Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 10.0 for Exchange v6.1 (VCS-310)

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In the event of failure or disaster, which three databases must be restored for archived data access? (Select three.)

  • A. Auditing
  • B. Directory
  • C. Fingerprint
  • D. Monitoring
  • E. Vault Store

Answer : B,C,E

An organization uses three Exchange Servers in a single domain and two Enterprise Vault
(EV) servers. How many Provisioning Tasks are required?

  • A. one per Exchange domain
  • B. one per EV server
  • C. one per Exchange Server
  • D. one per EV site

Answer : A

Which two logs does Enterprise Vault install into the Windows Event Viewer? (Select two.)

  • A. Symantec Enterprise Vault Snap-In
  • B. Symantec Enterprise Vault Power Shell
  • C. Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • D. Symantec Enterprise Vault Converters
  • E. Symantec Enterprise Vault Directory Service

Answer : C,D

What are two valid reasons for specifying DNS aliases? (Select two.)

  • A. to ensure that the Enterprise Vault (EV) server can be joined to the Windows domain
  • B. to simplify reconfiguration of the EV infrastructure
  • C. to ensure that the EV server can be contacted from external domains
  • D. to make it possible to use the EV built-in failover mechanisms
  • E. to broadcast the EV server's IP address to all clients on the network

Answer : B,D

What is the recommended minimum number of processors for Enterprise Vault servers?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 4
  • D. 8

Answer : B

Enterprise Vault converts mail message attachments to text or HTML. What is a benefit of changing the default conversion type from HTML to text for certain document types?

  • A. increases the performance of file conversion
  • B. allows for the support of additional document types
  • C. allows for integration with third-party indexing engines
  • D. significantly reduces the amount of space taken by indexing

Answer : A

An organization has five Enterprise Vault (EV) servers. The servers are part of one
Directory and two EV sites. The Directory consists of two Vault Store Groups with two Vault
Stores for each group. How many EV Directory database(s), Fingerprint database(s), and
Vault Store database(s) are in the environment, respectively?

  • A. 2, 2, 4
  • B. 1, 2, 4
  • C. 1, 1, 4
  • D. 2, 2, 2

Answer : B

In which three languages are Enterprise Vault clients available? (Select three.)

  • A. Traditional Chinese
  • B. Danish
  • C. Portuguese
  • D. Finnish
  • E. Hebrew

Answer : A,B,E

What is the associated file extension for SIS Part files when shared archived items are stored?

  • A. .sis
  • B. .dvs
  • C. .dvscc
  • D. .dvssp

Answer : D

What are two reasons for adopting Enterprise Vault to manage unstructured content?
(Select two.)

  • A. to protect messaging infrastructure to ensure uptime and productivity
  • B. to enable corporate discovery and end-user search
  • C. to centralize information management and retention
  • D. to create and retain snapshots to facilitate instant recovery
  • E. to enforce compliance with endpoint security policies

Answer : B,C

Which three are core Enterprise Vault services? (Select three.)

  • A. Archiving Service
  • B. Placeholder Service
  • C. Directory Service
  • D. Storage Service
  • E. Indexing Service

Answer : C,D,E

what is happened when a user deletes an archived item in Outlook?

  • A. Desktop Policies
  • B. Journal Policies
  • C. Mailbox Policies
  • D. Server Policies

Answer : A

Given a multi-site installation, which Enterprise Vault (EV) component contains the configuration information for all the EV sites?

  • A. Vault Store database
  • B. Vault Store Group database
  • C. Vault Directory database
  • D. Vault Configuration database

Answer : C

What happens when an administrator rebuilds an index using the Enterprise Vault
Administration Console?

  • A. A snapshot is taken of the index and then rebuilt.
  • B. The directory service is suspended and the index is rebuilt.
  • C. The index is added to the specified index location.
  • D. The entire index is deleted and rebuilt.

Answer : D

Where is the Single Instance Storage sharing boundary defined?

  • A. Vault Store partition
  • B. Vault Store Group
  • C. Vault Store
  • D. Indexes

Answer : B

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Total 318 questions