IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5 Fundamentals v6.0 (C2010-652)

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Which ticket type must be used for a user who is asking for information?

  • A. Incident
  • B. Problem
  • C. Service Request
  • D. Process Request

Answer : C

What does the Deployer’s Workbench do?

  • A. It deploys EAR files.
  • B. It manages authorizedassets.
  • C. It manages configuration item spaces.
  • D. It plans an IBM SmartCloud Control Desk deployment.

Answer : C

Using IBM SmartCloud Control Desk what would be the logical application for an end user to create a record for a user issue?

  • A. Incident
  • B. Report an Issue
  • C. Service Request
  • D. Self Service Center

Answer : D

What is the purpose of the Service Catalog?

  • A. To provide pricing information on all available services and options
  • B. To provide a description of theIT Service and specify the responsibilities of the IT Service Provider and the customer
  • C. To provide an authoritative source of consistent information on all agreed to services and ensure wide accessibility to all approved viewers
  • D. To provide a database or structured document listing all IT services that are under consideration or development but are not yet available to customers

Answer : C

Which two activities are included in the scope of IT Asset management? (Choose two.)

  • A. Risk Management
  • B. License Management
  • C. Security Management
  • D. Inventory Management
  • E. Configuration Management

Answer : B,D

An end user is able to access asset records in site A but not in site B. What are two possible causes? (Choose two.)

  • A. Data restriction is configured.
  • B. Site B is not authorized to the user.
  • C. Site B is not assigned in person groups that the user is in.
  • D. Site B is not authorized in security groups that the user is in.
  • E. Security groups that the user is in are notauthorized for the Asset application.

Answer : A,D

What is the primary use of the IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5 (SCCD) Launchpad?

  • A. Installing SCCD
  • B. Transferring core data
  • C. Using the SCCD Navigator
  • D. Obtaining SCCD productinformation

Answer : A

What are three valid outcomes of the IT Asset Management process? (Choose three.)

  • A. Controlling the changes to the asset
  • B. Eliminating exposure to risks relating to IT assets
  • C. Governing assets to drive the right trade-offs in investments and usage of assets
  • D. Providing accurate and timely information about technology assets and their configuration
  • E. Providing assets in an accurate and timely manner to supply, movement, or other requests
  • F. Managing IT assets in compliance with legal, industry, and corporate standards and requirements

Answer : C,E,F

What is the IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5 (SCCD) application server used for?

  • A. To apply SCCD fix packs
  • B. To generate SCCD EAR files
  • C. Toprovide a SCCD runtime environment
  • D. To customize Maximo Business Object Java code

Answer : C

Which IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5 offering is appropriate for a customer needing only a Service Desk and simple change management?

  • A. Everyplace
  • B. Entry Edition
  • C. Service Provider
  • D. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

Answer : B

When a bulletin board message has been created and approved, what happens if no audience is specified?

  • A. An error is generated.
  • B. The message will be visible to all users.
  • C. The message will not be visible to any user.
  • D. The message will only be visible to the creator.

Answer : B

What is the only IBM SmartCloud Control Desk edition available to customers using the
Software as aService model from IBM?

  • A. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk
  • B. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Entry Edition
  • C. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Service Provider Edition
  • D. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Service Request Edition

Answer : A

Configurationitems with relationships and configuration management processes can support many applications in IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5. Which three application are likely to be supported? (Choose three.)

  • A. Change
  • B. Incident
  • C. Inventory
  • D. Workflow
  • E. Work Order
  • F. Service Request

Answer : A,B,F

Which records are updated as a result of the reconciliation process?

  • A. Linked assets
  • B. Configuration items
  • C. Actual configuration items
  • D. No records are updated by the reconciliation process

Answer : D

Which steps are required for a service desk agent to view all service requests reported by user J.DOE?

  • A. Go to the Service Desk module, open the Global Search application, type J. DOE in the search field, and click Search.
  • B. Go to the Security module, open the Users application, open the J.DOE record, and navigate to Service Requests tab.
  • C. Go to the Service Desk module, open the Service Requests application, type =. DOE in the Reported By field, and click Enter.
  • D. For security purposes, a default installation of IBM SmartCloud Control Desk allows service desk agents to see only service requests they have worked on.

Answer : C

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