Juniper Networks Certified Design Associate v6.0 (JN0-1100)

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Your customer frequently hosts visitors who are not employees of the organization. The visitors typically request Internet access but do not require access to corporate resources.
Network security is the customers primary concern.
Which solution should you include in your design proposal?

  • A. SSL
  • B. NAC
  • C. QoS
  • D. BYOD

Answer : B

You are examining the customers IT organization and its responsibilities to determine how it will be impacted by your design.
In this scenario, which three business functions are typically provided? (Choose three.)

  • A. network architecture and design
  • B. compute resourceprovisioning
  • C. manufacturing
  • D. network operations
  • E. product marketing

Answer : A,B,D

Your companys network consists of your headquarters location plus several dozen remote offices. Remote office users are often unable to access data housed in the headquarters data centerdueto connectivity issues. You must update the network to provide reliable access to corporate assets for remote office users.
Which technology is critical to your design project?

  • A. IPsec
  • B. WAN acceleration
  • C. WAN aggregation
  • D. QoS

Answer : A

Which statement describes brownfield deployments?

  • A. Brownfield deployments allow for moremodular and scalable design than greenfield deployments.
  • B. Brownfield deployments are commonly used and can be restrictive.
  • C. Brownfield deployments are considered more expensive than greenfield deployments.
  • D. Brownfield deployments use all new equipment.

Answer : B

Which type of platform would be used to correlate data and logs from many different network and security appliances?

  • A. Juniper Secure Analytics
  • B. MX Series routers
  • C. Pulse Secure
  • D. QFabric

Answer : A

What are two phases in Junipers lifecycle approach when designing a network? (Choose two.)

  • A. plan
  • B. build
  • C. buy
  • D. oversee

Answer : A,B

What is the function of the core tier in a traditional three tier Layer 2 network environment?

  • A. The core tier connects to theInternet and with lower tier Layer 2 devices to provide Layer 3 gateway services for the network.
  • B. The core tier interfaces with lower tier devices and provides a high-speed interconnect with the north-bound WAN edge device.
  • C. The core tier provides network connectivity to end-user devices and other hosts and enforces network access policy.
  • D. The core tier relays traffic between the lower tier Layer 2 devices and functions as the gateway to the upper tier device.

Answer : B

Your customer is a government organization with strict security requirements. They want to expand their Layer 2 infrastructure between multiple buildings within the same campus environment. They also want to ensure that no unauthorized devices are connected between the switches in the different buildings.
Which solution ensures data security in this environment?

  • A. Use PNAC on all inter-switch connections.
  • B. Use LLDP on all inter-switch connections.
  • C. Use LACP on all inter-switch connections.
  • D. Use MACsec on all inter-switch connections.

Answer : A

Which two mechanisms allow administrators to authenticate on a Junos OS device?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Active Directory
  • B. TACACS+
  • C. LDAP

Answer : B,D

What is the name of Juniper’s network management platform?

  • A. Junos
  • B. Junos Space
  • C. MX Series
  • D. Juniper Secure Analytics (JSA)

Answer : B

What are three advantages of out-of-band (OoB) management over in-band management?
(Choose three.)

  • A. OoB allows the use of Telnet as a management protocol.
  • B. OoB provides increased network security.
  • C. OoB is more cost-effective when purchasing equipment.
  • D. OoB provides more reliable management access.
  • E. OoB frees up network bandwidth on campus switches.

Answer : B,D,E

A large insurance firm wants to design a network for 150 remote stores and branch offices.
What are three basic design approaches for the wide area network? (Choose three.)

  • A. fully meshed
  • B. peer-to-peer
  • C. ring
  • D. partially meshed
  • E. hub-and-spoke

Answer : A,D,E

Your customer is deploying a new unified communications (UC) solution and business managers want to ensure that network users adopt and use the new solution.
Which two statements describe how you would meet the business managers objectives?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Ensure that the solution is easy to manage for the IT staff.
  • B. Ensure that the solution is cost effective.
  • C. Ensure that the solution is easy to use for the end user.
  • D. Ensure that the solution provides a high quality experience for the user.

Answer : C,D

Which two groups within the IT organization will likely need training if a new type of network equipment is deployed throughout the enterprise? (Choose two.)

  • A. application development
  • B. systems administrators
  • C. network engineering
  • D. network operations

Answer : C,D

You are consulting in a network architect role foramultinational corporation. As part of your contract, you have been asked to propose an update to the companys network design.
You have completed the initial design draft.
Which statement describes what you should do next in your project?

  • A. Begin to plan for a proof-of-concept demonstration to show why your design is superior to the current network.
  • B. Schedule a time with the board of directors to present the proposed solution.
  • C. Schedule the first phase of implementation.
  • D. Share the design with the other network administrators and solicit feedback.

Answer : D

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