Selling HPE Security Solutions v7.0 (HPE2-N19)

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Match each customer role with their needs.

Answer :

According to the 2016 Cyber Risk Report, what percentage of organizations reported monitoring external-facing applications?

  • A. 25%
  • B. 35%
  • C. 43%
  • D. 53%

Answer : C

Which word is utilized by HPE Security to describe the difficulty in defending against today's cyber-attacks because they are deployed by specialist so quickly and with such ease that there is little or no warning to defend against them?

  • A. Siege
  • B. Guerilla
  • C. Asymmetric
  • D. Symmetric

Answer : B

What are the main components of the ArcSight Data Platform (ADP)?

  • A. A management center, data connectors and log management capabilities
  • B. Data connectors, log management capabilities and compliance packages
  • C. A correlation engine, a management center and data connectors
  • D. A management center, data connectors and log correlation capabilities

Answer : A

What are key business goals for HPE Fortify prospective customers? (Select two.)

  • A. Justify more developers on projects
  • B. Save money on network security
  • C. Increase application security spending
  • D. Reduce time to market delays
  • E. Reduce compliance costs

Answer : A,E

Fortify offers security testing in which environments?

  • A. Project design, coding and release
  • B. Static, integration and production
  • C. Static, dynamic and runtime
  • D. Strategic, dynamic and production

Answer : C

Organizations are having difficulty finding qualified security experts. What percentage of security jobs are unfilled in the marketplace?
A. 20%
B. 40%
C. 58%
D. 73%

Answer : A

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Total 10 questions