IBM Cognos ICM Technical Sales Mastery Test v1 v6.0 (P2020-300)

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Which two elements would be used as a data source in a Presenter report across all levels of Composer?(Choose two.)

  • A. Calculations
  • B. Data tables
  • C. Data Stores
  • D. Globaltables

Answer : C,D

Which two objects can be used as sources in a Data Store?(Choose two.)

  • A. View
  • B. Calculation
  • C. Connection
  • D. Table

Answer : B,D

Which two statements about IBM Cognos ICM tables arecorrect?(Choose two.)

  • A. Primary keys are optional.
  • B. Primary keys in a Structural table must be Text box column.
  • C. Data tables are associated with a calendar.
  • D. Other tables can PickList to a Custom table.

Answer : B,C

Refer to the Exhibit below.

Referring to the exhibit, when creating calculation Monthly Payout, which action allows you to see calculation Monthly Credit in the list of available data sources?

  • A. Rename “Monthly Payout” to “Monthly Credit”.
  • B. Use outbound and inbound connections.
  • C. Create a Data Store in “Payout Component”.
  • D. Wrap “CreditingComponent” and “PayoutComponent” into “Crediting and Payout Component”.

Answer : B

What does naming Layout Tables in Presenter allow you to do?

  • A. Set which Layout Tables are viewable and editable in a Workflow.
  • B. Reuse Layout Tables in multiple Presenter Reports.
  • C. Easily identify the purpose and contents of each Layout Table.
  • D. Migrate each Layout Table independently through the Migration Tool.

Answer : A

In Presenter, which two types of Transformations can you create?(Choose two.)

  • A. Aggregate
  • B. Subtotal
  • C. Summed
  • D. Transpose

Answer : A,D

Which table type should be used to store transactional information?

  • A. View
  • B. Data
  • C. Custom
  • D. Structural

Answer : B

Which two statements about Presenter Data Grids are true?(Choose two.)

  • A. A Data Grid can be created by dragging a source into the report layout.
  • B. A Data Grid can only have one Data Source associated with it.
  • C. A Data Grid can be exported to a Word document.
  • D. Duplicate values can be removed by clicking Show Section Headers checkbox.

Answer : A,B

Which two statements applyto Data tables?(Choose two.)

  • A. Data tables must contain a date-type column.
  • B. Data tables must have a primary-key that consists of only one column.
  • C. Data tables can auto-populate pick-listed columns.
  • D. Data tables can be locked on two date columns.

Answer : A,C

What must you do to grant a payee access to the Web client?

  • A. Set up a calculation with that payee and run a calculation.
  • B. Enable the payee in a Portal Access group.
  • C. Add the payee to the Web Login table.
  • D. Adda Scheduledprocess to grant access to Web.

Answer : B

Your client assigns monthly quotas for each individual payee separately.
In addition to the PayeeID column, which column should be part of the primary key of a quota table?

  • A. Start Date
  • B. Quota
  • C. End Date
  • D. Reports To

Answer : A

Which two column types would be used in the formula of a calculation?(Choose two.)

  • A. Pick List
  • B. Numeric
  • C. Date
  • D. Text

Answer : B,C

What is the impact of locking model calendars?

  • A. It affects calculations partitioned by the same calendar.
  • B. It has no effect on any calculations in the model.
  • C. It affects every calculation in the model regardless of calendars used.
  • D. It only affects calculations related to payout.

Answer : A

A company has three levels of disputes. The sales representative identifies the incorrect commission amount and submits an inquiry. The inquiry is then reviewed by a manager who then escalates it to the administrators to make changes based on the managers reviewed notes.
For this scenario, which group should be at the top of the inquiry tree?

  • A. Administrator
  • B. Manager
  • C. Sales Representative
  • D. VP

Answer : C

Which two statements about Structural tables are true?(Choose two.)

  • A. They can only be generated when the model is created.
  • B. Pick lists can pick from Structural tables.
  • C. The primary key can be a date column.
  • D. Structural tables always have a single-column primary key.

Answer : B,D

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Total 37 questions