Aruba Certified Mobility Professional 6.4 v8.0 (HPE6-A29)

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An Aruba based network has a Master and three local controllers. No APs terminate on the
Master controller. IDS is desired, so the administrator wants to install the "RFProtect license." On which controller should the license be installed?

  • A. master controller since it performs the IDS analysis
  • B. the local controllers since the APs terminate there
  • C. all of the controllers
  • D. this isn't the correct license for this purpose

Answer : C

What is the function of Band Steering?

  • A. Balancing clients across APs on different channels within the same band
  • B. Encourages clients, 5GHz capable, to connect on the 5GHz spectrum
  • C. Coordinate access to the same channel across multiple APs
  • D. Enables selection of 20 vs. 40 MHz mode of operation per band
  • E. Enables acceptable coverage index on both the "b/g" and "a" spectrums

Answer : B

What are the PEF-NG license limits based on?

  • A. Number of APs
  • B. One license per controller
  • C. Number of users
  • D. Number of local controllers
  • E. Master Controller total user count

Answer : A

In the diagram provided for this question, the wireless user's laptop is associated with an
Aruba AP in tunnel forwarding mode. The AP terminates on the local controller.
When the client transmits, where will the 802.11 headers be removed?

  • A. AP
  • B. L2 Switch
  • C. Router
  • D. Local Controller
  • E. Internet

Answer : D

An administrator creates a WLAN with an unmodified default AAA profile. What is the default role the user is placed in?

  • A. default-logon
  • B. logon
  • C. guest-logon
  • D. default-ap
  • E. AP-Role

Answer : B

The Controller wizard enables which of the following controller clock configurations?
(Choose three)

  • A. NTP to a time server
  • B. Set time zone
  • C. Daylight savings time
  • D. Only GMT can be configured
  • E. Manual configuration of date and time

Answer : A,B,E

Referring to the diagram provided for this question, in which locations must you define the new data VLANs for wireless client traffic? (Choose two)

  • A. in all L2 switches where an Aruba AP is physically connected
  • B. in all APs and the L2 switches to which they are connected
  • C. in the Aruba controller and the router it's connected to in an L2 deployment
  • D. in the routers and switches where the APs are physically connected
  • E. only on the Aruba controller in an L3 deployment

Answer : C,E

Referring to the diagram provided for this question, an employee brought an unauthorized
AP from home and attached the LAN port to the cubicle Ethernet port. All Aruba APs and
AMs as well as the employee AP are in VLAN 80 and within RF range of each other. No traffic from the wired or wireless network has passed through the unauthorized AP yet, but the AP began wireless broadcasts.
How will the Aruba system initially classify the employee's non-Aruba AP?

  • A. a valid AP
  • B. an AM
  • C. a Rogue AP
  • D. an interfering AP
  • E. a known interfering AP

Answer : D

Which of the following functions can be configured in the Controller WIP wizard? (Choose three.)

  • A. Configure APs as Air Monitors
  • B. Configure rules for AP classification.
  • C. Configure preset levels for intrusion detection
  • D. Blacklisting Rules for clients
  • E. Identify encryption method used in your network.

Answer : B,C,E

Which parameter(s) does a Master controller use to determine where a provisioned AP should terminate its GRE tunnel?

  • A. the IP address of the AP
  • B. the MAC address of the AP
  • C. the IP address of the switch nearest to the AP
  • D. the name and group settings of the AP
  • E. the VLAN the AP is attached to

Answer : D

With CPSec disabled, which encryption protocol does a tunnel mode campus AP's use on client traffic ?

  • A. TKIP and AES
  • B. It is provisioned by the Administrator
  • C. WEP and AES
  • D. WEP, TKIP, and AES
  • E. No encryption is used

Answer : E

In an Aruba controller based system, the L3 mobility tunnel exists between the home agent and which other element?

  • A. the default gateway
  • B. the remote AP
  • C. the foreign agent
  • D. the mobile node
  • E. the foreign switch

Answer : C

What cannot be configured from the Initial Configuration wizards?

  • A. Controller name
  • B. Syslog server and levels
  • C. User firewall policy
  • D. User derivation rules

Answer : B

When does a RAP's backup SSID begin broadcasting?

  • A. When the GRE tunnel to the controller is established.
  • B. When the IPSec tunnel to the controller is established.
  • C. When the controller cannot be reached with PAPI
  • D. When bridging is required for guest users.
  • E. When the controller cannot be reached with SSL

Answer : C

Which method is NOT supported to provision an Aruba campus AP?

  • A. Telnet directly to AP
  • B. SSH to the AP's controller
  • C. Web interface to the AP's controller
  • D. Console to AP
  • E. CLI on controller

Answer : A

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