Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.5 for UNIX v8.0 (VCS-271)

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Which product can replace a confidential document residing on a public share with a
Marker File explaining why the document was removed?

  • A. Network Prevent
  • B. Network Protect
  • C. Network Monitor
  • D. Network Discover

Answer : B

Which script moves client software to a remote UNIX client from a UNIX master server?

  • A. ftp_to_client
  • B. install_client_files
  • C. client_config
  • D. send_client_files
  • E. update_client

Answer : B

A backup is configured with a 10 minute checkpoint interval. The third checkpoint interval expires in the middle of transferring the file The backup fails 7 minutes later, after transferring and three additional files.
Where does the backup resume?

  • A. At the point of failure in
  • B. At the beginning of
  • C. At the end of
  • D. At the previous checkpoint

Answer : C

Which two are used to change the status of a disk pool? (Select two.)

  • A. nbdevquery
  • B. Device Monitor
  • C. Devices > Disk Pools
  • D. nbdevstatus
  • E. nbdevconfig

Answer : B,E

Why should Network Monitor be configured to filter out low-threat traffic?

  • A. Because the product is unable to filter out high-threat traffic
  • B. To ensure that CPU cycles are spent processing high-threat traffic
  • C. Because no other traffic will be monitored until this is accomplished
  • D. To verify that the filtering process is actually working

Answer : B

Which three are valid Scanned Content filter types for the Discover File System target?
(Select three.)

  • A. Exclude filter
  • B. File Size filter
  • C. Read ACL filter
  • D. File Owner filter
  • E. File Date filter

Answer : A,B,E

Which component of Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder (.pst) files does Network Discover apply filters to?

  • A. Individual emails in the .pst file
  • B. The entire .pst file
  • C. Attachments in the .pst file
  • D. Folders in the .pst file

Answer : B

Where can an incident responder find the policy rules and/or exceptions that were in effect when a particular incident was detected?

  • A. Incident List
  • B. Policy page
  • C. Policy Summary report
  • D. Incident Snapshot

Answer : D

Which detection method includes keyword rules?

  • A. Exact Data Matching (EDM)
  • B. Directory Group Matching (DGM)
  • C. Described Content Matching (DCM)
  • D. Indexed Document Matching (IDM)

Answer : C

A Symantec NetBackup 7.5 administrator needs to use client-side deduplication to reduce network traffic.
What is the minimum version level requirement for clients that deduplicate their own data?

  • A. 7.0
  • B. 7.1
  • C.
  • D. 7.5

Answer : D

Which type of rule do incident responders use to remediate an incident?

  • A. Policy response rule
  • B. Incident response rule
  • C. Automated response rule
  • D. Smart Response rule

Answer : D

Which two statements accurately describe a user archive operation in Symantec
NetBackup 7.5? (Select two.)

  • A. Restores are performed using bpcatlist and bpcatres.
  • B. The archived image reduces the size of the Symantec NetBackup 7.5 catalog image database.
  • C. The policy must be named user-archive.
  • D. An administrator is unable to manually initiate the job from the Symantec NetBackup Administration Console.
  • E. The policy backup selection list is ignored.

Answer : D,E

An administrator needs to protect multiple clients that contain multiple data volumes to removable media.
Which policy setting in Symantec NetBackup 7.5 will perform the backup the fastest?

  • A. Accelerator
  • B. Multiplexing
  • C. Disable client deduplication
  • D. Enable client compression

Answer : B

The configuration parameters MIN_GB_SIZE_PER_DUPLICATION_JOB and
IMAGE_EXTENDED_RETRY_PERIOD_IN_HOURS are part of the configuration for which feature?

  • A. Catalog Replication
  • B. Disk Staging
  • C. Storage Lifecycle Policy
  • D. NetBackup Vault

Answer : C

What is the default incident data retention behavior for Network Monitor and Network

  • A. Only messages are retained.
  • B. Only attachments are retained.
  • C. Neither messages nor attachments are retained.
  • D. Messages and attachments are retained.

Answer : D

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