VMware CertifiedAssociate–Cloud (VCA-Cloud) v8.1 (VCAC510)

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You received an email from your cloud team's senior technical architect asking you to implement snapshots in your cloud where it makes sense to do so. You ask the architect to clarify where in your cloud it would make the most sense to use snapshots. Which of the following is the most likely answer they would give you?

  • A. Catalogs: To back out any unauthorized changes
  • B. Production web servers: To provide a backup of each day's changes
  • C. Development VMs: To roll back code updates
  • D. vApps: To roll back to their original deployment state

Answer : C

Reference: http://searchvmware.techtarget.com/definition/VMware-snapshot

You have just been hired to oversee the rollout of a cloud environment at your new company. You decide to build two clouds: One for development & test and the other for production. Which product will allow you to move the workloads from the development cloud to the production cloud?

  • A. vFabric Suite
  • B. vCloud Connector
  • C. vCloud Networking & Security
  • D. vCloud Director

Answer : B

Reference: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/vmware-vcloud-connector-technical-brief.pdf
(page 3, introduction)

You want to be able to do a detailed analysis of a custom web application in your private cloud. Which of the following vCloud-related products will best help you with this?

  • A. vCloud Connector
  • B. vCenter Server
  • C. vCenter Operations Manager
  • D. vFabric Hyperic

Answer : D

Reference: http://www.vmware.com/uk/products/vfabric-hyperic/

Your company has identified a standard, consistent configuration for the VMs which will be deployed in your private cloud. Senior IT staff realizes there are circumstances that, from time to time, require minor deviations from these standard VMs by certain users. Which of the following allows users to deploy standard VMs without approval and also allows you to set a policy which specifies when an approval process is required?

  • A. vCenter Orchestrator
  • B. vCloud Automation Center
  • C. vCloud Director
  • D. vCloud Connector

Answer : B

Reference: http://www.vmware.com/products/vcloud-automation-center/features/policy- governance-engine.html

Your small startup does not have a budget for capital equipment. What type of cloud would initially best suit your needs?

  • A. Private cloud
  • B. Public cloud
  • C. Organization cloud
  • D. Hybrid cloud

Answer : B

Reference: http://www.aerohive.com/pdfs/Aerohive-Whitepaper-Public-or-Private-Cloud.pdf
(page 2, see public cloud service overview)

During a discussion about Storage Service Classes, an intern asks what factors should be considered when choosing one type of Storage Service Class over another.
Which two criteria should be considered when creating Storage Service Classes? (Choose two.)

  • A. Level of Protection
  • B. Cost
  • C. Number of Platters
  • D. Operating System compatibility

Answer : A,B

In preparation for the deployment of your company's private cloud, you have delegated the task of populating the catalog which will be used to deploy your Org vDCs. Which two objects will you put into the catalog? (Choose two.)

  • A. Virtual Appliances
  • B. vApp Templates
  • C. VMs
  • D. Media

Answer : B,D

Explanation: http://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2011/11/linked-clones-part-1-fast- provisioning-in-vcloud-director-15.html

As a consultant, you are advising a large enterprise client that is evaluating moving to a cloud infrastructure. This client is running the majority of their servers in a virtualized vSphere environment and want you to explain the benefits of deploying a private cloud.
Which scenario would be a compelling reason for their client to make the jump to the cloud?

  • A. They will be able to use storage clusters and Storage DRS
  • B. They will be able to place their mission-critical VMs under FT protection
  • C. vCloud Automation Center will allow them to leverage vSphere Distributed Switches
  • D. They will be able to more simply and quickly provision workloads

Answer : D

A colleague hears you have just completed vCloud training. She asks you to explain vCenter Operations Manager and its relationship to the vCloud Suite. What do you tell her?

  • A. vCenter Operations Manager is a cloud security and firewall service which helps prevent virus and hacker attacks
  • B. vCenter Operations Manager is the main web-based management interface for vCloud
  • C. vCenter Operations Manager is an optional software component which helps with performance analysis in the cloud
  • D. vCenter Operations Manager helps automate repetitive tasks in your private cloud

Answer : C

Reference: http://www.petri.co.il/vcenter-operations-manager-5-review.htm#

You need a solution for your burst utilization without paying for unused capacity during non- peak hours. Which vCloud product will solve this problem?

  • A. vCloud APIs
  • B. vCloud Automation Center
  • C. vCloud Networking and Security
  • D. vCloud Connector

Answer : D

Reference: http://cloud.idglabs.net/?p=1860

Your manager calls you into her office and explains that she has just come from a virtualization management seminar. She knows that you have all of the companys critical applications are installed directly on existing physical servers that would cause severe issues in the event of failures and wants to mitigage any downtime due to hardware problems. What type of challenge is your manager expressing concern with?

  • A. Efficiency
  • B. Availability
  • C. Elasticity
  • D. Management

Answer : B

If you are trying to find out if you have a load-based performance issue, which of the following metrics is significant in a virtual environment but, generally, not in a physical environment?

  • A. Physical RAM over-commitment, as VMware's hypervisor has technologies for dealing with this
  • B. Physical CPU over-commitment, because of the VMkernel SMP scheduler
  • C. Idle VMs (when compared to their equivalent idle physical servers in a physical environment)
  • D. Application network throughput to a remote office

Answer : C

A company has recently bought out a competitor and is now integrating them into their existing architecture.
Which VMware component or feature will allow them to place newly-created virtual machines on the best compute resources, regardless of whether those resources are at the main site or the new branch location?

  • A. VXLAN
  • B. Load Balancer
  • C. Firewall
  • D. DHCP

Answer : A

You work at a small startup company which currently has all of its IT services hosted in a public cloud provided by a VMware vCloud Service Provider. Management wants to create an in-house private cloud and needs to determine which services make the most financial sense to transfer to your private cloud. You need to see use and cost metrics broken down by various services (db, web, etc.) in the public cloud. Which of the following will allow you to do this?

  • A. vCenter Operations Manager
  • B. vCenter Chargeback Manager
  • C. vCloud Automation Center
  • D. vCenter Server

Answer : B

Reference: http://www.vmware.com/products/vcenter-chargeback/

Your organization has decided it needs to use a hybrid cloud. During the weekly staff meeting, a colleague asks why the decision to use a hybrid cloud was chosen. What do you tell them?

  • A. You are a small company and do not want to deal with your own datacenter and equipment
  • B. Your development team periodically enters high demand test cycles
  • C. You have multiple physical sites all using their own local datacenters
  • D. You have a mixture of physical and virtual servers

Answer : B

Reference: http://www.interoute.com/cloud-article/what-hybrid-cloud

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