HP Server Automation 10.x Software v6.0 (HP0-M74)

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What do you do to make a Virtualization Service visible to and managed by HPSA?

  • A. Remove Virtualization Service
  • B. Edit Virtualization Service
  • C. Add Virtualization Service
  • D. Reload Virtualization Service

Answer : B

When comparing HPSA Software Discovery to HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping
Inventory (DDMI) and a managed server with multiple installations of the same application installed, which statement is true?

  • A. When no exact match is found for a particular application, DDMI and Software Discovery always determine the same matches during guess estimates.
  • B. Software Discovery will fail due to the multiple instances of the installed application.
  • C. Software Discovery will include all instances of the installed application; DDMI will only find the first instance.
  • D. DDMI will all instances of he installed application; DDMI will only find the first instance.

Answer : C


What is the process of creating a vendor-recommended patch policy for Solaris servers?
(Select two.)

  • A. For Solaris 11, HPSA looks at installed packages and computes what needs to be updated based on the existing installations. import tool automatically creates the vendor- recommended patch policy.
  • C. For Solaris 11, HPSA uses the IPS tools to find the recommended patches and their dependencies.
  • D. For Solaris 10, HPSA looks at installed packages and computes what needs to be updated based on the existing installations.
  • E. For Solaris 10, HPSA uses the IPS tools to find the recommended patches and their dependencies.

Answer : A,D


You want to deliver the HPSA agent to a non-managed VM in a virtualization service. You navigate to the VM and right-click on it. Which action should you choose next?

  • A. Add Device to group.
  • B. Reload Data.
  • C. Install HPSA Agent.
  • D. Initialize HPSA Agent.

Answer : C

Match the steps of the Run OGFS script sequence to its description.

Answer :

You have added a VMware vCenter Virtualization Service. After selecting an item in the navigation pane of the inventory, which tabs are available to you? (Select three.)

  • A. Direct Parent Hosts
  • B. All VM Templates
  • C. Al Virtual Machines
  • D. All Hosts
  • E. Immediate Descendants
  • F. All Physical Machines

Answer : B,C,E

Which action is the minimum required in order to run an out-of-the box OS Build Plan?

  • A. Set the IP setting in hpsa netconfig custom attribute.
  • B. Reboot the server.
  • C. Set the media source.
  • D. Format and partition the boot disk.

Answer : C


Which statement is true regarding the OGFS script execution?

  • A. The standard output of the OGFS script cannot be exported for security reasons.
  • B. An OGFS script can be inserted into a Software Policy in order to be executed during the Remediation.
  • C. The execution of an OGFS script can be scheduled for the Server Script
  • D. An OGFS script can be executed by browsing a device in the Device section, and from the Actions menu by selecting Run Script Select Script

Answer : B


Match the most appropriate HPSA deployment topology to the customer requirement and environment.

Answer :

Which features are enabled by the HPSA Client? (Select three.)

  • A. View the script output against multiple servers in a tabular format.
  • B. Import Perl scripts into folders and define security permissions to control access of their contents across different users and user groups.
  • C. Export the script execution results.
  • D. Search for script execution jobs in the Administration tab.
  • E. Explore the server inventory to view the script executions history.
  • F. Run scripts across multiple Unix or Windows servers or server groups.

Answer : B,D,E

In an OS Build Plan, how do you specify the OS Media to install?

  • A. Use the “Copy Boot Media” build plan step.
  • B. Run the import_media script.
  • C. Mount the media ISO on the target server.
  • D. Use the “Set Media Source” build plan step.

Answer : A


Which Oracle installation and configuration options are available in HPSA? (Select three.)

  • A. Use the embedded HP Database and Middleware Automation to provision and configure Oracle Database.
  • B. Use the Oracle Universal installer to install a non-HPSA-supplied Oracle 12c database.
  • C. Use an existing Oracle 12c installation. This database must be for the exclusive use of HPSA.
  • D. Use the HPSA-supplied Oracle 12c Database Virtual Appliance and enable self provisioning of a functional Oracle database environment for HPSA.
  • E. Use the HPSA-supplied Oracle 12c database and allow the HPSA installer to install and preconfigure the database.
  • F. Use an existing Oracle 12c installation. This database can be shared among multiple application programs.

Answer : B,C,E

A user can check the Run Server Script Job execution in the HPSA Client Jobs and
Sessions, Job Logs section and export the Standard Output in a file.
Which of the following formats, among others, are available for the file export? (Select two.)

  • A. HTML file
  • B. consolidated CSV file
  • C. XML file
  • D. Excel file
  • E. consolidated raw text file

Answer : B,D

  • A. Convert to VM Template
  • B. Migrate a VM
  • C. Clone a VM
  • D. Turn on Fault Tolerance
  • E. Reset a VM

Answer : A,D

What should you use to access the Global File System?

  • A. a Global Shell session
  • B. a file system client that provide Global File System access on every computer node
  • C. a remote terminal session
  • D. a terminal window for UNIX servers or an RDP client window for windows servers

Answer : B

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