HP Application Lifecycle Management 12.x Software v7.0 (HP0-M101)

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The Traceability Matrix enables you to determine the extent of which relationships? (Select two)

  • A. Test set to test set
  • B. Requirement to requirement
  • C. Requirement to test
  • D. Cycle to release
  • E. Requirement to release

Answer : C

Converge Progress and Outstanding Defects are two graphs for tracking the progress and quality of your release. Which entities must be assigned to the release and cycle for these graphs to provide the complete information for your release? (Select Three)

  • A. Requirements
  • B. Test Sets
  • C. Resources
  • D. Components
  • E. Defects
  • F. Tests

Answer : A,B,E

Which HP ALM entities must toe defined for Project Planning and Tracking?

  • A. Only Milestones, KPIs, and Scope Items
  • B. Only Release and KPIs
  • C. Release, Milestones, KPIs, and Requirements
  • D. Release, Milestones, KPIs, and Scope Items

Answer : D

Which test cases in HP ALM are available to be opened in HP Sprinter for execution?

  • A. Tests that have been activated for HP sprinter execution
  • B. Tests that are part of the Test Lab test sets
  • C. Tests that are currently under development in HP Sprinter
  • D. The list of tests comprising the currently opened test set

Answer : B

What does the Generate Script icon in the Design Steps tab of the Test Plan module allow you to do?

  • A. Convert the covered requirement and its lower level child's into a manual test with test steps.
  • B. Generate a script that leverages HP UFT automation object model to automate ALM test design operations.
  • C. Generate a rich text file that documents the test and its steps.
  • D. Convert a manual test to an automated test type.

Answer : B


Put the steps for ALI workflow in the correct order.

Answer :

What does the Go to Defect button enable users to do?

  • A. Find a specific defect toy Defect ID
  • B. Navigate to the flaw in the application
  • C. Search for a similar defect
  • D. Open a screenshot of the defect

Answer : C

ftp://ftp.itrc.hp.com/applications/qualitycenter/alm115/WhatsNew_Addins_Movies/AddInPag e/online_help/Content/UG/ui_defects_buttons.htm

What can be performed in HP ALM 12.x by using a Web browser other than Internet
Explorer? (Select two.)

  • A. Release Management
  • B. Requirements Management
  • C. Site Administration
  • D. Defect Tracking and Management
  • E. Data Analysis from the dashboard

Answer : B,D

What happens when an HP ALM project administrator saves a customization change as a
Major Change rather than a Minor Change?

  • A. The customization loads when the session expires and the user reconnects.
  • B. The customization loads after the ALM server is restarted.
  • C. The customization is added to the parent project template.
  • D. The customization loads when the user changes screens in ALM.

Answer : A

Which description applies to HP ALM access restrictions when you authenticate to the application?

  • A. Access may be restricted only by role, and projects not accessible by your role are not visible to you.
  • B. Access may be restricted by project or role, and projects to which you have no access are visible.
  • C. Access may be restricted by project, and projects to which you have no access are not visible.
  • D. Authentication method (SSO or CAC) determines the projects that are accessible or visible.

Answer : C

Which documentation articles show the supported operating systems? (Select two.)

  • A. The administrator guide
  • B. The Supported Environments page
  • C. The installation and upgrade guide
  • D. The Product Availability Matrix (PAM)
  • E. The user guide

Answer : A,E

What should you know in order to set up field searching in an HP ALM project?

  • A. By default, all eligible fields are set to searchable.
  • B. Only selected default fields and user fields of type Memo or String are searchable.
  • C. All system fields are searchable, which may impact search times.
  • D. The searchable option is only available for the Test and Defects modules.

Answer : C

What happens if you link a defect to a run? (Select two)

  • A. The defect is indirectly linked to the run's steps because the run steps are lower-level.
  • B. The defect is directly linked to the run and indirectly linked to the run's test instance, the test set, and the test.
  • C. The defect is indirectly linked to the test instance and to the test set, but not to the test, because the link to the test instance prevails.
  • D. The defect is indirectly linked to the test instance only, as indirect links only propagate to the nearest entity.
  • E. If the corresponding test is covered by a requirement, an indirect link is also added to the requirement.

Answer : A,C

The worksheet configuration pane enables you to configure the Business View Excel report.
Which tabs, other than the Advanced tab. are available in the worksheet configuration pane? (Select three.)

  • A. Sorting
  • B. View
  • C. Fields
  • D. Filter
  • E. Connection
  • F. Project

Answer : A,C,F

Which options are available to create graphs in HP ALM 12.x? (Select three.)

  • A. Pivot Charts
  • B. Graph Generator
  • C. Power Views
  • D. Live Analysis Graphs
  • E. Graph Wizard
  • F. Entity Graphs (Mew Graph)

Answer : B,C,E

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