Cisco Customer Success Manager (CSM) v1.0 (820-605)

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Throughout the customer lifecycle, opportunities can occur that lead to customers becoming advocates for the Customer Success Manager's company. Which two opportunities can lead to advocacy? (Choose two.)

  • A. moments of success when the customer acknowledges progress
  • B. successful contract renewal
  • C. green health scores over intermittent time periods
  • D. continuing results based on unexpected value
  • E. results that are not measurable

Answer : AB

Refer to the exhibit. Which initial action does a Customer Success Manager take?

  • A. Run analysis on all the license types used by the customer on all platforms
  • B. Share the report with the customer point of contact for license types B and D and determine causes
  • C. Provide trending information on license types B and D and share with all stakeholders
  • D. Inform the Sales Account Manager to position a new version of licenses types B and D with additional features

Answer : C

A Customer Success Manager must deliver high touch customer success experience. Which customer engagement model must be used?

  • A. Utilize a digital engagement so all your customers experience the touch of customer success
  • B. Utilize people to focus on the elite customers for a 1:1 or 1:few onsite customer success experience
  • C. Utilize the service team to form a larger internal team to lead the engagement
  • D. Utilize people to focus your customers in a 1:many customer success experience

Answer : A

In which stage does the Customer Success Manager initially validate stakeholders?

  • A. onboarding
  • B. deployment
  • C. utilization
  • D. purchase

Answer : A

The Customer Success Manager is preparing for a review meeting. The customer has asked for a balance between subjective and objective metrics. Drag and drop the inputs from the left onto the correct subjective and objective categories on the right.
Select and Place:

Answer :

A customer informs their Customer Success Manager that they are not realizing the savings expected with their technology solution. The Customer Success
Manager acknowledges the concern and takes ownership. Which action does the Customer Success Manager take first?

  • A. Engage the service delivery manager and request two days of free consultation for the customer
  • B. Communicate to the technical customer center and request that an expert contact the customer to discuss the purchased solution
  • C. Escalate the situation to your manager and request a customer visit to understand concerns and expectations
  • D. Check the account health report, review the expected outcomes in the success plan, and set up an internal meeting with the account team to discuss next steps

Answer : D

Which two metrics are used by Customer Success Managers to measure customer success? (Choose two.)

  • A. help desk data
  • B. health score
  • C. risk management
  • D. telemetry
  • E. training surveys

Answer : AB

Which tool is used by Customer Success Manager to establish cross-functional alignment, ensure efficient execution and communication across a project team, and facilitate stakeholder management?

  • A. KPIs
  • B. Health Index Report
  • C. RACI
  • D. Stakeholder Map

Answer : D

A customer's call center unexpectedly moved from in-person to remote operations and discovered that agents could no longer record their calls. The customer escalates this problem to their Customer Success Manager and requests a resolution. The Customer Success Manager recognizes that the customer is using collaboration products with outdated software. What is the first step of the mitigation plan?

  • A. Evaluate the availability of resources to work on the problem.
  • B. Engage a specialist to identify a technical solution or workaround.
  • C. Conduct an assessment of the business impact of the problem.
  • D. Establish a timeline of when a solution must be in place.

Answer : C

Which role within a Customer Success organization acts as a single contact point for a customer across multiple technologies?

  • A. Delivery Team
  • B. Customer Success Manager
  • C. Account Manager
  • D. Customer Success Specialist

Answer : B

A client deployed a new collaboration solution six months ago. Utilization telemetry indicates only 60% of activated users are engaging with the solution. Which two actions should the Customer Success Manager recommend to the client? (Choose two.)

  • A. Have marketing write a blog post about the new solution.
  • B. Encourage the customer to purchase updated endpoints.
  • C. Block all alternative chat and video collaboration systems.
  • D. Conduct a survey to determine which collaboration solutions users are using.
  • E. Advertise additional user training sessions throughout the organization.

Answer : DE

A customer does not feel they have received value from a software solution, and the 3-year contract is expiring in 60 days. The customer is hesitant to continue spending money and is considering other alternatives. Which stakeholder is responsible for ensuring that the customer realizes value from solutions coming up for renewal?

  • A. Product Sales Specialist
  • B. Renewals Manager
  • C. Account Manager
  • D. Customer Success Manager

Answer : D

What is the first step a Customer Success Manager should take to identify why the solution was purchased?

  • A. Engage with the customer.
  • B. Review the bill of materials.
  • C. Collaborate with the sales team.
  • D. Evaluate the Customer Success Plan.

Answer : A

The customer wants to improve operational expenditure and reduce the C02 footprint of the organization. Which two business outcomes are critical to the company's success? (Choose two.)

  • A. sustainability
  • B. credibility
  • C. time to market
  • D. business growth
  • E. cost efficiency

Answer : AE


You notice a decline over time in your customer's usage of your product. Which action do you consider?

  • A. Tell the customer a new solution will soon be available
  • B. Carefully tell the customer to get more people to use your product
  • C. Re-assess the customerג€™s business process and outline the capability of the solution
  • D. Show the customer a comparison of the solution versus the competition

Answer : C

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