LCSAS Cisco Lifecycle Services Advanced Security v5.0 (650-575)

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In which of the following phases are the business requirements of the customer identified and documented?

  • A. Plan
  • B. Design
  • C. Prepare
  • D. Operate

Answer : A

Which three activities are parts of the security technology strategy development service component in the prepare phase? (Choose three.)

  • A. Preliminary Technical Discovery
  • B. Staging Plan Development
  • C. Develop and Present Technology Strategy
  • D. Site Readiness Assessment
  • E. Define Roles and Responsibilities
  • F. Technology Strategy Meeting

Answer : A,C,F

In which phase do you provide the Staff Training for End Users, and Staff Training for IT
Admin and Help Desk?

  • A. Prepare
  • B. Plan
  • C. Implement
  • D. Design

Answer : C

Which two activities are included in the security detailed design development service component in the design phase? (Choose two.)

  • A. Present Low-Level Design
  • B. Conduct Site Readiness Assessment
  • C. Perform Detailed Analysis for Intrusion Prevention System
  • D. Create a Detailed Staff Training Matrix
  • E. Develop the Detailed Design for Intrusion Prevention System
  • F. Conduct Site Readiness Assessment

Answer : C,E

Which service component is part of the security implement phase?

  • A. Project Closeout
  • B. Change Management
  • C. Operations Setup
  • D. Select Fault Management Tools and Products

Answer : A

In which service component of the security operate phase would an escalation notification plan be used?

  • A. Project Management
  • B. Incident or Problem Management
  • C. Operations Setup
  • D. Change Management

Answer : B

Developing and executing a project management program, and managing information, resources, and change control, describe which service component in the plan phase?

  • A. Project Plan
  • B. Site Readiness Assessment
  • C. Proposal Delivery
  • D. Account Planning

Answer : A

Which two of these activities are included in the operations plan development service component in the security design phase? (Choose two.)

  • A. Review Documentation
  • B. Operations Implementation for Security
  • C. Operational Design Development
  • D. Present Implementation and Operation Statement of Work
  • E. Hold Project Kickoff Meeting

Answer : A,C

What is an objective of the account planning service component in the prepare phase?

  • A. Review the security policy documents of a customer.
  • B. Complete a competitive analysis to create an appropriate vertical approach and strategy.
  • C. Review the network topology maps of a customer.
  • D. Define the security pain points of a customer.
  • E. Create a successful demonstration of the proposed security solution.

Answer : B

Which two service components are performed during the security implement phase?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Security Readiness Assessment
  • B. Project Planning
  • C. Site Readiness Specification
  • D. Acceptance Testing
  • E. Configuration Management

Answer : B,D

Which service component in the implement phase includes activities such as obtaining customer satisfaction, holding a lessons-learned meeting, and updating leading practices?

  • A. Security System Installation
  • B. As-Built Documentation
  • C. Acceptance Testing
  • D. Staging
  • E. Project Closeout

Answer : E

Which optimize phase service component assesses continuous improvements of the customer network by recommending remediation measures, including optimizing device configurations, capacity planning, traffic analysis, policy and procedure analysis, resolving quality issues, and so on?

  • A. Site Assessment
  • B. Operations Assessment
  • C. Security Assessment
  • D. Deployment Assessment

Answer : C

In which service component is the analysis of the current security policies and procedures of the customer performed?

  • A. Site Readiness Assessment
  • B. Kickoff Meeting
  • C. Security Solutions Readiness Assessment
  • D. Detailed Design Development

Answer : C

Which service component includes the activity to complete the execution of

  • A. Staging and System Migration
  • B. Post-Implementation Support Handoff Meeting
  • C. Detailed Design Development
  • D. Staff Training

Answer : D

which implement phase service component describes the activities to install and test your security solution in a nonproduction lab environment?

  • A. Staging
  • B. Acceptance Testing
  • C. Proof of Concept
  • D. Lab Testing

Answer : A

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Total 50 questions