HP ArcSight ESM 6.5 Security Administrator and Analyst v6.0 (HP0-A116)

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Asset categories can be assigned to zones as well as assets. What happens to the assets that belong to a zone with a category of "Critical"?

  • A. All assets in the zone inherit the zone's category.
  • B. Nothing happens. Assets in the zone maintain their own individual category identities.
  • C. Assets with a category that matches the zone category are grouped into a "Critical" asset group.
  • D. Assets in the zone inherit the zone's category and are grouped into a "Critical" asset group.

Answer : B

In network modeling, what are SmartConnectors bound to? (Select two.)

  • A. zones
  • B. assets
  • C. devices
  • D. customers
  • E. networks

Answer : D,E

Which component determines how a report looks when it is generated?

  • A. Query
  • B. Layout
  • C. Form
  • D. Template

Answer : A

Which statements are true about Active Lists? (Select two.)

  • A. They can store data over longer periods of time than rules or Data Monitors.
  • B. They can incur processing overhead if not properly scheduled.
  • C. They always include start time and end time fields.
  • D. They can be manually populated using the right-click context menu.
  • E. They can neither be exported nor imported.

Answer : A,C

One of the benefits of SSL technology is authentication. What does authentication do?

  • A. validates client logins using advanced identity detection technology
  • B. encrypts information sent between clients and servers
  • C. adds a hashing algorithm to prevent data modification between client and server
  • D. ensures that clients send information to the actual intended server, not a machine pretending to be that server

Answer : D

Which functions does a non-event based Data Monitor perform?

  • A. evaluates the event stream and creates Correlation events when anomalies are discovered
  • B. monitors and displays rule and filter data flow thresholds and latencies
  • C. summarizes and displays event-based Data Monitor statistics
  • D. monitors and displays ArcSight ESM system and platform status

Answer : D

What is a trust store (sometimes called a key store)?

  • A. the preferred source for obtaining signed certificates
  • B. a list of trusted Certificate Authorities
  • C. the location of a system's private keys
  • D. the set of backup files containing SSL information

Answer : B

What is the name of the resource you can use to override the default ArcSight mapping IP addresses to geographic regions?

  • A. zones
  • B. destinations
  • C. locations
  • D. categories

Answer : C

You want your Active Channel to automatically display new events as they arrive at ESM.
Which time parameter you use to accomplish this?

  • A. Continuously Evaluate
  • B. Evaluate Continuously from Attach Time
  • C. Evaluate $NOW-1h
  • D. Evaluate Once at Attach Time

Answer : C

What is the default port used by the ArcSight ESM Console to connect to the ArcSight

  • A. TCP 8443
  • B. UDP 8443
  • C. TCP 9443
  • D. UDP 9443

Answer : A

Which ArcSight ESM user type provides full privileges to use the Command Center, the
ArcSight Console, the Arcsight Web client, and all tools?

  • A. Web User
  • B. Normal User
  • C. Connector Installer
  • D. Management Tool

Answer : B

What are ArcSight Foundations?

  • A. user groups organized to explore and share ideas for extending ArcSight ESM capabilities
  • B. coordinated resources that provide monitoring, analysis, and reporting capabilities
  • C. categories of resources used for monitoring ArcSight system health and status
  • D. packages that are installed but cannot be modified

Answer : B

When specifying the attributes of a new Active List, you can set TTL days, hours, and minutes. What is TTL?

  • A. Total Time Lag
  • B. Time Threshold Lag
  • C. Time To Live
  • D. Total Time Left

Answer : C

Which file types MUST be included in an Oracle backup? (Select two.)

  • A. table files
  • B. data files
  • C. program files
  • D. configuration files

Answer : B,D

How can you restore a new ArcSight Web installation to a previous configuration?

  • A. copy the old ArcSight Web installation's config directory and cacerts file into the new installation
  • B. copy the ArcSight Manager's config directory into the new installation
  • C. manually reconfigure the new installation
  • D. connect to the Manager and download the saved configuration

Answer : A

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Total 179 questions