Certified System Architect (CSA) 72V1 v9.0 (PEGACSA72V1)

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While testing a form, you need to verify the contents of a data page in memory. Which tool do you use to view the current contents of the data page?

  • A. The Tracer
  • B. The Data Explorer
  • C. The Clipboard tool
  • D. Live UI

Answer : C

In a purchase application, you allow customers to create purchase requests. Each purchase request contains a list of line items. Each line item holds the product identifier, quantity, and price. If a product is not in stock the application creates a purchase order.
The purchase order is processed by the purchasing team.
Which two entities would you model as case types? (Choose two.)

  • A. Customer
  • B. Purchase order
  • C. Purchase request
  • D. Line item

Answer : B,C

ABC Corp requires that expenses billable to a client are reviewed by an auditor in the
Finance department. After the auditor approves the expenses, the client is billed. You create the work party for the auditor as an instance of which class?

  • A. Data-Party-Org
  • B. Data-Party-Operator
  • C. Data-Party-Com
  • D. Data-Party-Person

Answer : B

You need to configure a case type to send a confirmation for change-of-address requests.
The confirmation is sent to customers as an email, text message, and letter.
Which two options ensure that the content of the confirmation is the same for all three correspondence types? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create one correspondence rule containing the confirmation, then circumstance the correspondence rule for each correspondence type.
  • B. Create one correspondence rule for each correspondence type. Configure each correspondence rule to reference another correspondence rule that contains the confirmation.
  • C. Create one correspondence rule containing the confirmation. Configure the correspondence rule to support all three correspondence types.
  • D. Create one correspondence rule for each correspondence type. Configure each correspondence rule to reference a paragraph rule that contains the confirmation.

Answer : A,B

Which of the following scenarios requires the configuration of an action set?

  • A. Reducing the screen width converts an inline to a stacked dynamic layout.
  • B. Selecting a check boxshows additional input fields.
  • C. Clicking a button clears the fields in a form.
  • D. Entering a text value in a numeric field displays a custom error message.

Answer : C

A Service Request case type has a CustomerGrade property. How do you set the value of the CustomerGrade property to Silver when a service request case is created?

  • A. Configure the CustomerGrade property with a default value.
  • B. Configure the pyDefault data transform to set the CustomerGrade property value.
  • C. Configure a declare expression to set the CustomerGrade property value.
  • D. Configure the first connector in the first flow rule to set the CustomerGrade property value.

Answer : B

You need to copy data from a page with customer data to a page used for a credit payment. Most of the properties can be mapped as-is, but the first and last names must be concatenated into a full name. Which rule type would you use to copy the content?

  • A. Data page
  • B. Data transform
  • C. Declare expression
  • D. Function

Answer : B

Referencehttp://pegasystems2.http.internapcdn.net/pegasystems2/lrd_and_reference_doc s/SSA_716_StudentGuide_20150211.pdf(page 251)

A hotel reservation application has the following requirement: Users must select the destination city from a list of options. The list is filtered based on user entry. As a user types the city name, the list of options narrows.
Which UI control allows you to implement this requirement?

  • A. List to List
  • B. Menu
  • C. AutoComplete
  • D. Drop-down

Answer : C

Review the following Decision Table:

If the credit score is 723 and the outstanding balance is 2157, which value will be returned?

  • A. ApproveLevel3
  • B. ApproveLevel1
  • C. Reject
  • D. ApproveLevel2

Answer : C

During a playback, you place a flow in draft mode to address which limitation?

  • A. Toprevent additional shapes from being added to the flow.
  • B. To avoid errors due to references to rules that do not yet exists.
  • C. To save an incomplete flow.
  • D. To allow users to choose decision outcomes if a decision rule is not yet available.

Answer : B

eference:http://pegasystems2.http.internapcdn.net/pegasystems2/lrd_and_reference_docs/ sae2_71ml6_StudentGuide_20141114.pdf(p.204)

As part of an authorization process, you need to check whether members of a health care organization are eligible for coverage based on the policy contract terms. Your application uses an activity to perform this evaluation.
Which shape would you use to add the activity to the process?

  • A. Utility
  • B. Assignment
  • C. Connector
  • D. Subprocess

Answer : A

Match each service record type to the correct role in processing an incoming request.

Answer :



In which situation does a case type for software upgrade requests reuse a rule through pattern inheritance?

  • A. The case type uses the approval section provided by Pega 7.
  • B. The case type uses an authorizationprocess used throughout the organization.
  • C. The case type uses the Data-Party-Operator class to describe a work party.
  • D. The case type uses a data type to describe the requestor.

Answer : B

You have an approval process assignment to a loan request process. The requirement states that a request can be routed to one or more managers for their approval. The hierarchy of approvals depends upon the total dollar amount of the request. For example,
Cost Center Managers approve requests that are less than USD25,000. A request of greater than or equal to USD25,000 requires the approval of the Cost Center Manager, corporate Vice President, and Vice President of Finance.
How would you configure the routing for the approval process assignment?

  • A. Configure a single level approval flow type and route to a workbasket accessible by the approvers.
  • B. Configure a cascading approval flow type based on an authority matrix.
  • C. Configure a single level approval flow typebased on an authority matrix.
  • D. Configure a cascading approval flow type based on the reporting structure of the current user.

Answer : B

You want to provide instructions to the user filling out a form. You are considering using paragraph rules for the instructions. What three benefits do paragraph rules provide over standard labels? (Choose three.)

  • A. Paragraph rules be edited by the user.
  • B. Paragraph rules support rich text.
  • C. Paragraph rules can include images.
  • D. Paragraph rule are supported in correspondence.
  • E. Paragraph rules can be translated.

Answer : B,C,D

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