HP-UX 11i v3 Advanced System Administration v7.0 (HP0-P25)

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What are the customer benefits of the HP-UX Operating Environments (e.g. VSE-OE, HA-
OE. DC-OE), as compared lo ordering the same software separately? (Select three)

  • A. Reduced purchasing cost for customer
  • B. Reduced amount of codewords required to manage software
  • C. Performance of HP applications tuned with the HP-UX OS
  • D. Reduced amount of disk space used for OS and HP applications
  • E. Reduced new-system sales quote and configuration complexity
  • F. reduced number of service contracts

Answer : A,C,E

Which tool can be used to modify nPar configurations?

  • A. HP System Insight Manager (HP SIM)
  • B. HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH)
  • C. iLO Monarch Management Processor
  • D. Domain Management Processor

Answer : B


You want to start the SMH GUI from a web browser. You have tried using the unsecured
(2301) and secured (2381) ports, but neither will launch the SMH GUI.
Which command shows if SMH is configured to start at boot time?

  • A. smhconfig
  • B. hpsmh
  • C. smhstartconfig
  • D. smh

Answer : C


Which activity requires a reboot of a Superdome 2 server?

  • A. Modifying a dynamic kernel parameter
  • B. Extending the /home file system when online JFS is installed and licensed
  • C. Installing additional cell blades to an nPar
  • D. Manipulating a number of active cores using iCAP

Answer : A


What is the function of the rtprio command?

  • A. Runs or adjusts a process with an HP-UX Real Time priority.
  • B. Runs or adjusts a process with a POSIX thread priority
  • C. Assigns CPU percentage resources to a process
  • D. Assigns the raw I/O priority of a process.

Answer : C

A customer must determine which method of UNIX user management is best for environments of varying size. Which solution best matches the stated environment size.

Answer :

Which functionalities does AutoFS provide? (Select three.)

  • A. may be configured to modify NFS filesystem permissions when needed
  • B. may be configured to provide load balancing across multiple NFS servers
  • C. automatically exports filesystems on the NFS server when needed
  • D. automatically unmounts NFS filesystems that are no longer being accessed
  • E. automatically updates /etc/fstab on NFS clients when needed
  • F. automatically mounts NFS filesystems when needed

Answer : A,B,E

A company is migrating three applications currently running on three separate HP-UX
Integrity servers. The plan is to migrate them into a Superdome 2 Serv. three applications are business critical, and the main focus is the uptime, as any interruptions cause financial losses.
Which HP-UX virtualization technology provides the best solution?

  • A. Create a single nPar.
  • B. Create three nPars.
  • C. Create three vPars
  • D. Create three Integrity Virtual Machines

Answer : C

Which terms are related to Service guard? (Select two.)

  • A. striping
  • B. arbitration
  • C. load balancing
  • D. mirroring
  • E. heartbeat

Answer : B,E

During performance analysis, you find the process being monitored is sleeping. Which question should you then try to answer?

  • A. Are the disks busy almost all the time?
  • B. What is causing the waiting state?
  • C. Is CPU utilization high?
  • D. Is memory utilization high?

Answer : C


Which command will register the directory /tools as a software depot?

  • A. swagentd -d /tools
  • B. swinstall — 1 bundle /tools
  • C. make_ depots -d /tools
  • D. swreg —1 depot /tools

Answer : C


Which command starts the auditing capabilities of HP Standard Mode Security Extensions

  • A. /sbin/init .d/securemode start
  • B. /sbin/init .d/trustsys start
  • C. /sbin/init .d/auditing start
  • D. /sbin/init.d/hpsmse start

Answer : C

http://h20566.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?sp4ts.oid=5385072&docId=emr_na- c02899022&docLocale=en_US

Which components form part of the HP-UX OS kernel? (Select three.)

  • A. UFC
  • B. Power Module
  • C. EFl
  • D. Scheduler
  • E. Process Table
  • F. BCH

Answer : A,B,F

What is the full POS1X shell path?

  • A. /usr/bin/bash
  • B. /usr/local/bin/sh
  • C. /usr/bin/sh
  • D. /usr/bin/csh

Answer : B

For each item, choose whether the characteristic is a feature of vPars v5 or vPars v6.

Answer :

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