Administration of Veritas Cluster Server 6.1 for UNIX v6.0 (VCS-254)

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Which component is directly responsible for communicating online configuration changes to all nodes in the cluster?

  • A. LLT
  • B. IMF
  • C. GAB
  • D. HAD

Answer : D

Which resource type can be used to mirror the state of another persistent resource?

  • A. Phantom
  • B. Proxy
  • C. Mirror
  • D. RemoteGroup

Answer : B

Which command should an administrator run to implement fencing within a running cluster?

  • A. /opt/VRTSvxfen/install -fencing
  • B. /opt/VRTS/install/installvcs -fencing
  • C. /opt/VRTS/install/installfencing
  • D. /opt/VRTSvxfen/installfencing

Answer : B

A two node cluster is being brought online, but one node is unable to boot.
Which command is run to manually seed GAB?

  • A. gabconfig -x
  • B. gabconfig -n2
  • C. lltconfig -x
  • D. lltconfig -n2

Answer : A

Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows an N-to-1 cluster configuration, in which nodes are connected to storage devices via dual-hosted SCSI cables.
Why is this an inefficient configuration?

  • A. Storage should be shared by more than two nodes.
  • B. Clusters should have at most two nodes.
  • C. NAS is preferred over SAN for shared storage.
  • D. NFS is the preferred way to share storage within a cluster.

Answer : A

An application is started and stopped using custom scripts and consists of a single running daemon process. Which type of resource is recommended to cluster this application?

  • A. Process
  • B. Program
  • C. Application
  • D. Init

Answer : C

Two clusters are both running the same operating system and version of Veritas Cluster
Server. A service group in one cluster depends on a service group in the other cluster.
Which method can be used to manage the service group relationship?

  • A. CrossCluster trigger
  • B. RemoteGroup agent
  • C. RemoteCluster agent
  • D. RemoteGroup trigger

Answer : B

Which two agents are classified as testing agents according to the Symantec Cluster
Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide? (Select two.)

  • A. ElifNone
  • B. FileNone
  • C. Phantom
  • D. Volume
  • E. Proxy

Answer : A,B

Refer to the exhibit.

All service groups have FailOverPolicy=Load and are configured to run on all of the nodes.
What happens when the node sym4 faults?

  • A. g4sg fails over to node sym1, and g5sg remains offline everywhere.
  • B. g4sg fails over to node sym1, and g5sg fails over to node sym3.
  • C. g4sg fails over to node sym3, and g5sg fails over to node sym2.
  • D. g4sg fails over to node sym3, and g5sg remains offline everywhere.

Answer : B

What will happen to the notifier if it is correctly configured and the system on which it is running in a multisystem VCS cluster fails?

  • A. The notifier will go offline.
  • B. The notifier will fail over and run on another system.
  • C. The notifier is in a parallel service group, it will already be running elsewhere.
  • D. The notifier will be faulted.

Answer : B

An administrator is configuring another application service in high availability. The application's logical IP address will rely on the same NIC used by the ClusterService service group. Data will be stored on raw devices.
Which types of resources should the administrator consider to configure in the service group?

  • A. Application, File System, Volume, Disk Group, IP, NIC
  • B. Application, Volume, Disk Group, IP, Proxy
  • C. Application, File System, Volume, Disk Group, IP, Proxy
  • D. Application, Volume, Disk Group, IP, Phantom

Answer : B

At which two attribute levels can the TriggerPath attribute be set? (Select two.)

  • A. cluster attribute
  • B. system attribute
  • C. service group attribute
  • D. resource attribute
  • E. resource type attribute

Answer : C,D

An administrator is verifying the prerequisites of an application to ensure it can be placed under Symantec Cluster Server control.
Which two prerequisites must be met to accomplish this goal? (Select two.)

  • A. The operating system automatically starts the application.
  • B. The application is available to all nodes.
  • C. The shutdown process should be graceful performing cleanup operations.
  • D. The hardware administrative IP addresses are configured by Cluster Server on all nodes.
  • E. The shared storage is managed by Symantec Volume Manager.

Answer : B,C

What is the impact to unsaved configuration changes in Veritas Cluster Server when an administrator stops the cluster with a force option from the command-line interface?

  • A. Changes are prompted to be saved.
  • B. Changes are prompted to be discarded.
  • C. Changes are automatically saved.
  • D. Changes are automatically discarded.

Answer : D

A 2-node Veritas Cluster Server cluster has two dedicated Ethernet heartbeat links and I/O
Fencing enabled.
What will happen if both heartbeat links simultaneously fail?

  • A. I/O Fencing takes over as the heartbeat mechanism.
  • B. All service groups are frozen on both nodes.
  • C. Both nodes panic and reboot into the cluster.
  • D. One node panics and the other remains running.

Answer : B

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