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A technician, in a machine room, accidentally drops a floor tile on a fiber optic cable running from a single path host to a Fibre Channel switch. Which of the following symptoms would be MOST likely to occur if the cable is not replaced?

  • A. The host will be visible to the switch but not see any defined volumes
  • B. The host bus adapter will fail
  • C. The switch SFP will fail
  • D. The host will not be visible to the switch

Answer : D

Which of the following encryption methods is being described when a secure encrypted tunnel is created between a host and a storage device, but the data stored on disk is not encrypted?

  • A. Data At-Rest Encryption
  • B. Host Encryption
  • C. Network Encryption
  • D. Data In-Flight Encryption

Answer : D

An Exchange Completion Time (ECT) gives a technician information about which aspects of the environment? (Select TWO)

  • A. Shows potential issues that are occurring and slowing down the network
  • B. Tracks the exchange of data omitting the value for 10 latency
  • C. Measures the data patterns for troubleshooting connectivity issues
  • D. The overall performance of the switches and the connections that are causing bandwidth issues
  • E. The general overall performance and 10 latency of the network

Answer : A,E

Which of the following is a SAN initiator?

  • A. Target mode Fibre Channel adapter
  • B. Host Bus Adapter
  • C. CIFS Ethernet interface
  • D. SAN switch SFP

Answer : B

The storage administrator is planning for growth and wants to ensure that the system's applications will not crash due to not having enough disk space. The storage administrator is also trying to avoid creating waste by installing more physical disk capacity than is required. Which of the following solutions would the storage administrator implement?

  • A. LUN provisioning
  • B. VLAN assignments
  • C. Thin provisioning
  • D. Load balancing

Answer : C

A storage administrator is troubleshooting lack of connectivity between an iSCSI-initator and iSCSI-target that is located behind a firewall. The firewall has the following active rule base:

Allow udp port 3260 -

Allow tcp port 443 -

Allow icmp all -

Deny all -
Which of the following is the MOST likely issue?

  • A. iSCSI does not function behind a firewall due to the RPC protocol.
  • B. iSCSI also requires TCP/3260 to be allowed.
  • C. The issue is not firewall related as iSCSI is not a TCP/IP-based protocol.
  • D. iSCSI does not function behind a firewall due to NAT requirements.

Answer : B

Which of the following computes a combined value of all pages and stamps the value on the tape media to be used to verify that whole backup?

  • A. Differential backup
  • B. D2D2T
  • C. Page checksum
  • D. Backup checksum

Answer : D

Which of the following would MOST easily prevent zoning conflicts and fabric segmentation?

  • A. Ensure zoning information from a new storage switch is cleared before adding it to the fabric.
  • B. Only configure zoning once at installation; reconfigure all switches if zoning must change.
  • C. Create separate fabrics as zoning can only be configured on one switch.
  • D. Configure zoning information on the HBA's not the storage switches.

Answer : A

From a disaster recovery perspective, which of the following solutions would provide the
MOST redundancy and high availability options?

  • A. Data center with a single point of failure
  • B. An infrastructure with a cold site
  • C. An infrastructure with a hot site
  • D. Datacenter with a cache battery backup and cache mirroring option for all servers

Answer : C

Incoming data is detected as duplicate and is removed, allowing reduction of storage consumption. This is called which of the following?

  • A. Single instance storage
  • B. In-line deduplication
  • C. Hierarchical data storage
  • D. Post-process deduplication

Answer : B

Buffer-to-buffer credit is used for which of the following?

  • A. Managing number of available buffers on target
  • B. Controlling the number of packets initiator can send in sequence
  • C. Controlling frame flow on Fibre Channel link
  • D. Configuring the buffers used to store frames in switch

Answer : C

Which of the following are current rotational speeds for Fibre Channel and SAS based hard drives? (Select TWO)

  • A. 3400 RPM
  • B. 5400 RPM
  • C. 7000 RPM
  • D. 10.000 RPM
  • E. 15,000 RPM

Answer : D,E

  • A. The iSCSI initiators must be restarted on the affected servers
  • B. All drives must upload the new HBA firmware before it becomes active
  • C. The SAN must rebuild the newly installed HBA's file system.
  • D. The SAN zone must be configured for the new WWPN

Answer : D

A storage system with a small number of 1TB disk drives has an issue involving high latency for an OLTP application. Which of the following items should the storage administrator consider FIRST?

  • A. Replace the 1TB disk drives with 2TB disk drives.
  • B. Increase the number of disk drives installed in the storage system
  • C. Incorporate a new RAID array composed of SATA drives.
  • D. Reduce the current amount of cache used by the controllers.

Answer : B

When enabling Jumbo Frames for iSCSI operations, which of the following is true?

  • A. It is a tunneling feature and only needs to be supported at the endpoints.
  • B. It is incompatible with IPSec due to encryption functionality.
  • C. Recommended size for Jumbo is 64K, which is max size of a SCSI packet.
  • D. Must be supported end to end or performance problems in the network may occur.

Answer : D

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