OMG-Certified UML Professional Intermediate Exam v6.0 (OMG-OCUP-200)

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What best describes the semantics modeled by the exhibit?

  • A. The OrderEntity component is part of the internals of the Invoicer component.
  • B. This is an illegal diagram.
  • C. The Invoicer has a complex port that provides the interface GenerateInvoice and requires the interface Order.
  • D. The Invoicer has a complex connector that connects the GenerateInvoice interface with the Order interface.

Answer : C

What is true about a pseudostate?

  • A. a state that can be specialized for different purposes
  • B. a state entry or exit point
  • C. a specification of a potential state
  • D. not a state but a vertex

Answer : D

In the exhibit, what is true about Mpar?

  • A. There are legal traces that do not contain message q.
  • B. Receiving p must always precede receiving q.
  • C. Every trace contains all three messages.
  • D. Sending p must always precede sending q.

Answer : C

Which list contains only connectable elements?

  • A. behavior, port and property
  • B. property, port, and parameter
  • C. behavior, connector end, and port
  • D. port and connector end
  • E. connector end, port and part

Answer : B

What are valid representations of a CallOperationAction? (Choose two)

Answer : A. C

What kind of relationship is an extension in UML 2.0?

  • A. reification
  • B. generalization
  • C. association
  • D. dependency

Answer : C

A protocol state machine can be used to describe which aspect of a component?

  • A. configuration of an assembly
  • B. signal flow among connectors
  • C. internals of a component
  • D. external contract of a component

Answer : D

What most accurately describes the semantics modeled by the exhibit?

  • A. Invoicer realizes HeaderGenerator and LineItemGenerator.
  • B. An Invoicer component is composed of a HeaderGenerator component and a LineItemGenerator component.
  • C. HeaderGenerator and LineItemGenerator are Invoicer ports.
  • D. HeaderGenerator and LineItemGenerator realize Invoicer.

Answer : D

What represents the deployment target of a deployed artifact?

  • A. a node instance, but never a property instance
  • B. a shared aggregation relationship
  • C. the location of the deployed artifact
  • D. the deployed artifact's output data stream

Answer : C

What determines whether a loop continues execution?

  • A. clauses
  • B. behaviors
  • C. partitions
  • D. test nodes
  • E. guards

Answer : D

In UML, what kind of behaviors are state machines used to describe?

  • A. continuous
  • B. software based
  • C. discrete
  • D. continuous or discrete

Answer : C

In the exhibit, if the incoming arrow provides a value, how many of the outgoing arrows will be given values?

  • A. two
  • B. one
  • C. three
  • D. none

Answer : C

What elements can have variables in activity diagrams?

  • A. activities
  • B. structured edges
  • C. structured nodes
  • D. partitions
  • E. actions

Answer : C

What is correct about a profile? (Choose two)

  • A. is applied to a package
  • B. can dynamically change its reference metamodel
  • C. cannot be used without its reference model
  • D. is applied to a reference metamodel

Answer : A,C

What is NOT a valid VariableAction?

  • A. SetVariableAction
  • B. ReadVariableAction
  • C. AddVariableValueAction
  • D. RemoveVariableValueAction
  • E. ClearVariableAction

Answer : A

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Total 154 questions