Building HP Server Solution v7.0 (HP0-S41)

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Which HP tool can be used to configure the FlexFabric interconnect modules?

  • A. Virtual Connect Manager
  • B. iLO 4 user interface
  • C. HP Virtual SAS Manager
  • D. Insight Display

Answer : A

Which type of power supply is supported in HP ProLiant Gen9 ML and DL servers?

  • A. Platinum
  • B. Gold
  • C. Flex Slot
  • D. Common Slot

Answer : C

Which ProLiant server line is density-optimized for stacking in rack-mounted server environments?

  • A. SL series
  • B. ML series
  • C. DL series
  • D. BL series

Answer : D

A customer needs to install a single server into an existing rack with limited space. Which
HP server series is appropriate to meet the requirement?

  • A. SL2200
  • B. Apollo 6000
  • C. BL460
  • D. DL120

Answer : B

Which feature on the ProLiant Gen9 servers allows a customer to protect the operating system from malware by performing a verification of each component?

  • A. HP Smart Memory
  • B. RBSU Boot settings
  • C. RBSU Digitally Signed Program
  • D. UEFI Secure Boot

Answer : D

What enables out-of-band management of multiple rack-mount servers at one time from a single web interface?

  • A. Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager
  • B. Intelligent Provisioning
  • C. iLO Federation
  • D. Onboard Administrator

Answer : C

Which HP High Performance Computing technology incorporates a water-cooling design?

  • A. Apollo 8000
  • B. ProLiant SL
  • C. Blade System
  • D. Moonshot

Answer : A

Which statements are true regarding HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP)? (Select two.)

  • A. It provides platform-specific device drivers for VMware-based servers.
  • B. It runs in online (Linux or Windows) or offline (bootable ISO) modes.
  • C. It includes firmware for servers, controllers, storage, and enclosures.
  • D. It must be installed prior to installing the operating system.
  • E. HP only provides support for the most recently released SPP.

Answer : B,C

Which storage technologies have been introduced in HP ProLiant Gen9 servers? (Select two.)

  • A. SSD drives
  • B. Mirrored MicroSD
  • C. Super-caps
  • D. SmartCaching
  • E. M.2 SATA

Answer : B,E

Which component makes Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors different from Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors?

  • A. Cache size
  • B. Die technology
  • C. QPI Speed
  • D. PCle version

Answer : C

Which networking protocol is used in Apollo?

  • A. Photonics
  • B. High-Speed Serial
  • C. InfiniBand
  • D. 10GB Ethernet

Answer : C

Which HP C70Q0 component is needed to attach a BL460C Gen9 server blade to a third- party VoIP card?

  • A. HP Smart Array P244br controller
  • B. HP Storage Blade
  • C. HP Onboard Administrator
  • D. HP PCI Expansion Blade

Answer : D

Which HP product allows you to create a custom baseline package that contains only those driver and firmware components that are required to upgrade your environment to the latest standard build?

  • A. Virtual Connect Manager
  • B. HP System Insight Manager
  • C. HP Smart Update Manager
  • D. System Management Homepage

Answer : C

Building HP Server Solutions Learner Guide Module 4Maintaining an HP ProLiant Server p.
7 and p. 12

What can be used to modify settings such as power management and boot order on HP
ProLiant Servers?

  • A. HP Intelligent Provisioning
  • B. HP Virtual Connect Manager
  • C. HP iLO Federation
  • D. ROM-Based Setup Utility

Answer : D

You are unable to access the iLO graphic console on a DL380 Gen9 server.
What should you verify first to diagnose the problem?

  • A. That the iLQ card has the Advanced license applied
  • B. That the video cable is properly connected to the iLO port
  • C. That the remote console for this server is enabled on the OA level
  • D. That the UEFI is configured in remote access mode

Answer : A

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