Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x v8.0 (VCS-322)

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How can an administrator make the 'Search Vaults' button in Outlook available to users?

  • A. use the Exchange desktop policy, 'Options' tab
  • B. use the Search Provisioning Group
  • C. use the Exchange mailbox policy, 'Options' tab
  • D. use the IMAP Provisioning Group

Answer : D

Which function does the "Return failed items to inbox" Journaling Policy setting perform when set to "On"?

  • A. items with content that failed to be converted are moved from the journal archive back to the journal mailbox
  • B. items that failed to be archived are moved back to the journal mailbox when the task starts
  • C. items that failed to be archived are moved back to the journal mailbox at scheduled intervals
  • D. items with content that failed to be converted are moved from the Vault Service Accounts Temp folder back to the journal mailbox

Answer : B

Refer to the Exhibit.

How can the text in the banners be changed?

  • A. by creating or modifying a WebApp.ini file
  • B. by Modifying the Mailbox Archiving task, Shortcut Creation tab settings
  • C. by Modifying the Advanced Properties of the Desktop Policy
  • D. by creating or modifying a ShortcutText.txt file

Answer : D

Refer to the exhibit.

When is this policy setting required?
A. when Enterprise Vault shortcuts are required in OWA 2007 or 2010
B. when EV Search is required in OWA 2007 or 2010
C. when the Restore function is required in OWA 2007 or 2010
D. when the Archive function is required in OWA 2007 or 2010

Answer : B Topic 12, Describe the process for importing and exporting archives

An administrator is conducting a server-driven PST migration. The administrator chooses to delete the PST files as part of the post migration process and runs the PST migration for several pilot users. When starting Outlook, the pilot users get the warning PST file is missing.
Which setting will prevent the warning?

  • A. create a Policy Manager initialization file with "DeletePST=True"
  • B. configure Remove PST entries within the Desktop policy > Advanced tab
  • C. log in remotely and restart the Outlook client
  • D. use a group policy to automatically remove the migrated PST files

Answer : B

Which two archive types are supported by the Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x for Exchange
Move Archive function? (Select two.)

  • A. File System Archiving (FSA) archives
  • B. Exchange Mailbox archives
  • C. Exchange public folder archives
  • D. SharePoint archives
  • E. Exchange Journal archives

Answer : B,E

An administrator is running a pilot installation of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x for Exchange and wants to copy everything that has been archived back to the original mailboxes before enabling archiving for everyone.
Which is the best tool for this task according to Veritas documentation?

  • A. Move Archive Utility
  • B. EVDominoExchangeMigration Tool
  • C. Export Archive Wizard
  • D. Policy Manager (EVPM)

Answer : C

Which two methods can be used to populate the Vault Administration Console's Personal
Store Management Files container? (Select two.)

  • A. the SQL Add-PSTFile Procedure script
  • B. the Add-EVPstFile Powershell commmand
  • C. the Add > Single PST file wizard
  • D. the Add-PSTComputer Powershell command
  • E. the Add > From File wizard

Answer : B,C

Which option in the Post Migration tab within the Exchange Policy Properties applies to client-driven migrations?

  • A. Compact the PST file
  • B. Set the PST file to be Read-only
  • C. Set the PST file to be Hidden
  • D. Delete the PST file

Answer : D

What are two benefits of using client-driven PST migration? (Select two.)

  • A. it is the fastest PST migration method
  • B. corrupted PSTs are fixed automatically during migration
  • C. it copies items it is loading in chunks into the local Vault Cache, avoiding extra downloads
  • D. PST files bigger than 20GB are migrated in bigger chunks, avoiding the file table corruption in a PST file during migration
  • E. it allows PST migration to continue while Outlook is open

Answer : C,E

When should an administrator choose the Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x for Exchange PST
Migrator Wizard over other PST migration methods?

  • A. when migrating a few PST files into the archive
  • B. when locating PST files on users' computers before migrating
  • C. when migrating a large number of PST files
  • D. when collecting users' PST files in a central location before migrating

Answer : A

How should an administrator modify the Move Archive feature settings?
A. modify Site > Advanced > Storage settings
B. modify EvPSTMigratorServer.exe.config and EvStorageOnlineOpns.exe.config
C. modify EvTaskGuardian.exe.config and EvMoveArchiveTask.exe.config
D. modify Policies > Mailbox > Advanced

Answer : C Topic 13, Describe EV 12 for Exchange client functionality

Which two user configuration choices are available within the Preferences menu of
Enterprise Vault Search (EVS)? (Select two.)

  • A. Configure multiple mailboxes to access for searching
  • B. Select the position of the reading pane or turn it off
  • C. Enable Hit Highlighting and specify the color
  • D. Choose custom company logo to display in the results page
  • E. Add additional sidebars for other archiving targets such as File System Archiving

Answer : B,C

Which task is responsible for enabling mailboxes for archiving if "Automatically enable mailboxes" is selected in the properties of the Provisioning Group?

  • A. the Exchange Provisioning task
  • B. the Client Access Provisioning task
  • C. the Exchange Mailbox Archiving task
  • D. the Exchange Mailbox Synchronization task

Answer : C

Which additional options are available to users in Outlook if the Desktop Policy > Advanced
> Outlook > Outlook Add-In behavior is changed to Full?

  • A. Users can change the setting allowing them to move or copy items to Virtual Vault.
  • B. Users can change the default retention and archiving policy for some folders in Outlook.
  • C. Users can access the advanced options for folders in EV Search.
  • D. Users can change which tool bar buttons display in their Outlook client.

Answer : B

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