Administration of Veritas NetBackup 8.0 and NetBackup Appliances 3.0 v8.0 (VCS-277)

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By using the robot front panel, an operator ejects media 000001 from robot TLD(1) and inserts it into robot TLD(2).
Neither robot has a barcode reader.
Which two actions should the administrator in the administration console to update the
EMM database accordingly and show media 000001 at the new location? (Select two.)

  • A. run a robot inventory onboth robots
  • B. move media000001to standalone
  • C. change the volume pool in media000001properties
  • D. label media000001
  • E. move media000001from standalone to robot 2

Answer : A,B

An administrator has a MS-Windows type policy that has failed for a Microsoft Windows
NetBackup client. The policy uses the ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES backup selection. See the extract from the end of the job details below:

Which two logs will provide the most relevant information for troubleshooting and resolving the error? (Select two.)

  • A. Operating system logs on the client
  • B. NetBackup bpfis logs on the media server
  • C. NetBackup bptm logs on the media server
  • D. Operating system logs on the media server
  • E. NetBackup bpfis logs on the client

Answer : A,E

Using the default values in the activity monitor, a failed job is discovered among hundreds of jobs that ran during the evening. The administrator would like to view all related jobs to verify they completed successfully.
Where in the activity monitor can the administrator find all related jobs?

  • A. right-click the failed job and select View Job hierarchy
  • B. right-click the failed job and select Troubleshooter
  • C. double-click the failed job and select the Detailed Status tab
  • D. right-click the failed job and select Details

Answer : A

A Netbackup environment suffers from intermittent network outages between the Media
Server Drduplication Pool (MSOP) media server and clients during the backup window.
This results in multiple backup failures.
Mow should an administrator overcome the backup failure issue?

  • A. enable Network Resiliency
  • B. configure client-side deduplication
  • C. increase the client connect timeout
  • D. increase the CR_STATS_TIMLR interval

Answer : A

Which schedule can be configured as a synthetic backup in addition to the full backup schedule type?

  • A. differential incremental backup
  • B. cumulative incremental backup
  • C. user backup
  • D. application backup
  • E. automatic backup

Answer : B

An administrator is preparing to perform disaster recovery for many clients whose backups are stored on multiplexed tapes.
Which host property should the administrator modify, prior to the restores, to ensure the best recovery time?

  • A. set Enable unrestricted media sharing for all media servers
  • B. increase Restore retries
  • C. increase Delay on multiplexed restores
  • D. add the client IP addresses to Resilient Network

Answer : D

Which information is validated during an image verification operation?
A. data on the client is validated with data on the volume
B. data on the client is validated with data in the NetBackup catalog
C. data on the volume is validated with data in the NetBackup catalog
D. data on the client and the volume is validated with data in the NetBackup catalog

Answer : C Topic 2, Exam Pool B

The administrator of a large bank needs to preserve financial information for an extended period of time. The bank's NetBackup 8.0catalog is now over 800GB in size, causing the catalog backups to contend for resources with production system backups.
How can the administrator shorten the time needed to back up the catalog?

  • A. use the NetBackup 8.0Agent for Symantec Enterprise Vault to perform an online archive of the catalog
  • B. create a catalog archive policy and execute it from the command line using the bpcatarc command
  • C. use the NetBackup 8.0client-side deduplication feature to shorten the time it takes to perform a catalog backup
  • D. back up the catalog by scheduling an online Sybase database backup policy to allow the backup to run without contending for resources

Answer : B

A NetBackup appliance administrator observes poor performance on backups to an MSDP pool. The job details indicate bpbkar is waiting for empty buffers.
Where should the administrator tune the appliance?

  • A. Main_Menu > Settings > NetBackup DataBuffers > Size > Defaults
  • B. thebp.conffile’sNUMBER_DATA_BUFFERSsetting
  • C. thebp.conffile’sNUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS_DISKsetting
  • D. Main_Menu > Settings > NetBackup DataBuffers >Size > Disk

Answer : B


An administrator wants to receive emails regarding appliance configuration changes.
Which setting should the administrator configure to ensure email notifications from the appliances are received properly?

  • A. Settings > Alerts > CallHome
  • B. Settings > Alerts > Email
  • C. Support > Email
  • D. Support > CallHome

Answer : B

An administrator must recover an expired image from a tape where only one remaining copy exists and there are other unexpired images on the tape.
How should the administrator ensure the image is retained?

  • A. run the Images on Tape report
  • B. run an import on the tape
  • C. duplicate the unexpired images
  • D. verify the tape

Answer : B

Which command should an administrator run to display all images written to both disk and tape for a particular client?

  • A. bplist
  • B. bpimmedia
  • C. bpimage
  • D. bpstulist

Answer : B

Which bonding mode requires configuration on the network switch?

  • A. 802.3ad
  • B. active-backup
  • C. balance-alb
  • D. balance-rr

Answer : D

Which statement applies to a NetBackup calendar based schedule in a Windows policy type?

  • A. the backup may run on a day with a closed backup window with Retries allowed after runday
  • B. an Exclude date may be configured to occur on an included recurring day of the week
  • C. configuring a start window spanning midnight is invalid
  • D. a calendar based schedule can run twice a day

Answer : B

Which command should an administrator use to check the number of images that need to complete the storage lifecycle secondary processing?

  • A. bpimage
  • B. nbstlutil
  • C. nbstl
  • D. nbreplicate

Answer : A

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