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Which three GUI options in the Hitachi Command Suite would be used to optimize data placement within an HDT implementation? (Choose three.)

  • A. Edit Dedupe Policy
  • B. Edit Tiering Policy
  • C. Migrate Data
  • D. Archive Data
  • E. Expand DP Volume

Answer : B,C,E

A customer would like to deploy Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM) to monitor for path errors on their SAN hosts running Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM). Which method is used by the host to alert the HGLM server?

  • A. SNMP
  • B. SMTP
  • C. SMS
  • D. SIM

Answer : A

A storage administrator needs to allocate storage to a host using Hitachi Device Manager.
In the GUI, which two locations would they navigate to when allocating the storage?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Parity Groups view
  • B. Admin Groups view
  • C. Logical Groups view
  • D. Mobility Groups view

Answer : A,C

You are using the Allocate Storage wizard in Hitachi Device Manager and you want to identify the storage. Which two specification options are available? (Choose two.)

  • A. volume type
  • B. volume label
  • C. volume free space
  • D. volume location

Answer : A,D

Which two Hitachi Device Manager CLI commands will prevent simultaneous updates on a storage array? (Choose two.)

  • A. AddArrayReservation
  • B. DeleteArrayLock
  • C. ModifyArrayReservation
  • D. GetArrayLock

Answer : A,C

You use Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) to manage your VSP and HUS storage systems.
Within the HDvM GUI, in which two locations would you perform storage allocation tasks?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Resources
  • B. Administration
  • C. Logical Groups
  • D. Tasks

Answer : A,C

How does a storage administrator obtain the Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) CLI software?

  • A. Install it from the Hitachi Command Suite DVD.
  • B. Install the RAID Manager/CCI software.
  • C. Download it from the HDvM server.
  • D. Download the HDvM CLI license.

Answer : C

What is the maximum capacity of a LUSE volume on a VSP storage system?

  • A. 4 TB
  • B. 32 TB
  • C. 36 TB
  • D. 60 TB

Answer : D

What are two features of Hitachi Global Link Manager? (Choose two.)

  • A. It manages many servers' multi-path connections from a single console.
  • B. It keeps customers informed of the status of all their multi-path links.
  • C. It provides load-balancing across multiple servers.
  • D. It performs automated distribution and installation of the Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager software.

Answer : A,B

The manager of a large distributed SAN wants to share the workload of daily administrative tasks between different storage administrators. Which two elements in Hitachi Device
Manager can be used to define the view of the storage components? (Choose two.)

  • A. host group
  • B. resource group
  • C. user permissions
  • D. access control lists

Answer : B,C

A storage manager needs to add a new server to the Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) database. As an alternative to running a host scan, which two actions are available to discover and identify the new server? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use the Host Data Collector.
  • B. Install HDvM Agent on the host.
  • C. Execute the AddNewHost CLI command.
  • D. Run the Import Hosts utility.

Answer : A,B

A storage administrator wants to provision storage from a VSP to a Windows 2008 host using Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM). Which two tasks must be completed first? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create a host group for the host on the VSP.
  • B. Add the host to HDvM.
  • C. Add the storage system to HDvM.
  • D. Add the storage to a logical group in HDvM.

Answer : B,C

In which Hitachi Device Manager screen is the Allocate Like Volumes feature available?

  • A. Hosts
  • B. Allocate Storage
  • C. Dynamic Provisioning
  • D. Allocate Volumes to Multiple Hosts

Answer : A

What information is provided by the Hitachi Device Manager Agent to the Hitachi Device
Manager server? (Choose three.)

  • A. WWN
  • B. IP address
  • C. domain name
  • D. host name
  • E. MAC address

Answer : A,B,D

A storage administrator has been asked to use Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) to provide information about storage utilization by hosts for an urgent meeting. When the report is created, several hosts have no utilization data associated with them. What is the reason for the missing data?

  • A. The hosts do not have the HDvM agent installed.
  • B. The hosts have not been refreshed.
  • C. The storage system has not been refreshed.
  • D. The storage system polling is not synchronized with the report creation.

Answer : A

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