IBM Watson V3 Application Development v7.0 (C7020-230)

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What best describes the process of how classification is done with the IBM Watson Natural
Language Classifier?

  • A. Train the system to map utterances or questions to specific intents or classes.
  • B. Train the system with as many documents as possible.
  • C. Automatically detect the intent of the user based upon statistical analysis.
  • D. Read in user’s questions or utterances and map them to classes.

Answer : C

A developer is using machine learning techniques to train a cognitive system, which will identify fraudulent insurance claims.
What would be best suited for training data?

  • A. A set of known legitimate claims mixed in with random claim samples.
  • B. A set of known fraudulent claims mixed in with random claim samples.
  • C. A new set of unknown claims.
  • D. Samples of known fraudulent and legitimate claims.

Answer : D

Why would the data crawler be used with the IBM Watson Discovery service?

  • A. The data crawler automates the upload of content to the Discovery service.
  • B. Use the data crawler when structured data must be mined from other services.
  • C. When working with the tooling, the data crawler can be used to upload sample documents.
  • D. When there is a business need to dynamically crawl websites, Twitter and constantly changing content.

Answer : A


What is a method for measuring the accuracy of an unsupervised machine learning system?

  • A. changing training set size and averaging results
  • B. cross-validation tests
  • C. density estimation
  • D. using a confusion matrix

Answer : B


Reference -

In the context of machine learning, what is overfitting?

  • A. Overfitting is the creation of a statistical model that describes noise instead of the underlying relationship.
  • B. Overfitting is the creation of a model that is too general, so it performs well on just about every test that is run against it.
  • C. Overfitting is the creation of an imprecise model which is the result of only using training data without using any validation data.
  • D. Overfitting is an artificially accurate model and can occur when the test data is too similar to the training data.

Answer : D

How are language preferences set for IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier (NLC)?

  • A. The NLC can automatically detect the language of the incoming request.
  • B. A language parameter is specified as a part of every call to the classifier.
  • C. There are no options to do this as the NLC works only on English language utterances.
  • D. The language parameter is specified in the training meta data file when creating a classifier.

Answer : D

Which actions depict configuring IBM Watson Discovery service collection?

  • A. Converting, enriching and normalizing sample data.
  • B. Switching from a default configuration to a custom configuration using uploaded personal data.
  • C. Testing which query methods result in accurate answers.
  • D. Determining how much space must be allocated to an environment.

Answer : A

Which combination of three IBM Watson services is applicable to assist an agent at a phone-based customer call center? (Choose three.)

  • A. Conversation
  • B. Tradeoff Analytics
  • C. Discovery
  • D. Natural Language Classifier
  • E. Speech to Text
  • F. Relationship Extraction

Answer : D,E,F


Guide -

A cognitive solution is implemented to detect what the user wants to do. The user mentions that he wants to buy a ski jacket for an upcoming vacation in Colorado.
Why is it important to analyze the user's input for entities?

  • A. There must be an intent for each and every entity detected by the program.
  • B. The number of entities found in the utterance could improve the accuracy of the answer.
  • C. Specific content such as the location (Colorado) could be used to further inform the program.
  • D. They could indicate variations in the ow of the dialog node.

Answer : C

A system with a set of classifiers is trained to recognize eight different company logos from images. It is 78% accurate.
Without further information, which statement is true?

  • A. The system has 78% precision and recall.
  • B. The system has a precision of 78% and a recall of 22%.
  • C. The system is equally reliable for classifying any one of the eight logo types 78% of the time.
  • D. The accuracy of the system for any one class cannot be determined.

Answer : C

Which IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding service APIs would be best suited for identifying the names of persons or organizations in unstructured text documents?

  • A. Entities
  • B. Concepts
  • C. Taxonomy
  • D. Keywords

Answer : D

What are two IBM Watson services included in the Social Customer Care Starter Kit?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Discovery
  • B. Tone Analyzer
  • C. Personality Insights
  • D. Speech to Text
  • E. Natural Language Understanding

Answer : B,C

What are two advantages gained by using IBM Bluemix (Bluemix) as the application platform for an application using Watson services? (Choose two.)

  • A. Bluemix provides an integrated and secure set of features for continuous development and continuous deployment.
  • B. The Bluemix application developer can choose among multiple release versions of the Cloud Foundry framework.
  • C. Bluemix provides services for securely integrating on premises and off premises applications.
  • D. Bluemix is built on proprietary API' s which provide competitive advantages.
  • E. Bluemix promotes 12-factor methodology since Bluemix is deployed exclusively as a public cloud model.

Answer : A,C

Which IBM Watson service can be used for text analytics that detects both sentiment and emotion from peoples digital footprints?

  • A. Personality Insights
  • B. Facial Recognition
  • C. Natural Language Classifier
  • D. Natural Language Understanding

Answer : A

Before a developer can work with any of the Watson Developer Cloud services, they need to obtain service credentials.
What is the proper procedure to do this in IBM Bluemix (Bluemix)?

  • A. Log-in to IBM Watson Developer Cloud, navigate to your account, and view your user credentials.
  • B. Create a service instance Within Bluemix, create the service credentials, use the service credentials in the application.
  • C. Log-in to Bluemix, navigate to your account prole, then copy the account credentials into the application for service access.
  • D. Log-in to IBM Watson Developer Cloud create an instance of the service, and view/record your Service credentials.

Answer : C

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