Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform (beta) v1.0 (MS-200)

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Case Study -
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Overview -
Contoso, Ltd is a company that has retail stores throughout Europe and North America. Contoso has 5,000 employees worldwide.
Contoso has a main office in London. The company has 10 branch offices. In each office, there are 50 managers. There are 100 retail stores in Europe and North
America. Each retail store has between five and 20 employees.

Network Infrastructure -
Contoso has a data center in each office. All the offices connect to each other by using redundant WAN links. Each office has a high-speed connection to the
The network contains an Active Directory forest named
All users sign in to their computer by using an Active Directory user account.
Each office contains at least two domain controllers from the domain. Each office is configured as an Active Directory site. Each branch office has one site link to the main office.

Planned Changes -
Contoso has a legacy mail application. The company plans to replace the application with a Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 organization.
In Exchange Server 2019, all recipients will have an email address that uses a format of [email protected]

Technical Requirements -
Contoso has the following technical requirements:
All mailboxes must be protected by storing one copy in a branch office and another copy in the main office. For the mailboxes in the London office, a copy must be created in a branch office in Birmingham.
All email sent to external recipients must be delivered by using a local connection to the Internet. If the local connection becomes unavailable, the Internet connection in the main office must be used.
All users will connect to their mailbox by using Microsoft Outlook 2019. All client connections must be established to a namespace of
All client connections must be established to a server in the local office, unless that server becomes unavailable.
The mailboxes of managers must be backed up twice daily. All other mailboxes must be backed up once weekly.
All email sent between the users in different offices must be routed through the main office.
Whenever possible, administrative effort must be minimized.
Whenever possible, costs must be minimized.

Disaster Recovery Requirements -
Contoso has the following disaster recovery requirements:
All users must be redirected automatically to another Mailbox server if a single Mailbox server fails.
All users must be redirected automatically to another Mailbox server if a single Exchange service fails.
Users who connect to their mailbox by using an Android device must be prevented from using the Outlook app.
Users who connect to their mailbox by using an iOS device must be prevented from using the Outlook app.
Users who connect to their mailbox by using a Windows 10 tablet must be able to use the Outlook app.

After you deploy the Exchange organization, you run the
cmdlet, and you receive the following output.

Get-ActiveSyncDeviceAccessRule -

For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
Hot Area:

Answer :

The rule is incorrectly configured so nothing will be blocked. The QueryString parameter specifies the device identifier that's used by the rule, not the software.

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