Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Customization and Configuration v6.0 (MB2-703)

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You are creating an entity field to store bank account numbers.
You need to ensure that only specific people or team members can view the field.You enable the Field Security property of the field.
What should you do next?

  • A. Set the Field Requirement property to Business Required.
  • B. Create a Field Security Profile.
  • C. Enable the Auditing property.
  • D. Set the field data type to Whole Number.

Answer : B

A user is editing an Account entity for the first time.The Address 1: Address Type of
Account field contains four options, in this order:
-> Bill To
-> Ship To
-> Primary
-> Other
The user deletes the Ship To and Other options, adds an option named Secondary, and then saves and publishes the record.What are the default values of the options in the record?

  • A. 1; 3; 100,000,001
  • B. 0000001; 0000003; 1000001
  • C. 1:3:5
  • D. 1;2;3
  • E. 1; 3; 100,000,000

Answer : E

Which privileges are required to add a note to a case?

  • A. Append Note and Append To Case
  • B. Append Case and Append To Note
  • C. Write Note and Assign Case
  • D. Write Case and Assign Note

Answer : A

You export a system chart as an XML file.
You need to import the chart as a personal chart.
Which three actions must you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  • A. Update the intended user's security role to allow access to the chart.
  • B. Provide a name and description for the imported chart.
  • C. Select the chart definition file.
  • D. Navigate to the entity with which the chart will be associated, open the Chart Designer tool, and click Import Chart on the More Commands menu.
  • E. Delete the system GUID from the chart definition file.

Answer : B,C,D

What is the effect on users within a Business Unit when that Business Unit is disabled?

  • A. Users cannot access Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • B. Users have read-only access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • C. Users are automatically moved to the parent Business Unit of the disabled Business Unit
  • D. Users are not affected.

Answer : A

You are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
You plan to create an entity named Project.The Project entity will have 15 custom fields.
Which two properties can you change after you create the entity? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Ownership
  • B. Number of fields
  • C. Define as activity entity
  • D. Display Name

Answer : B,D

You need to automatically process client-side logic before saving records.
What should you use?

  • A. a dialog
  • B. a workflow
  • C. a plug-in
  • D. a business rule

Answer : D

What is the maximum number of sort levels that can be set on a view?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4

Answer : B

Which action can you perform by using a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution?

  • A. Back up a database.
  • B. Compile source code and protect intellectual property.
  • C. Move customizations from one database to another database.
  • D. Add new users to a database.

Answer : C

You plan to convert a personal bar chart to a system chart.
What should you do first?

  • A. From the Charts view of the default Solution, export the chart.
  • B. In the Chart Designer, on the More Commands menu, click Export Chart.
  • C. In the Chart Designer, change the chart to a pie chart.
  • D. In the Chart Designer, on the More Commands menu, click Convert.

Answer : B

You are exporting a chart.
Which three elements does the definition file include? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Chart version
  • B. Data sort order
  • C. Application version
  • D. Chart GUID
  • E. Data fields

Answer : B,D,E

What privilege must a user have to see the audit history of an individual record?

  • A. View Audit Partitions
  • B. View Audit Summary
  • C. View Audit History
  • D. Turn on Tracing

Answer : C

Which components can you add to a Solution?

  • A. Custom Business Units
  • B. Goal records
  • C. .Jpg Web Resources
  • D. Products from the product catalog

Answer : C

Which three actions must you perform to display the Access Team members for a specific entity on the entity form? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  • A. Add a subgrid to the entity form.
  • B. Create an Access Team Template that defines the permissions to be granted to users for the entity.
  • C. Enable the Access Teams property of the entity and then publish the change.
  • D. Use JavaScript to associate the entity record with the Access Team.
  • E. Create a relationship between the entity and the Access Team entity.

Answer : A,B,C

When multiple mobile forms are available, what determines the mobile form displayed to each user?

  • A. Users have access to the first mobile forms available for their security roles.
  • B. Users are assigned to specific mobile forms.
  • C. Users have access to all mobile forms that are enabled for fallback.
  • D. Teams are assigned to specific mobile forms.Users have access to the forms available for their teams.

Answer : A

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