • C. All scheduled sends using a filter based on one of the data extensions should be reviewed.
  • D. A contact may not show up in the filter based on one of the data extensions.

Answer : CD

Which three statements are correct regarding the automation tools in Marketing Cloud? (Choose three.)

  • A. Journey Builder and Automation Studio allow users to define the parameters for a send within the tool.
  • B. Automation Studio and Journey Builder allow users to repeat an interaction indefinitely.
  • C. Automation Studio and Journey Builder allow users to define a wait activity based on duration.
  • D. Journey Builder allows users to inject Contacts from a data extension which is updated by Automation Studio.
  • E. Journey Builder allows users to update a contact record in a journey or import data into a data extension.

Answer : ADE

Collect addresses through Smartcapture, segment the data, send emails referencing data from a data extension.
What skillset is needed?

  • A. AMPscript
  • B. CSS
  • C. HTML
  • D. SQL

Answer : D

A consultant wants to send an email to subscribers who have made a purchase. The data used for the send exists on two data extensions named Subscribers and
Orders, and the customer needs to include key information from both tables, such as:
✑ CustomerID
✑ FirstName,
✑ EmailAddress
✑ OrderID
✑ OrderDate
✑ ShippedDate
Which SQL statement should the consultant use?

  • A. SELECT * FROM Subscribers WHERE CustomerID, FirstName, EmailAddress, OrderID, OrderDate, ShippedDate JOIN Orders On CustomerID=CustomerID
  • B. SELECT CustomerID, FirstName, EmailAddress, OrderID, OrderDate, ShippedDate FROM Subscribers INNER JOIN Orders ON CustomerID=CustomerID
  • C. SELECT T1.CustomerID, T1.FirstName, T1.EmailAddress, T2.OrderID, T2.OrderDate, T2.ShippedDate FROM Subscribers T1 INNER JOIN Orders T2 ON T1.CustomerID=T2.CustomerID
  • D. SELECT T1.CustomerID, T1.FirstName, T1.EmailAddress, T2.OrderID, T2.OrderDate, T2.ShippedDate FROM Subscribers OUTER JOIN Orders ON Subscribers.CustomerID=Orders.CustomerID

Answer : C

A customer has an eCommerce site and imports data into three data extensions daily: Orders, Order_Details, and Products. The data extensions contain the following information:
✑ Orders: OrderID, CustomerID, OrderNumber, OrderDate, OrderTotal, GrandTotal.
✑ Order_Details: ProductID, OrderID, Qty, UnitPrice, ExtendedPrice, Discount.
✑ Products: ProductID, SKU, Name, Description, Cost, Price.
Which two actions should be taken in Data Designer? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create a one-to-many relationship between Orders and Order_Details.
  • B. Create a one-to-one relationship between Orders and Order_Details.
  • C. Create a one-to-one relationship between Order_Details and Products.
  • D. Create a one-to-one relationship between the contact record and Order_Details.

Answer : AC

ABC Company needs to provide an IT staff member with access to Marketing Cloud. The staff member needs to perform the following tasks:
✑ Maintain ABC Companyג€™s master suppression list.
✑ Configure data relationships.
✑ Create new subscriber attributes.
Which role should be assigned to the IT staff member?

  • A. Administrator
  • B. Data Manager
  • C. Analyst
  • D. Content Creator

Answer : B

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