Hitachi Data Systems Implementation – Modular exam v7.0 (HH0-220)

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A customer has installed a Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) system with only port 0A connected to a Linux server. There is a video streaming application running on the server.
You have to perform a firmware update using SNM2. What will happen when the update is started?

  • A. The Linux application will continue to function non-disruptively.
  • B. The Linux server will time-out because there is no alternate path.
  • C. The firmware update process will abort if the HUS does not have at least 5 seconds of no I/O activity on port 0A within 5 minutes.
  • D. The firmware update will fail because the HUS active/active controller feature checks for alternate pathing.

Answer : A

Which three operations are allowed after enabling security on a Hitachi Unified Storage system Fibre Channel (FC) port? (Choose three.)

  • A. Add multiple WWNs to one Host Group.
  • B. Add the same WWN to multiple Host Groups on the same FC port.
  • C. Create a Host Group with two different host connection modes.
  • D. Add a LU to two different Host Groups behind two different ports.
  • E. Create Host Groups with different host connection modes on the same FC port.

Answer : A,D,E

You have set Extended Round Robin on a server with intensive sequential I/O profile.
Which two benefits result from implementing this algorithm? (Choose two.)

  • A. tracks preloaded to cache
  • B. blocks held permanent in Read Cache
  • C. no tracks preloading on the system
  • D. efficient cache usage on the storage system

Answer : A,D

You are installing the latest release of Hitachi Device Manager and Tuning Manager on different servers to support your Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) environment. Which two statements are correct in regards to establishing communication between servers?
(Choose two.)

  • A. The servers use IPv4 protocol to communicate.
  • B. The servers' system clocks must be synchronized with less than 5 minutes difference.
  • C. The servers use a heartbeat poll over a dedicated management IP link.
  • D. The servers communicate in-band over FC connections to the HUS.

Answer : A,B

Which two statements accurately describe the Program Product functions available on
Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) systems? (Choose two.)

  • A. LUN resizing is a basic function in SNM2 and does not require a separate license key.
  • B. The Tray Power Saving function does require a separate license key.
  • C. Restricting access to a HUS Command Device is possible using Account Authentication.
  • D. Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager is used to control the HUS active/active controller feature.

Answer : A,B

A manufacturing company wants to centrally manage all their multipath software using
Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM). Which two types of multipath software are supported? (Choose two.)

  • A. HDLM
  • B. VxDMP
  • C. PowerPath
  • D. SDD

Answer : A,B

Which three actions should be performed when replacing parts on a Hitachi Unified
Storage system? (Choose three.)

  • A. Use a antistatic wrist wrap connected to the chassis.
  • B. Perform a firmware upgrade to the latest MGA level.
  • C. Collect and save a simple trace.
  • D. Open a Clarify case with the HDS support center.
  • E. Verify the system status using Web tool.

Answer : A,C,E

You have just allocated 10 LUNs on a Hitachi Unified Storage system to a HP-UX 11.i host.
You now need to verify that the host can see the new storage. Which utility should you run on the HP-UX host?

  • A. cfgmgr
  • B. diskpart
  • C. ioscan
  • D. devfsadm

Answer : C

Which two alerts does Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning issue when DP-Pool capacity usage thresholds are exceeded on a Hitachi Unified Storage system? (Choose two.)

  • A. Early Alert
  • B. Depletion Alert
  • C. Over Provisioning Alert
  • D. Exceeding Alert

Answer : A,B

What is the correct procedure to replace a suspected SAS interface cable connected to the last drive box (DBL) of a Hitachi Unified Storage system?

  • A. Replace the suspected SAS interface cable by a new one.
  • B. Using SNM2, disable the suspected SAS link, replace the cable and enable the SAS link.
  • C. Using the WEB tool, disable the suspected SAS link, replace the cable and enable the SAS link.
  • D. Slide out the I/O module from the DBL, replace the cable and slide the I/O module back in.

Answer : D

Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager is being used with a Hitachi Unified Storage system in a multi-path environment with intense sequential I/Os. What are two recommended load- balancing algorithms? (Choose two.)

  • A. least I/Os
  • B. least blocks
  • C. extended least I/Os
  • D. extended round-robin

Answer : C,D

Which three tasks can be performed using the Web tool of a Hitachi Unified Storage system? (Choose three.)

  • A. collection of a simple trace
  • B. offline firmware installation
  • C. identification of failed parts
  • D. setting up SNMP error reporting
  • E. configuration of additional cache memory

Answer : A,B,C

Yesterday you allocated five new LUNs for a Solaris 9 host. Today the Solaris administrator is concerned about corrupt data because the host system log has several entries referencing the new LUNs with the following message: "Corrupt label; wrong magic number". What do you tell the Solaris administrator?

  • A. That they need to configure Device Mapper for the newly allocated LUNs.
  • B. That they should shut down the server right away and that you will allocate five new LUNs.
  • C. That the message is normal for new LUN allocations and that they just need to label the new partitions.
  • D. That the Master Boot Record (MBR) on one of the disks has become corrupt and that rebooting the host should fix the issue.

Answer : C

Which two self-service resources would you use if you require installation assistance?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Hitachi Data Systems Support Portal
  • B. Hitachi Data Systems InfoSearch database
  • C. Hitachi Data Systems product documentation
  • D. Hitachi Data Systems Installation Service Manager

Answer : A,C

Which two Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager documents provide detailed information of supported Fibre Channel HBA drivers? (Choose two.)

  • A. Hitachi Engineering Change Notice (ECN)
  • B. Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Release Notes
  • C. Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Concepts and Planning Guide
  • D. Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager for Operating Systems User's Guide

Answer : A,B

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Total 109 questions