HP BSM Platform and End User Management 9.x Software v6.0 (HP0-M45)

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Which component stores reports saved by users at a specific state?

  • A. Report Repository
  • B. Discovery Probe
  • C. CMDB Query Log
  • D. BSM System Health

Answer : A

What is BPM?

  • A. an agentless method of monitoring business processes
  • B. an IT Lifecycle change management tool
  • C. a data collector that simulates and measures the end user experience
  • D. a network traffic mirroring and analysis tool

Answer : C

When SiteScope is integrated with BSM, which BSM Server does it connect to?

  • A. Database
  • B. DPS
  • C. Engine
  • D. Gateway

Answer : D

What happens when editing a script parameter using the End User Management
Administration BPM configuration options?

  • A. The parameter value changes in the script moving forward, for any new BPM configuration moving forward.
  • B. The parameter value changes in the script only if you check out the script before the editing phase and check it back in upon completion.
  • C. The parameter value changes only for the data collectors that are not currently running the scripts once they are assigned the new script.
  • D. The parameter value changes only for the data collectors running the scripts and they will use this value moving forward instead of the recorded parameter value.

Answer : D

In the End User Management Administration UI, what happens when you select Delete CI, and choose to delete an application (CI type: BusinessApplication)?

  • A. Only the application is deleted in order to avoid deletion of CI collections and business transaction flows that might be used by other applications or models. The user will be prompted before deletion.
  • B. The deletion of the application CI and all its related CIs will succeed and take effect only if the user has superuser privileges.
  • C. CIs cannot be deleted from the End User Management Administration, this can only be done from the IT Universe Manager section.
  • D. The application, business transaction flow and monitoring transactions related to the application are deleted permanently. The user will be prompted before deletion.

Answer : D

What best describes a business transaction flow?

  • A. a CI representing a BPM script
  • B. an optional CI collection
  • C. a CI representing a logical user flow in an application
  • D. a monitor CI representing a transaction

Answer : C

In the End User Management Administration section, what can be used to configure applications, business transaction flows and business transactions?

  • A. only BPM
  • B. only Diagnostics
  • C. only Real User Monitor
  • D. BPM and Real User Monitor
  • E. BPM and Diagnostics
  • F. Real User Monitor and Diagnostics

Answer : D

Which statement is true about changing BPM script parameters?

  • A. BPM script parameters can only be changed during the script creation via VuGen, assuming the parameters edit option is marked.
  • B. There is no option to change script parameters once the script is uploaded to the Script Repository.
  • C. From the End User Management Administration Business Process Monitor configuration page, the user is only able to change the parameter value.
  • D. From the End User Management Administration Business Process Monitor configuration page, the user is able to change parameters names and values, and update the VuGen script definitions.

Answer : C

Which context types are allowed for MyBSM component wiring? (Select two.)

  • A. CI Change
  • B. View Change
  • C. Screen Change
  • D. Status Change
  • E. Page Change

Answer : A,B

Which statements are true about MyBSM? (Select three.)

  • A. External components can be added to the component gallery that is part of MyBSM.
  • B. The wiring between components is fixed and cannot be modified using MyBSM.
  • C. MyBSM provides a list of predefined pages to support standard workflows.
  • D. With MyBSM, users can add pages to be shared by other users.
  • E. MyBSM is only available to BSM platform administrators.
  • F. Using MyBSM, reports can be scheduled to run at a specific time.

Answer : A,C,D

You are monitoring a customer service application used by customer representatives. The

  • A. Louisville, KY
  • B. Tacoma, WA
  • C. Pittsburgh, PA
  • D. Lexington, KY
  • E. Seattle, WA

Answer : B,D

What should you do if you suspect that a BPM instance is not working properly? (Select two.)

  • A. Review the last configuration update.
  • B. Check the Health Status.
  • C. Restart the BPM without any check.
  • D. Monitor the pending samples.
  • E. Look at the icon relative to the instance in the BPM Tree pane.

Answer : B,E

Which service performs the work defined in the application and business transaction flows, and retrieves business configuration information?

  • A. Profile Manager
  • B. Profile Retriever
  • C. BPM
  • D. SiteProbe Monitor

Answer : C

In the BPM administration, which button manually polls the HP BSM Server for changes?

  • A. Request Configuration Update
  • B. Proactive Sending Data
  • C. Purge Database
  • D. Polling Interval

Answer : A

Which area provides a complete view of the tasks for a BPM instance?

  • A. General Information area
  • B. Last Configuration Update area
  • C. Monitoring Status area
  • D. Run Units area

Answer : C

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