Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 v6.1 (MB2-701)

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Which state is a valid state for an activated workflow?

  • A. Stopped
  • B. Open
  • C. Running
  • D. Ready

Answer : D

Which two conditions must be met before the OnChange event for a field is executed?

  • A. The field detects keystrokes.
  • B. The field loses focus.
  • C. The value of the field is changed by a JavaScript function.
  • D. The value of the field is changed by the user.

Answer : A,D

You write the following code segment to create a new account record by using the
Representational State Transfer (REST) endpoint. Line numbers are included for reference only.

Which code segment should you include at line 04 to create the URL to the Open Data
Protocol (OData) endpoint?

  • A. var ODataPath = Xrm.Page.context,getClientUrl() + H/XRMServices/2eil/Discovery.svc";
  • B. var ODataPath * Xrm.Page.context.getClientUrl() + M/XRMServices/2007/Organization.5vcM;
  • C. var ODataPath = Xrm.Page.context.getClientUrl() + "/XRMServices/2011/OrganizationData.svc";
  • D. var ODataPath = Xrm.Page.context,getClientUrl() + M/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc";

Answer : C

You are registering a Microsoft Dynamics CRM plug-in.
You need to ensure that the plug-in can be executed outside the database transaction.
In which execution pipeline stage should you register the plug-in?

  • A. Main Operation
  • B. Pre-validation
  • C. Post-operation
  • D. Pre-operation

Answer : B

You write the following code segment to create an Account record by using jQuery and the
Representational State Transfer (REST) endpoint. (Line numbers included for reference only.)

The variable ODataPath is set correctly.
Which code segment should you include at line 03 to create the new Account record?

  • A. var entity = DSON.stringify(account),
  • B. var entity = JSON.parse(account),
  • C. var entity = $.parseXML(account)t
  • D. var entity = encodeURI(account),

Answer : D

In a Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment you are developing a plug-in by using the following code segment:

What does this code segment provide?

  • A. contextual information that describes the run-time environment in which the plug-in is executing
  • B. contextual information that describes the availability of Microsoft Office 365 integration endpoints
  • C. contextual information that is sent to a remote service endpoint at run-time
  • D. contextual information that describes pipeline execution context to the Windows Azure Service Bus

Answer : A

You are working on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises deployment. Internet-Facing
Deployment (IFD) is NOT configured. Which EndpointAccessType value should you use to access the organizations service endpoint?

  • A. Default
  • B. Intranet
  • C. Passport
  • D. Internet

Answer : A

You are creating an action in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
You need to call a dialog rule that will be executed as a new process from the parent process.
Which action type should you use?

  • A. Link Child Dialog
  • B. Create Dialog
  • C. Start Child Workflow
  • D. Assign Record

Answer : A

Which three items can be extended in a manner supported by Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

  • A. ribbons
  • B. Service Calendar
  • C. Site Map
  • D. reports
  • E. notes

Answer : B,C,D

To which unit of a dialog do you add prompts and responses?

  • A. Variable
  • B. Business process flow
  • C. Page
  • D. Action

Answer : C

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which feature is included as part of the application framework model?

  • A. presentation
  • B. asynchronous business logic
  • C. multi-tenancy
  • D. web services

Answer : A

In a Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises environment, you are creating a custom XAML workflow library in a XAML workflow project by using Microsoft Visual Studio.
You add a new XAML workflow activity item to the project and specify a name for the process you are creating.
Which reference item should you add to the XAML workflow library in order for it to compile successfully?

  • A. System.Runtime.InteropServices
  • B. System.Reflection
  • C. System.Runtime.Serialization
  • D. System.Runtime.CompilerServices

Answer : C

Which operation method takes an OrganizationRequest object as a parameter?

  • A. Execute
  • B. Retrieve
  • C. Create
  • D. RetrieveMultiple

Answer : A

Which security privilege is required to enable the availability of a real-time workflow?

  • A. CreateWorkflowFromTemplate Message
  • B. Execute Workflow Job
  • C. Activate Real-time Processes
  • D. ExecuteAsync Message

Answer : C

Which dass can be used to create a custom entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

  • A. Create
  • B. CreateEntity
  • C. CreateRequest
  • D. CreateEntityRequest

Answer : D

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