Integrating HP ProLiant Server Solutions v7.0 (HP0-S44)

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An integrator finds that the AMP Status LED on a server System Insight Display is solid amber.
What should the integrator do?

  • A. Activate AMP through HP Intelligent Provisioning.
  • B. Replace the DIMM that has failed.
  • C. Enable HP Secure Encryption to protect the server data.
  • D. Correct the invalid AMP configuration.

Answer : B

An integrator needs to choose a Smart Array controller model that meets the following customer requirements:
*Supports 12 Gb SAS for Gen9 servers
*Provides premium capabilities for HP ProLiant Gen9 DL servers
Which Smart Array controller should the integrator choose?

  • A. HP Smart Array P741m Controller
  • B. HP Smart Array P830 Controller
  • C. HP Smart Array P840 Controller
  • D. HP Smart Array P731 Controller

Answer : C

An Integrator needs to check all alerts that were generated by monitored servers during the weekend.
Click the menu option that the integrator can use to view alerts in HP OneView.

Answer :


Active Alerts -

An integrator is setting up an HP Gen9 BL server and needs to provide extra protection against downtime caused by degraded DlMMs.
What should the integrator do?

  • A. Access the HP Smart Storage Administrator (SSA) and set the Advanced Memory Protection (AMP) mode to Advanced ECC.
  • B. Access the HP UEFI System Utility and set up the DIMM memory to use RAID 1+10.
  • C. Access the HP Smart Storage Administrator (SSA) and set up the DIMM memory to use RAID 60.
  • D. Access the HP UEFI System Utility and set the Advanced Memory Protection (AMP) mode to Online Spare with Advanced ECC.

Answer : D

How does Secure Boot protect against unauthorized operating systems and malware attacks?

  • A. by validating the Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol passphrase
  • B. by integrating with different authentication systems, including Kerberos and Active Directory
  • C. by validating that the system only runs digitally signed option ROMs and operating system boot loaders
  • D. by integrating with REST API callouts that perform bootloaders encryption

Answer : C

An integrator needs to incorporate HP Insight Remote Support and HP Systems Insight
Manager. The integrator first installs HP Insight Remote Support on a hosting device and then installs HP SIM on the same device However, the two solutions do not start sharing device information.
What does the integrator need to do to enable this sharing?

  • A. Integrate both solutions with HP OneView.
  • B. Manually install the HP SIM adapter through the Insight Remote Support console.
  • C. Power down the hosting device and reboot it after five minutes.
  • D. Obtain an HP SIM integration license and install it on the insight Remote Support console.

Answer : D

A server integrator is setting up ESXi on a new Gen9 ProLiant server. The integrator plans to take advantage of the free 1TB HP StoreVirtual VSA license included with all Gen9
ProLiant servers.
How can the integrator install VSA as part of the ESXi deployment?

  • A. Use HP OneView to deploy the HP customized ESXi image.
  • B. Use a USB flash drive to load the HP customized ESXi image.
  • C. Use HP Intelligent Provisioning to deploy the HP customized ESXi image.
  • D. Use iLO virtual media to load the HP customized ESXi image.

Answer : C

A customers design includes a 40GB uplink to their data center network
Which ports on the HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric-20/40 F8 module should the integrator use to connect the uplinks?

  • A. ports X1 through X4
  • B. ports X7 and X8
  • C. ports Q1 through Q4
  • D. ports X5 and X6

Answer : C

An integrator needs to determine the power consumption of an HP BladeSystem.
Enclosure Click the Insight Display menu option that will display the power consumption in watts.

Answer :

A customer has 300 HP ProLiant Gen9 servers. The customer needs a tool that will provide a personalized dashboard for hearth monitoring, service alerts, and support status.
Which tool should the integrator implement?

  • A. Insight Online
  • B. iLO Management Engine
  • C. HP Insight Control server provisioning
  • D. HP OneView

Answer : D

A company needs servers to implement Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN), an overlay networking technology. How do HP FlexFabric 556 series adapters enhance functionality for these servers?

  • A. They offload the VXLAN processing from the hypervisor, freeing the hypervisor for other functions.
  • B. They convert VXLAN to a proprietary HP Layer 2 overlay technology, which provides better resiliency.
  • C. They use HP SSD Smart Path to calculate whether it is more efficient to store VXLAN data on an SSD or HDD.
  • D. They calculate the shortest network path for the VXLAN traffic based on the current state of the network.

Answer : A

Refer to the exhibit.

An integrator has added some DL systems at a customers site. However, the systems are not displaying in HP OneView once logged in to HP OneView, only two HP c7000
BladeSystem Enclosures are visible, as shown. The customer needs to use HP OneView for automated location awareness of installed servers to help the integrator track new installations and moved equipment.
What should the integrator verify to identify the cause of the problem with the missing DL systems? (Select two.)

  • A. that the HP Intelligent Series Racks is used
  • B. that the DL servers are Gen8 or Gen9
  • C. that HP insight Control plugin for OneView is installed
  • D. that the Insight Control power management is configured
  • E. that DL systems have the Advanced HP OneView license applied

Answer : B,E

Server administrators are choosing between HP Intelligent Provisioning and HP Insight
Control server provisioning (ICsp) for installing operating systems (OS) on servers.
Which difference between the tools should affect their decision?

  • A. HP Intelligent Provisioning is not available on Gen9 servers; ICsp is available on Gen9 servers.
  • B. HP Intelligent Provisioning requires servers to have network connectivity before the installation, ICsp does not have this requirement.
  • C. HP Intelligent Provisioning supports only Windows OS installation, ICsp supports Windows, VMware ESXi, and Linux OS.
  • D. HP Intelligent Provisioning installs an OS on an individual server, HP ICsp can deploy OS to multiple servers.

Answer : D

What are the functions of the HP Moonshot 1500 chassis Management module? (Select

  • A. Allows Management of the chassis only, while server health is managed through their ILO modules.
  • B. allows management of the health of the chassis only, while the servers are managed independently by HP OneView.
  • C. Provide a secure shell interface for configuration of the chassis and server settings.
  • D. allows management of the health of the chassis, and servers within the chassis.
  • E. provides access to the chassis configuration only, while server settings are accessed via their own ILO modules.

Answer : C,D

A server integrator needs to script the configuration of the server profiles using HP
Which API should the integrator use?

  • A. REST
  • B. RPC
  • C. XML-RPC
  • D. SOAP

Answer : A

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