Architecting HP Server Solutions v7.0 (HP0-S42)

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A customer is concerned about security during remote firmware updates. What can you explain as a feature of HP SUM to address their security concerns?

  • A. It replicates target server information captured during the discovery process
  • B. It is preloaded with the target server information from ILO
  • C. It installs updates of components in the same sequence on all target servers
  • D. It copies a replica of itself to each target server for the duration of the update only

Answer : A


A customer needs to maximize the density capability while reducing the cooling requirement of their data center. Which IP solution will meet the customers needs and extend the life of their data center?

  • A. HP Active Cool Fans
  • B. HP Modular Cooling System G2
  • C. HP Datacenter Smart Grid
  • D. HP Intelligent Power Discovery

Answer : B

A customer needs to purchase several DL380 and DL360 Gen9 servers. The customer intends to use the Smart Array B140i Controller as the storage controller for the servers.
Why should you recommend the customer upgrade to an HP Flexible Smart array instead?(select two)

  • A. it support 12GB/s SAS
  • B. it can be upgraded without using a PCIe slot
  • C. it provides 4GB Flash-based write cache
  • D. it uses a low profile PCIe 3.0 format
  • E. it has zero memory RAID support

Answer : A,D

After adding several high density servers to their data center, a customer experiences trouble regulating the temperature in the environment. Which HP product should you recommend to the customer?

  • A. Intelligent Series Rack
  • B. Intelligent Power Distribution Unit
  • C. Active Cool fans
  • D. Modular Cooling System G2

Answer : C

A customer is considering a BladeSystem c7000 enclosure. The customer needs to visually monitor and easily troubleshoot the system . Which product should you demonstrate for the customer ?

  • A. Virtual Connect FlexFabric
  • B. UEFI
  • C. Insight Remote Support
  • D. Insight Display

Answer : C

Which statement describes HP Foundation Care services ?

  • A. a service that enables IT to manage costs while keeping up with latest technology
  • B. a service that provides advanced technology for the company to maintain a competitive edge
  • C. flexible services that support the entire IT environment
  • D. an economical service alternative that provides hardware and software support

Answer : D

Which software tool can be used to download the Active Health System log on an HP
ProLiant Gen9 server?

  • A. Smart Storage Administrator
  • B. Array Diagnostic Utility
  • C. HP OneView
  • D. Intelligent Provisioning

Answer : D

What differentiates ProLiant Gen9 power supplies from those in previous generations?

  • A. They are 25 percent large by volume.
  • B. They are 25 percent smaller by volume.
  • C. They use platinum and titanium to run 75 percent more efficiently.
  • D. They can provide up to 84 percent more efficiency.

Answer : B


Which method will allow you to manage and maintain all operating system drivers and system hardware for every server in a customers data center?

  • A. Create a Converged Infrastructure group in HP OneView for all applicable servers to deploy updates.
  • B. Use HP Smart Update solution to deploy updates.
  • C. Use HP SUM and iLO Federation groups to deploy updates.
  • D. Use the HP REST API and the Embedded UEFI Shell to deploy updates.

Answer : C

You are designing a solution that will consist of eight HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosures with Virtual Connect FlexFabric. The customer needs to ensure that all management is performed from a single user interface that will allow them to maintain and manage all uplink configurations centrally. How can you demonstrate management of uplinks on all enclosures from a single console?

  • A. Deploy and use Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager.
  • B. Deploy and use both HP OneView and Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager.
  • C. Configure and use Virtual Connect Manager.
  • D. Deploy and use HP OneView.

Answer : D

Which data should you collect in order to add HP ProLiant DL Gen9 servers to HP
OneView ? (Select two)

  • A. IP address of server
  • B. ILO IP address
  • C. SNMP community string
  • D. ILO username and password
  • E. ILO MAC address

Answer : B,D

An enterprise customer needs more computing power to handle their scale-up workloads that involve very large databases. The customer needs to upgrade their ProLiant DL360 G6 servers. Which ProLiant rack and tower servers should you recommend for this customer?

  • A. ProLiant 10 series
  • B. ProLiant 100 series
  • C. ProLiant 300 series
  • D. ProLiant 500 series

Answer : D

A customer has a BladeSystem c7000 enclosure with a configured Virtual Connect domain.
The customer plans to adopt HP OneView as their management solution. Which consideration should you make the customer aware of ?

  • A. The Virtual Connect domain must be deleted before importing the enclosure to HP OneView
  • B. PowerShell script and HP OneView PowerShell library must be used for online migration to HP OneView
  • C. Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager is required to import the enclosure with power-on servers
  • D. The Virtual Connect domain must be licensed before importing the enclosure to HP OneView

Answer : B

What is a key benefit of an HP Converged Infrastructure solution?

  • A. improves the performance of overlay networks
  • B. unifies management tools, policies, and processes
  • C. increases IOPs on storage devices
  • D. encourages development of RESTful applications

Answer : B


An automotive manufacturing company needs an Apollo 8000 solution that is environmentally friendly. Which feature should you recommend to this customer?

  • A. Thermal Logic technology to minimize power consumption and reduce cooling
  • B. Active cool 200 fans that reduce power and maximize air movement
  • C. Water cooled system that reduces C02 emissions relative to an air cooled system
  • D. 3D Sea of Sensors to provide visibility and control over energy consumption

Answer : C

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