Certified Advanced Administrator v1.0 (Certified Advanced Administrator)

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An administrator has created content types for Salesforce Content and has been asked to restrict the content types that are available in a library.
How can an administrator meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Add the Related Content related list to the page layout for the associated object.
  • B. Add members to the library who are users or members of public groups.
  • C. Add the default content type to the Selected Content Types list.
  • D. Select the ג€Restrict the content types available in the libraryג€ checkbox.

Answer : AB


An administrator has uploaded a change set from a sandbox to a production organization and would like to add a missing component to the change set before deployment.
What option does the administrator have to modify the change set? (Choose two.)

  • A. Clone the change set in the sandbox environment, add the component and upload it to production.
  • B. Create a new change set in the sandbox environment, add all the required components and upload it to production.
  • C. Edit the change set in the sandbox environment and upload it to production.
  • D. Edit the change set in production, add the component, and use the redeploy option.

Answer : AB

What are two considerations when setting up Salesforce Content? (Choose two.)

  • A. A validation rule can ensure a description is required for all contributed content.
  • B. The library type determines the size of files that can be contributed to content.
  • C. The content type determines which fields appear on the Content Detail page layout.
  • D. An approval process can ensure that all product-related content is reviewed.

Answer : BC

When an opportunity with at least one opportunity product close wins, Universal Containers requires that an Invoice__c record be created with
Invoice_Line_Item__c records for each Product on the Opportunity.
How should an administrator implement this request?

  • A. Use a Process Builder that calls a Flow.
  • B. Use a custom button on the Opportunity.
  • C. Use an Opportunity Approval Process.
  • D. Use Einstein Next Best Actions.

Answer : A


Universal Containers wants to create a Job Application custom object related to a Job Posting custom object. They would also like a no-code solution to calculate the number of Job Applications for each Job Posting.
What type of field should an administrator create on the Job Application to enable this functionality?

  • A. Roll-up Summary
  • B. Lookup
  • C. Master-Detail
  • D. Formula

Answer : C

Universal Containers wants to create a Feedback__c custom object related to Account and ensure all feedback records are owned by the same user as the
Account owner.
How should an administrator relate Feedback__c to Account?

  • A. Create a master-detail field on Feedback__c.
  • B. Create a hierarchical field on Feedback__c.
  • C. Create a lookup Account field and filter on Feedback__c.
  • D. Create a junction object between Account and Feedback__c.

Answer : B

When a user creates a record, that user is identified in the recordג€™s Owner field in the appropriate object record table. (The account object has an Account table, the opportunity object has an Opportunity table, and so on.) At the same time, Salesforce adds a sharing record to the objectג€™s share table, which gives record owners access to the records that they own.

What should an administrator consider when moving approval processes using a change set?

  • A. The unique name of the approval process is NOT allowed to be changed once deployed in the target organization.
  • B. Custom fields on standard objects will need to be manually added in the target organization.
  • C. Change sets do NOT include the order of active approval processes from the source organization.
  • D. Change sets do NOT include the approval and rejection actions from the source organization.

Answer : C

Universal Containers wants to implement a new entitlement process for premier support accounts. This support includes phone contact with the customer every
24 hours from the time the case is created for as long as it remains open.
How should an administrator configure this requirement?

  • A. Enable milestone tracker
  • B. Build a sequential milestone
  • C. Configure an escalation rule
  • D. Create an independent milestone

Answer : B


Which three features are supported in delegated administration? (Choose three.)

  • A. Unlock Communities users
  • B. Unlock non-Communities users
  • C. Set org-wide sharing defaults
  • D. Manage custom objects
  • E. Create and edit users

Answer : ADE


A member of Universal Container's support team is assisting a sales rep in managing a top customer. The sales rep has manually shared an opportunity with the support member in hopes that the support member can update some of the technical sales fields on the record, but the support member is unable to edit the opportunity.
Which solution would provide edit access to the opportunity?

  • A. Create a permission set for opportunity edit and add it to the support member's user record.
  • B. Change the Organization-Wide Defaults internal access for opportunities to public read/write.
  • C. Change the support team member's role to a role above the sales rep in the org's role hierarchy.
  • D. Add the support team member to the opportunity team and assign read/write access to the member.

Answer : D

We want to grant Read/Write access only to opportunities where they are included as team member. And so, we gave them Read/Write at team set up.

When the delete permission is selected in a muting permission set, which other permission is automatically muted?

  • A. View All Records
  • B. View All Data
  • C. Modify All Records
  • D. Modify All Data

Answer : D

The muting permission set contains the delete permission that you want to mute. When you add the muting permission set to the group, assigned group users no longer have the delete permission.

Which two results can be expected if an administrator uses Data Loader to transfer ownership of account records? (Choose two.)

  • A. All account teams are removed from the records that are transferred.
  • B. All new owners are automatically notified of their new account ownership.
  • C. All manual sharing is removed from the records that are transferred.
  • D. All ownership-based sharing rules for the records are recalculated.

Answer : BC

If you're updating a manageable number of records an administrator may choose to create a workflow rule and email alert action to automatically send notification emails upon updating record owners via the API.
Instead, consider sending a single email manually to each user to let them know that record ownership has been transferred to them as the result of an update operation.

Users report they are getting an Apex trigger error when they try to save a specific Account record.
How could an administrator collect more information about the processing for that record?

  • A. Create a Flow with a fault connector.
  • B. Review the Setup Audit Trail.
  • C. Enable debug logging for the user.
  • D. Activate debug logging for the Apex trigger.

Answer : D


An administrator is moving sandbox customizations to production using a change set. After creating the initial change set, the administrator realizes that some components were missed.
What three considerations should the Admin make regarding the change set? (Choose three.)

  • A. Deploy all dependent components.
  • B. Use a new change set to deploy metadata and data from the sandbox to production.
  • C. Clone the change set to add dependent components to an uploaded change set.
  • D. Add permissions and access settings to the outbound change set.
  • E. Edit the uploaded change set to add the additional components.

Answer : BDE

https://adminhero.com/2014/06/09/saving-time-with-change-sets/ https://automationchampion.com/tag/process-builder-and-change-set-step-by-step-instructions/

Universal Containers has set up a picklist dependency between region and zone on the Account object. The sales manager has requested that when a user selects a region, a zone must also be selected.
How should this be achieved?

  • A. Set default values for both picklist fields.
  • B. Make both picklist fields required at the field level.
  • C. Create a validation rule using ISBLANK().
  • D. Make the zone field required on the page layout.

Answer : B

Would like to be able to identify each account record by its region and zone.

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