Avaya IP Office Contact Center Implementation and Expanded Configuration Exam v7.0 (7750X)

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Total 70 questions

Your data import has returned the message that the import has failed.
Before trying to import again, which three steps are necessary? (Choose three.)

  • A. Fix the problem identified in the import log file.
  • B. Check the import log fileto identify the problem.
  • C. Reinstall the postgres database.
  • D. Reinstall the IPOCC Server.
  • E. Restore the empty cc and c3k databases.

Answer : B,C,E

The Task Reporting Server writes defined, task specific data into a database known as the
Task Reporting Database.
Which three features does the Task Reporting Server define as tasks? (Choose three.)

  • A. Fax
  • B. Text
  • C. Chat
  • D. Telephony
  • E. Email

Answer : C,D,E


Which two statements about Database integration in the IP Office Contact Center are true?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Customers are directed to agents dependent on the agents priority.
  • B. Customers are directed to agents dependent on the information they input.
  • C. Customers are directed to agents dependent on time of day.
  • D. Customers are directedto agents dependent on number they are calling from.

Answer : C,D

You have added the Silent Monitor button to the contact bar, however the supervisor is reporting that the icon has not appeared on the UI.
What can the agent do to resolve this problem?

  • A. Reset their password.
  • B. Logo and log back on again.
  • C. Generate a call.
  • D. Run a historical report.

Answer : B

The “Voice mail” Source element allow voicemail messages to be retrieved from where?

  • A. VM Pro
  • B. Any Voicemail Server
  • C. An external Voicemail Server
  • D. IPOCC Voicemail

Answer : A

You have imported the choice_Transfer_to_Extension IVR script, so the caller can dial the extension number of the person they are trying to contact.
Which parameter must be edited in the script for this to work?

  • A. Nothing it read everything from the IP Oice
  • B. First digit of the extension number
  • C. the time the caller has to enter the extension number
  • D. Length of extension number

Answer : C

You are installing the IPOCC software on a customer provided Windows server and have verified the computer meets all the documented requirements.
During the installation of the IPOCC software from the DVD, which password do you need to create?

  • A. IPOCC Service User password
  • B. Database System Administrator password
  • C. IPOCC Administrator password
  • D. IP Office Service User password

Answer : C

In which section can you enable the ability to change topic names?

  • A. Service > Telephony Settings
  • B. System > Reporting Settings
  • C. System > PBX Settings
  • D. Service > Special Settings

Answer : A

The queue full element routes callers depending on the number of callers allowed to queue an agent group.
Where are the queue limits configured?

  • A. in the Agent group element
  • B. in the Topic tab
  • C. in the Agent Group tab
  • D. in the Queue full element

Answer : B

What would you use to import IPOCC licenses?

  • A. IPOCC License Manager
  • B. WebLM
  • C. Web Management
  • D. Manager

Answer : B

The basic default task flow is created when you import the data import sheet successfully, but which Topics will it create the default task flow for?

  • A. Only the first 3 Topics
  • B. Only Topics select as Telephony
  • C. Only Topics you have identified and assigned agent groups to
  • D. All Topics which are available in the range entered

Answer : B

You need to make a change to the task flow, and when you select the active task flow set, you are not asked to make a copy.
Why is this happening?

  • A. The password is only required when you first create the task flow set.
  • B. You do not need a password because you are the administrator.
  • C. The active task flow set has not been set as the default task flow set.
  • D. You forgot to create a password for the task flow set.

Answer : C

When setting up skill-based routing, you have to create task tags for each skill, and then assign them.
To which two objects can you assign a skill? (Choose two.)

  • A. Topics
  • B. Privileges
  • C. Profiles
  • D. Agents
  • E. Agent Groups

Answer : D,E

What is used to check that all IPOCC services are up and running properly?

  • A. TT Config
  • B. TT Display
  • C. Watchdog
  • D. TT Console

Answer : D


When you open a task flow set to make changes to the task flow, and you are asked to make a copy of the task flow set.
Which task flow set are you about to make changes to?

  • A. the Active task flow
  • B. the Default task flow
  • C. the Last Edited task flow
  • D. the Oldest task flow

Answer : B

IPOCC-Task-Flow-Editor.pdf(page 8)

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Total 70 questions