System Consultant, Genesys SIP SERVER (GCP8 - SIP) v6.0 (GE0-807)

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Which of the following is responsible for sending "302 Moved Temporarily"?

  • A. Registrar
  • B. Stateless Proxy
  • C. Stateful Proxy
  • D. B2BUA
  • E. Redirect Server

Answer : A


Sip Server 8.x introduced the overload control feature, which allows the specification of a value to limit the number of interactions SIP Server handles. At what percentage of this value does SlP Server reject all traffic?

  • A. 101%
  • B. 120%
  • C. 130%
  • D. 150%

Answer : B

Which of these components has the functionality of a redirect server? Choose 2 answers

  • A. T Server
  • B. SIP Server
  • C. Network SIP Server
  • D. Media Server

Answer : B,D

Which of the following options can be configured on a trunk DN to enable Active Out-of-
Service detection? (Choose 2 answers)

  • A. recovery-timeout'
  • B. oos-check'
  • C. 'oos-force'
  • D. 'priority'

Answer : B,C

Reference: oxyOverview:8.1.1&action=pdfbook (page 6)

Which SIP Method is used by Active out of Service Detection to check a device for out of service status?

  • A. INFOK
  • B. CHECK

Answer : D

You have enabled the internal registrar. However, SIP Server does not update the key called contact of the corresponding DN when the endpoint successfully registers with SIP
Server. Which two actions are required to address this issue? (Choose 2 answers)

  • A. Set the option 'external registrar' to false
  • B. Set the option 'use-register-for-service-state' to true
  • C. Set the 'internal-registrar-persistent' to true
  • D. Grant 'change permissions' for the System account for the all DNs on the corresponding switch

Answer : C,D

In a SIP direct call setup, what message does the originating UAC send to the UAS of the recipient?

  • B. Ringing
  • C. ACK
  • D. OK

Answer : A

Reference: file:///C:/Users/AbDullah/Downloads/CCVP%20CVOICE%20Self-
Study%20Guide%20Chapter%205.pdf (See the Page #54, 1st Point).

When comparing the network bandwidth and performance (jitter, packet loss, latency) between G.711 and 6.729 codes, which one of the statements is true?

  • A. G.729 and G.711 have the same bandwidth and network performance requirements
  • B. G.729 requires less bandwidth than G.711, but G.711 requires better network performance
  • C. G.729 requires less bandwidth than G.711, and there are no differences between G.711 and G.729 in there required network performance
  • D. G.729 requires less bandwidth than G.711, but G.729 requires better network performance

Answer : B

G.711, with a sample size of 64kbit/s, achieves a maximum MOS of 4.1, whereas G.729, with a much smaller sample size of 8kbit/s, can achieve a MOS of 3.9. G.729 is
"compressed eight times smaller than G.711 while sounding almost as good.

Using SIP default settings, after how many seconds will an endpoint will be marked "out of service" without a response following an INVITE message?

  • A. 6 seconds
  • B. l0 seconds
  • C. 24 seconds
  • D. 32 seconds

Answer : A

Which of the following events occur when SIP Server receives INFO and UPDATE messages?

  • A. EventRouteRequest
  • B. EventAddressInfo
  • C. EventEstablished
  • D. EventAttachedDataChanged

Answer : A


In a SIP Server Stand-alone mode, persistent registrar data can be configured to be held by which of the following?

  • A. SIP Server
  • B. Softswitch
  • C. SIP Proxy
  • D. Configuration Server

Answer : D

Which of the following methods does SIP Server use to create a new SIP dialog? (Choose
2 answers)

  • B. re-INVITE
  • C. REFER

Answer : A,C


Which of the following stays in the signaling path during the entire session? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Registrar
  • B. Stateless Proxy
  • C. Stateful Proxy
  • D. R B2BUA
  • E. Redirect Server

Answer : C,E

Which two ways can Genesys Media Server integrate with SIP Server?

Choose 2 answers -

  • A. Directly
  • B. Through GVP
  • C. Through Proxy Manager
  • D. Through Resource Manager

Answer : B,D

Reference: sip.pdf?id=2e30d00a-05d6-4c84-a539-eb7ddcbde5f4

Which protocol is SIP Server using in communication with Media Server?

  • A. CTI protocol
  • B. T-Lib
  • C. SIP
  • D. H.323
  • E. voice XML

Answer : D


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