SMB Specialization for Engineers v7.0 (700-501)

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Which two benefits are delivered by Cisco Telepresence? (Choose two.)

  • A. Collaboration Experience is integrated.
  • B. Large files can be delivered between locations.
  • C. User experiences are unified.
  • D. Any endpoint can be used

Answer : A,C

Which two product portfolios help make up the Cisco Office in a Box solution? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco UCS E-Series Servers
  • B. Cisco ISR 1900, 2900 and 3900 Series
  • C. Cisco Nexus 5000
  • D. Cisco ISR 2900 and 3900 Series
  • E. Cisco UCS C-Series Servers
  • F. Cisco Nexus 3048

Answer : A,D

Cisco Office-in-a-Box consists of the award-winning Cisco Integrated Services Routers
Generation 2 (ISR G2) platforms (Cisco 2900 and 3900 Series ISRs) and the new Cisco
UCS E-Series Servers.

Which two characteristics describe a successful mobility installation? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco Telepresence EX90 JS
  • B. Grow-as-you-go deployment
  • C. Access to information by any user, from any location, from any device
  • D. SMARTnet on every device

Answer : B,C

Which three options are best security practices for VLANs? (Choose three.)

  • A. Disable Spanning Tree on all switches.
  • B. Disable all unused ports and put them in an unused VLAN
  • C. Always use a dedicated VLAN ID for all trunk ports.
  • D. Do not use VLAN 1 for anything.
  • E. Enable all unused ports for seamless configuration.
  • F. Put all user data traffic in VLAN 1.

Answer : B,C,D

Which Cisco IP Phone series should be recommended to a customer who wants a basic voice communication endpoint?

  • A. Cisco 6900 Series
  • B. Cisco 8900 Series
  • C. Cisco 7900 Series
  • D. Cisco 3900 Series
  • E. Cisco 9900 Series

Answer : D

The Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3900 Series combines a simple, easy-to-use ergonomic design with basic communications features.

Which two statements about Cisco FlexStack and FlexStack+ are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. FlexStack and FlexStack+ are available on Cisco Small Business Switches.
  • B. FlexStack and FlexStack+ switches are cross-compatible.
  • C. FlexStack and FlexStack* compatibility is planned for a future release.
  • D. FlexStack and FlexStack+ switches are not compatible.
  • E. You can stack up to eight switches in a mixed FlexStack and FlexStack+ environment.
  • F. You can stack up to four switches in a mixed FlexStack and FlexStack+ environment.

Answer : B,E

Which wireless access point series supports Cisco ClientLink 2.0 and Cisco CleanAir, but does not support clustering?

  • A. 300 Series
  • B. 1600 Series
  • C. 700 Series
  • D. 2600 Series

Answer : D


Which option is a competitive advantage of Cisco security solutions?

  • A. Lowest priced offering
  • B. Stateful firewall capability
  • C. SpeedNet services
  • D. Cisco Security Intelligence Operations

Answer : D

Which two benefits does the Cisco FlexPod Design Guide provide? (Choose two.)

  • A. Provides guidance on EMC VNXe storage sizing
  • B. Provides a one-size-fits-all solution for ease of configuration and deployment
  • C. Helps customers mitigate the risk and uncertainty involved in planning designing, and implementing virtualization
  • D. Documents step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring all components, including third-party applications
  • E. Provides a more predictive and adaptable architecture capable of meeting and exceeding customers' IT demands

Answer : C,E

By introducing standardization, FlexPod helps customers mitigate the risk and uncertainty involved in planning, designing, and implementing a new data center infrastructure. The result is a more predictive and adaptable architecture capable of meeting and exceeding customers' IT demands.
Reference: m2.html

Which two options are advantages of Cisco Data Center solutions over the competition?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Embedded self service
  • B. End-to-end optimization
  • C. Scalability without complexity
  • D. Seamless installation

Answer : B,C

Which three options are features of the Cisco Validated Design Program? (Choose three.)

  • A. Onsite consulting from Cisco Advanced Services engineers
  • B. Design guides organized by solution, technology, and architecture
  • C. Details on guidelines and practices for different customer scenarios
  • D. Specific guidance based on your customer's current environment
  • E. System and solution designs that are documented and tested
  • F. 24x7 phone support on network design questions

Answer : B,C,E

Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) provide the foundation for systems design based on common use cases or current engineering system priorities. They incorporate a broad set of technologies, features, and applications to address customer needs. Each one has been comprehensively tested and documented by Cisco engineers to ensure faster, more reliable, and fully predictable deployment.

Which best practice should be used to calculate PoE requirements for Cisco collaboration endpoints?

  • A. Attach all endpoints first and then use a power reporting tool to document the power requirements.
  • B. Assume that all ports with PoE endpoints attached will require 7 watts.
  • C. Assume that all ports will require 15.4 watts regardless of attached endpoints.
  • D. Select the endpoint device that requires the most power and assume that all endpoint devices will require the same amount.
  • E. Determine the power requirements of each of your endpoints and plan to support that amount.

Answer : C

Which two benefits will customers achieve if they upgrade to a properly configured Cisco
Borderless Network? (Choose two.)

  • A. New application and service deployment is completely automated.
  • B. Network availability increases and downtime decreases
  • C. Security becomes less difficult to achieve.
  • D. All potential failures will be eliminated.

Answer : B,C

Which two statements about Collaborative Services are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco sells the service to the partner
  • B. They are sold to the customer by Cisco.
  • C. They enable the partner to deliver their own brand of service.
  • D. They are sold by the partner, and are delivered by Cisco.

Answer : C,D

Which option describes server virtualization?

  • A. Consolidation of multiple server workloads onto a smaller number of more powerful servers
  • B. The aggregation of server workloads onto a smaller number of servers by running multiple server operating systems directly on the shared hardware
  • C. Reduction of on-premises server requirements through the elimination of low utilization servers and the transition to a SaaS solution
  • D. Consolidation of multiple server interface cards into a single network card that supports a large number of virtual interfaces

Answer : B

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