Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design v8.0 (NS0-170)

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FlexPod Datacenter with Cisco UCS Mini supports which Fabric Interconnect model?

  • A. 6248UP
  • B. 6332-16UP
  • C. 6332UP
  • D. 6324UP

Answer : D

The correct manner in which to open a Network Appliance support ticket is to ____ at the
NOW site?

  • A. Submit a RMA
  • B. Submit a support ticket
  • C. Submit a Case
  • D. Submit a BURT

Answer : C

Which two of the following functions can the NetCache appliance's clock carry out?

  • A. be synchronized with RDATE servers
  • B. be synchronized with NTP servers
  • C. be synchronized with Windows domain controllers
  • D. NOT be synchronized with a remote server

Answer : A,B

A customer needs to replicate NetApp FlexVols in an application agnostic manner for their virtualized and non-virtualized workloads. The customer also needs to migrate between on- prem, NetApp Private Storage (NPS), and ONTAP Cloud instances.
Which NetApp feature satisfies these requirements?

  • A. SnapMirror
  • B. Load Sharing Mirror
  • C. MetroCluster
  • D. FlexShare

Answer : A

In addition to what is used in a FlexPod Datacenter design, which new hardware component is required to support Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)?

  • A. Cisco FEX
  • B. Cisco VIC
  • C. Cisco Nexus 1110X
  • D. Cisco APIC

Answer : D

Reference d_esxi55u2_n9k_aci_aff8040_design.html#_Toc425435693

One of the services below cannot be categorized as a service supported by ICAP, which option is it?

  • A. URL filtering
  • B. Virus scanning of email content
  • C. Virus scanning of content received through HTTP.
  • D. Active content stripping

Answer : B

Which of the following options best describes what the configure "Shared User Hosts" feature that is found under Appliance Manager's Setup > FTP > Caching Behavior is used for?

  • A. a shared IP address that all requesting clients will use to circumvent any authentication or user-specific key requirements on the backend FTP servers
  • B. FTP servers from which fetched objects will be cached and served without a user- specific key requirement in order to increase the cachingefficiency
  • C. a subset of FTP servers that will be acceleratedbytheNetCache appliance
  • D. a subset of FTP servers that can be bound to a shared virtual IP address in order to increase overall caching efficiency

Answer : B

Which of the following must you successfully specify when configuring the NTLM authentication?

  • A. UNIX computer to use
  • B. None of the above
  • C. Windows domain controller to use
  • D. RADIUS server

Answer : C

What occurs on the NetCache once you enable DNS caching?

  • A. begins to cache DNS responses for its own queries
  • B. contacts the authoritative name server to download all of its records
  • C. acts as a DNS cache for client-initiated DNS lookups
  • D. becomes the authoritative name server for its domain

Answer : C

You are designing a new FlexPod-based data center and configuring Virtual Port Channels
(vPC) to provide the highest bandwidth throughput, link, and device resiliency to each of your FlexPod systems.
In this scenario, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. vPCs are an industry standard supported by all vendors.
  • B. vPCs are required by the FCoE configuration.
  • C. vPCs enable the use of the aggregate bandwidth.
  • D. vPCs allow a single device to use a port channel across two upstream switches.

Answer : C,D

The default hierarchy wholly consists of a child and a parent in NetCache where the parent in the NetCaches has an option of being in a cluster configuration. State whether the above statement is true or false.

  • A. False
  • B. True

Answer : B

What is the traceroute command used for?

  • A. print the route packets take to a network host
  • B. display a list of active sockets for each protocol
  • C. report interface activity in Kbps
  • D. show the state of each interface

Answer : A

Which UCS Manager feature will allow you to have a consistent server configuration within the system?

  • A. address pools
  • B. service profile templates
  • C. role-based access control
  • D. same blade hardware configuration

Answer : B

A customer is designing a FlexPod with VMware vSphere 6.0. There is a requirement to centralize backup management of virtual machines with the ability to view storage configuration details from within the vSphere Web client. Automatic configuration of ESXi host storage settings is also needed.
Which tool accomplishes all of the requirements?

  • A. VAAI
  • B. Virtual Storage Console
  • C. SnapDrive
  • D. OnCommand Insight

Answer : D

You are asked to build a FlexPod solution using Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).
What are two ways to address the network requirements for high availability in this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • A. Deploy the infrastructure in two data centers.
  • B. Deploy a single connected Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC).
  • C. Use physical redundancy across the entire stack.
  • D. Configure virtual Port Channels (vPCs).

Answer : B,D

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