Storage Networking Foundations Exam v7.0 (S10-110)

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A company is concerned with high space usage on ils storage devices, especially during certain periods of time when the same or similar information is being sent or received.
Which solution will address this concern?

  • A. data compression
  • B. encryption
  • C. thin provisioning
  • D. deduplication

Answer : A

According to SNIA, what is the term that describes a mechanism allocating the physical capacity of a volume or file system as applications write data?

  • A. thick provisioning
  • B. thin provisioning
  • C. hybrid provisioning
  • D. static provisioning

Answer : B

What is the function of the Fibre Channel name server?

  • A. It retrieves all files from a file store by name.
  • B. It provides service to register Fibre Channel N_Ports.
  • C. It partitions Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs).
  • D. It load balances the SAN traffic.

Answer : B

Which level of data access does a SAN device provide compared to NAS?

  • A. file access
  • B. block access
  • C. packet access
  • D. object access

Answer : B

Which two security methods will protect iSCSI traffic from unauthorized tampering or spoofing? (Choose two.)

  • A. internet Protocol Security (IPsec)
  • B. B. ACLs
  • C. B. encryption at rest
  • D. Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)

Answer : A,D

What describes the process of moving data between different classes of disks and storage, based on policy?

  • A. data clustering
  • B. IOPS monitoring
  • C. storage tiering
  • D. LUN migration

Answer : C

What are two scenarios where using disk replication is a valid risk mitigation strategy?
(Choose two.)

  • A. a primary storage array non-recoverable hardware failure
  • B. B. an extended power failure at the primary site
  • C. C. information destruction due to a security breach
  • D. system instability due to a bad OS update

Answer : A,B

Which backup technique is the slowest in terms of backup time?

  • A. full backup
  • B. incremental backup
  • C. differential backup
  • D. mirror backup

Answer : D

A physical server is having a native or bare-metal hypervisor installed before being deployed.
In this scenario, which statement is correct?

  • A. The hypervisor runs as a program on a host operating system and supports only one instance of a virtual server
  • B. The hypervisor runs directly on the server hardware and supports the creation of multiple concurrent instances of virtual servers
  • C. The hypervisor runs directly on the server hardware and supports the creation of only one instance of a virtual server.
  • D. The hypervisor runs as a program on a host operating system and supports multiple concurrent instances of virtual servers.

Answer : B

What do RAID 5 sets use to rebuild data?

  • A. Flash memory
  • B. mirroring
  • C. parity
  • D. data quiescing

Answer : C

Which statement describes an N_Port login?

  • A. a process by which a server HBA port logs in to a fabric
  • B. a process by which FC initiators establish sessions with targets
  • C. a process by which users obtain access to a host
  • D. a process by which two FC-4 layer processes establish communication

Answer : B

According to SNIA, what are two valid storage tiering types? (Choose two.)

  • A. storage cache tiering
  • B. host tiering
  • C. C. application tiering
  • D. cloud tiering

Answer : A,D

You have a RAID 5 set with five disks at 400 GB each. Approximately how much usable space would this configuration yield?

  • A. 1 terabyte
  • B. 2 terabytes
  • C. 1.2 terabytes
  • D. 16 terabytes

Answer : C

A customer is considering mixing disk technologies in the same storage array to provide additional capabilities that they require.
In this scenario, what would be a benefit of doing this?

  • A. to allow for more encrypted data to be stored on the array
  • B. to improve the performance of the array
  • C. to perform compression before writing data to the HDDs
  • D. to perform deduplication before writing data to the HDDs

Answer : B

At which point in the communication chain is multi-pathing initiated?

  • A. the operating system device driver level
  • B. the switch level
  • C. the storage array level
  • D. the physical cable interface level

Answer : C

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Total 65 questions