Microsofr Dynamics 365 for Retail v1.0 (MB6-897)

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Which three points of sale (POS) operations can you void? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. entire transaction
  • B. bank drop
  • C. line items
  • D. safe drop
  • E. payment

Answer : ACE

You need to ensure that all returns over $25.00 for purchases paid by credit cards are reviewed and approved.
What should you do?

  • A. Create a hold code that requires a manager to clear the hold.
  • B. Configure the credit card approval amount in the call center parameters.
  • C. Create an order event that requires a manager to review the order.
  • D. Configure the Pending return hold code in the call center parameters.

Answer : B


You are a cashier working on a point of sale (POS) register at a retail store.
Your shift ends in the middle of the business day and you must report the cash in your drawer.
You need to count your cash drawer in the back office.
What should you perform first?

  • A. log off the register
  • B. perform a tender declaration
  • C. perform a blind close shift
  • D. close the shift

Answer : C

A sales order has the detailed status set to Open order.
What does it mean?

  • A. The order is on the process of being created or modified.
  • B. The order is awaiting payment authorization.
  • C. The order is ready to be picked, packed, or invoiced.
  • D. The order has a future order date and will be processed in the future.

Answer : D

You start using the order holds feature for your store.
Which two values can you set against a hold code? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Remove inventory reservation
  • B. Default for sales order
  • C. Worker
  • D. Customer group

Answer : AB


You start using the order holds for your store.
What is the purpose of the minimum score parameter?

  • A. determines when an order must be placed on a system fraud hold code
  • B. qualifies an order for a hold score
  • C. creates an override against the hold code
  • D. clears the hold code for an order

Answer : A

You plan to run the installment billing process for your company. You process a credit card payment.
Which two actions will occur? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. The payment requires manual authorization.
  • B. The payment is added to the balance of the customer"™s account.
  • C. The payment is settled.
  • D. The payment is submitted for authorization.

Answer : AD


You receive a box of returned items from a customer. After inspecting the items, you determine that an item is damaged.
You need to send a new item to the customer.
What should you do?

  • A. Create a movement journal to remove the item from inventory. Then, create a new sales order to ship a new item.
  • B. Create a quality order to enter the details of the inspection, and then validate the results.
  • C. Apply a disposition code to scrap the item in your inventory. Then, send a replacement to the customer.
  • D. Place the original sales order on hold. Add a note for the customer service representative to call the customer.

Answer : C

Which three activities occur when you perform a customer merge? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Customer transactions remain on the same account.
  • B. The new customer references the old customer.
  • C. The old information is permanently deleted.
  • D. When users search or select the old customer in the system, the new customer will automatically replace them.
  • E. The old customer references the new customer.

Answer : ADE

You are configuring a screen layout for a modern point of sale (MPOS) register by using the Screen layout designer.
You need to configure the screen layout to display the following transaction details:
-> the current customer
-> each item as the items are added to the transaction
-> the transaction total
Which three items should you add? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. customer card
  • B. transaction grid
  • C. product grid
  • D. total panel
  • E. receipt panel

Answer : ADE

You are labeling retail products of various sizes.
You need to create a label that is neither size nor color specific.
Which type of label should you create?

  • A. product label
  • B. location label
  • C. shelf label
  • D. license label

Answer : C


You are configuring data distribution. You set up a channel profile to enable retail communication. You create the channel database groups.
You need to complete the data distribution and publish data to the retail stores.
What should you do?

  • A. Configure the distribution schedules.
  • B. Create jobs in the Retail Scheduler.
  • C. Create retail channels.
  • D. Configure the Retail Server URL.

Answer : A

You are configuring bar codes.
What is the purpose of the bar code mask?

  • A. It defines the digits of a bar code for each product.
  • B. It identifies the prefix and segments of a bar code.
  • C. It identifies the bar code type.
  • D. It defines the minimum and maximum length of a bar code.

Answer : B

You are configuring a visual profile for a new point of sale (POS).
Which three features are controlled by the visual profile configuration? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. button layout
  • B. POS type
  • C. screen layout
  • D. cursor visibility
  • E. screen size

Answer : CDE


You need to define the + character as a shortcut for the Add Product operation on a register.
Which two items should you configure? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. a hardware profile
  • B. an operation
  • C. a keyboard mapping group
  • D. a functionality profile

Answer : BC

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