Delta - HP LoadRunner 12.x Software v6.0 (HP2-N53)

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Place the steps of the basic TruClient workflow in the correct order

Answer :



What is the purpose of the 1, 2, 3 Script levels selector Slider Bar in the TruClient Sidebar?

  • A. allows you to view and modify the script level of the step
  • B. allows you to view and modify the three levels of Javascript code
  • C. allows you to change the order of display of events
  • D. allows you to modify low level events and control actions

Answer : B

Which statistics are offered in the VuGen Replay Summary in addition to Transaction
Response Time? (Select three.)

  • A. web page diagnostics
  • B. responses per HTTP status code
  • C. time to first buffer
  • D. 90th percentile transaction response time
  • E. responses per content-type
  • F. connection statistics

Answer : B,C,D

What is a key benefit gained by using the TruClient to Web/HTTP converter utility within

  • A. in-depth diagnostics of transaction response times
  • B. elimination of the need for manual correlation
  • C. correlation of dynamic values automatically during recording
  • D. reduction in time spent on re-recording the script

Answer : C

Where in the TruClient workflow does all of the script debugging and enhancing occur?

  • A. in the TruClient user interface-Develop Script mode only
  • B. in the Controller
  • C. in both the TruClient user interface and VuGen script view window
  • D. in the VuGen script view window only

Answer : B

Which formerly widely used LoadRunner function has been deprecated since version 12?

  • A. web_reg_save_param
  • B. web_set_user
  • C. web_reg_save_param_ex
  • D. web_reg_find

Answer : C

How do you start recording when using the Ajax TruClient IE protocol?

  • A. Press Ctrl+Shift+R.
  • B. Click on the Red Circle Icon.
  • C. Click on Start Recording (Red Circle Icon) in Internet Explorer.
  • D. Click on Develop Script and press the Red Circle Icon.

Answer : C

What should you do to enable the improved Replay Summary statistics in VuGen?

  • A. Navigate to Tools > Options > Scripting > Replay and check the Collect Replay Statistics option within VuGen.
  • B. Navigate to Tools > Options > Scripting > Replay and check the Generate report during script execution option within VuGen.
  • C. Set COLLECT_REPLAY_STATISTICS to True in the vugen.ini configuration file found in the config folder within the LoadRunner installation directory.
  • D. Navigate to Run-Time settings > Replay and check the Collect Replay Statistics option within the script.

Answer : B

Which LoadRunner component provides the functionalities to create graphs and reports that you can use to correlate system information and identify bottlenecks and performance issues?

  • A. VuGen - Protocol Advisor
  • B. Controller
  • C. Analysis
  • D. Monitor Over Firewalls (MoFW)

Answer : D

What best describes the configuration options available when adding Load Generators to a
LoadRunner scenario?

  • A. Cloud-based Load Generators can only use images provided by HP.
  • B. Cloud-based Load Generators can use images provided by HP or custom images created by the user.
  • C. A scenario must use all cloud-based or on-premise Load Generators, not a combination.
  • D. Cloud-based Load Generators must be provisioned one at a time.

Answer : C

Which statements accurately describe the cloud account management features offered within LoadRunner? (Select three.)

  • A. Costs associated with the cloud account are managed outside of LoadRunner.
  • B. The list of cloud accounts that are available for cloud load test must be maintained outside of LoadRunner.
  • C. LoadRunner can manage multiple cloud accounts.
  • D. LoadRunner can set up a cloud account for the user.
  • E. Cloud account management is done through the Controller.
  • F. LoadRunner supports cloud accounts on one cloud provider only.

Answer : A,B,E

Which key features are offered with version 12.01 and up to allow load generation from the cloud? (Select three.)

  • A. single cloud provider support
  • B. support for custom security groups
  • C. restart of cloud-based Load Generators
  • D. installation of LoadRunner software
  • E. creation of new Load Generators or use of existing Load Generators in the cloud
  • F. provisioning of Load Generators from an existing Image

Answer : A,D,E

Which human resources should be available before you begin testing, so that you can decide how to use them effectively?

  • A. VUsers, end user
  • B. Network admin, DBA, and System admins
  • C. Hardware, software specialists, and human resources
  • D. VUsers, load generators, testers

Answer : A

How is the run logic in a TruClient script controlled?

  • A. Run logic is not applicable to TruClient protocol, as TruClient scripts contain no actions.
  • B. The TruClient Sidebar handles all the run logic for the TruClient script.
  • C. In the same way as the Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol script, with Vuser_init, one or more action sections, and a Vuser_end.
  • D. TruClient scripts contain one action only.

Answer : D

When using the Virtual User Generator in LoadRunner version 12.x, how do you access the new HP Community feature? (Select two.)

  • A. Right-click on a function name or error and press F9.
  • B. Click the Tools Menu and select HP Community.
  • C. Click the File Menu and select Open HP Community Solution.
  • D. Click the Help Menu and select HP Software Support Online.
  • E. Right-click on a function name or error and select Search Community.

Answer : A,B

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