Certified Implementation Specialist – Hardware Asset Management v1.0 (CIS-HAM)

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Configuration items (CIs) track what type of information? (Choose two.)

  • A. Financial
  • B. Operational
  • C. Lifecycle
  • D. Contractual
  • E. Relationship

Answer : AC

When does an asset’s lifecycle begin?

  • A. When an asset request is fulfilled
  • B. Upon the asset deployment
  • C. When the asset is procured
  • D. Upon the asset’s request

Answer : C

What are the goals of IT asset management (ITAM)? (Choose four.)

  • A. Optimize cost
  • B. Provide decision support
  • C. Improve productivity
  • D. Provide financial reporting
  • E. Improve operational usage
  • F. Track logical relationships

Answer : ACDF

A given collection of methodologies, assets, and templates within Now Create is referred to as what?

  • A. Now Create pack
  • B. Project pack
  • C. Success pack
  • D. Methodology pack
  • E. Asset pack

Answer : D

To access the full spectrum of asset management functionality, which inactive plugins should be installed? (Choose five.)

  • A. Discovery
  • B. Cost Management
  • C. Procurement
  • D. Hardware Asset Management
  • E. Data Certification
  • F. Service Mapping
  • G. Managed Documents

Answer : ABDEG

What are the four tiers of Capability Blueprint?

  • A. Trustworthy Data, Lifecycle Management, Process Integration, Strategic Conformance
  • B. Trustworthy Data, Practical Management, Process Integration, Business Alignment
  • C. Trustworthy Data, Practical Management, Operational Integration, Strategic Conformance
  • D. Trustworthy Data, Lifecycle Management, Operational integration, Business Alignment

Answer : C

What core table requires migration when extending ITSM Asset Management with Hardware Asset Management?

  • A. cmdb_model_category
  • B. alm_hardware
  • C. No migration is required
  • D. alm_asset

Answer : A

How could you quickly determine if you had the Hardware Asset Management (HAM) plugin installed on your instance?

  • A. Check for the Hardware Assets module in the application navigator
  • B. Check for the Hardware Asset Dashboard module in the application navigator
  • C. Check for the Asset application in the application navigator
  • D. Check for the Hardware Asset Management application in the application navigator

Answer : C

A component is considered an IT asset when you want to: (Choose three.)

  • A. Manage its procurement
  • B. Know its relationships to a business service
  • C. Track its operational information
  • D. Track its incurred costs
  • E. Manage its maintenance contracts

Answer : ADE

Which is NOT considered an asset?

  • A. Websites
  • B. Switches
  • C. Routers
  • D. Buildings
  • E. Software entitlements

Answer : A

What are model records?

  • A. Models are specific versions or various configurations of an asset
  • B. Models are any computer, device, software or service in the CMDB
  • C. Models directly associate configuration item (CI) classes with asset classes
  • D. Models are anything capable of being owned or controlled to produce economic value

Answer : C

Which of the following are functions of the model category? (Choose two.)

  • A. Model categories group consumables in the Product Catalog
  • B. Model categories determine when to create assets from configuration items (Cls)
  • C. Model categories group related assets in the Service Catalog
  • D. Model categories provide the link between configuration management and asset management
  • E. Model categories provide the link between procurement management and asset management

Answer : AE

When does hardware normalization run by default?

  • A. On an hourly basis
  • B. On a daily basis
  • C. Every 12 hours
  • D. Upon saving

Answer : D

For a model to be fully normalized, what must be added to the model record?

  • A. Version
  • B. Owner
  • C. Manufacturer
  • D. Model number

Answer : C

Which elements are provided by the hardware asset management content service? (Choose three.)

  • A. Manufacturer lifecycle dates
  • B. Cost
  • C. Product warranty
  • D. Manufacturer
  • E. Model name
  • F. Compatibles

Answer : CDF

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