Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Support v1.0 (7492X)

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You are asked to resolve an issue of calls being disconnected, and calls in queue not receiving announcements. When you check the display events in the
Communication Manager (CM) there are several events that need to be researched.
Using the information in the Events Report, how do you determine which vector(s) to begin troubleshooting?

  • A. Use the Event Type column.
  • B. Use the Event Data 1.
  • C. Use the Event Data 2.
  • D. Use the Event Description.

Answer : D


Best Services Routing (BSR) determines the best resource to service a call by examining which three variables? (Choose three.)

  • A. Estimated Wait Time (EWT)
  • B. Availability of the agents
  • C. Oldest call waiting
  • D. Selection strategy for the active VDN
  • E. Agent Average Speed of Answer

Answer : ABD


A customer uses multi-site Best Services Routing (BSR) and IP trunks to handle callers in the most efficient manner. To conserve bandwidth, they would like announcements to be sourced at the local switch, regardless of which site is deemed best.
Which licensed feature must be activated to accomplish this?

  • A. BSR Usage Allocation Enhancements
  • B. ISDN/SIP Network Call Redirection
  • C. VDN Return Destination
  • D. BSR Local Treatment for IP and ISDN

Answer : A

Which three statements about LAI requirements are true? (Choose three.)

  • A. Intelligently route calls among the call centers to achieve a better ACD load balance.
  • B. The receiving switch is able to accept or deny interflowed calls sent by the sending switch.
  • C. The routing of an incoming call to an external switch must be answered at the originating switch.
  • D. Look-Ahead Interflow (LAI) improves call-handling capability and agent productivity for call centers with multiple locations.
  • E. It is able to use the adjust-by vector command to better manage EWT.

Answer : ABD


Which two commands will assess the behavior of a command that is used to route calls? (Choose two.)

  • A. list trace VDN
  • B. list trace station
  • C. display events
  • D. list trace vector

Answer : BD

Which set of Vector Directory Number (VDN)/Vector types are used for multi-site Best Services Routing (BSR)?

  • A. Interflow, Outflow, and 1st Available
  • B. Primary, Status poll, and Outflow
  • C. Status poll, Interflow, and 1st available
  • D. Primary, Status poll, and Interflow

Answer : D

A call center supervisor is trying to initiate an emergency condition by using FAC. After entering the required FAC, a busy signal is returned.
Which three reasons are causing this problem? (Choose three.)

  • A. The variable associated with emergency is not defined.
  • B. The COS-group of the telephone set Console Permission disabled.
  • C. The COS-group of the telephone set has Priority Calling disabled.
  • D. The FAC Vector Variable(VV1-9) is not defined.
  • E. The VDN variable V1-9 is not set.

Answer : ACE

You have been asked to remove an existing hunt group 10 in the Call Center Elite system. The hunt group is associated with Group type of EAD-MIA, and multiple vectors are referencing this hunt group.
Which command would be the start point?

  • A. list usage hunt-group 10
  • B. list hunt group 10
  • C. list usage extension xxxx(Where xxxx is the extension number)
  • D. remove hunt-group 10

Answer : B

A call center is set up to use Look Ahead Interflow (LAI) to distribute calls to multiple centers. To reduce costs, you implement Network Call Redirection (NCR).
Which command in the vector would invoke NCR when using LAI?

  • A. route-to number 112920414 with cov n if unconditionally
  • B. route-to number 9112920414 with cov y if unconditionally
  • C. route-to number ~r112920414 with cov n if unconditionally
  • D. route-to number *r112920414 with cov n if unconditionally

Answer : C

Which virtual routing feature can be set up to provide nearly first-in, first-out routing?

  • A. Network Call Deflection
  • B. Network Call Transfer
  • C. Look-Ahead Interflow
  • D. Enhanced Look-Ahead Interflow

Answer : D


While a Look-Ahead Interflow attempt is being made, which feedback is the caller receiving?

  • A. The caller hears the feedback that is provided by the sending switch.
  • B. The caller always hears ringback.
  • C. The caller hears the feedback that is provided by the receiving switch.
  • D. The caller always hears silence.

Answer : C

How can the installer identify if a customer has the Call Center Elite package?

  • A. Check the System-Parameters Customer-Options Form, and look for the "Call Center Elite" field.
  • B. Check the Feature-Related System Parameters, and look for the "Call Center Elite" field.
  • C. Check the System-Parameters Customer-Options Form, and look for the "EAS" field.
  • D. Check the System-Parameters Customer-Options Form, and look for the "Vectoring" (3-0 Enhanced) field.

Answer : B

A company using Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite is experiencing problems configuring vectors. The vector is not routing calls to a particular queue. Vectors are routing calls to other configured queues correctly.
As a part of a good Global Support Services (GSS) methodology, what should the company do next?

  • A. Reduce or eliminate the business impact of the vector by testing the vectors.
  • B. Identify components where the queue is configured, including the switch, the communication manager, and the programming of the vector, and formulate a hypothesis for testing.
  • C. Take corrective action for the vector configuration, by reviewing the current situation and modifying it until the vector queues calls properly.
  • D. Determine the frequency and severity of the issue where the vector does not route calls properly.

Answer : B

If your software is not working, what is the best practice to determine how to fix the concern?

  • A. Do a root cause analysis and gather information to solve the problem to prevent future issues.
  • B. Use the nine disciplines associated with troubleshooting to identify and describe the problem.
  • C. The ability to get the software running immediately will solve all business needs.
  • D. Monitor logs and alerts for information for a few months to determine the problem.

Answer : A

You are having problems with Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite and you are considering a work around.
In which phase of the 8 disciplines of troubleshooting do you try to see if you can work around the problem until a more permanent solution is found?

  • A. D4 "" define escape points
  • B. D1 "" establish a team
  • C. D2 "" describe the problem
  • D. D3 "" develop interim containment actions
  • E. D5 "" choose corrective actions

Answer : D


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