FortiSandbox 2.0.3 Specialist v1.0 (FortiSandbox)

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Which threats can a FortiSandbox inspect when it is deployed in sniffer mode? (Choose three.)

  • A. Applications that use excessive bandwidth
  • B. Suspicious website access
  • C. Spam
  • D. Botnet connections
  • E. Known viruses

Answer : BDE

Which is true regarding Microsoft Office on FortiSandbox?

  • A. Office 365 files are not supported.
  • B. Microsoft Office is not included. You must purchase it separately, then manually install it in the applicable VMs on FortiSandbox.
  • C. Office 2013 is installed in one of the VMs.
  • D. Microsoft Word documents (.docx) are not inspected.

Answer : B

Which devices can be configured to send files to FortiSandbox 2.0.3? (Choose two.)

  • A. FortiGate
  • B. FortiMail
  • C. FortiSwitch
  • D. FortiAP

Answer : AB


Which methods can be used to submit files to FortiSandbox for inspection? (Choose two.)

  • A. File shares
  • B. SFTP upload
  • C. FTP upload

Answer : AD

Which browser is installed in the Windows 7 x86 VM image?

  • A. Internet Explorer 9
  • B. Firefox
  • C. Google Chrome
  • D. Internet Explorer 10

Answer : A

You can configure FortiGate and FortiMail to send potentially malicious files to FortiSandbox. Which file types are considered to be potentially malicious? (Choose three.)

  • A. JPEG images
  • B. Rich text format (RTF)
  • C. Adobe PDF
  • D. Adobe Flash
  • E. Microsoft PowerPoint

Answer : CDE

Which protocols can FortiSandbox use to connect to a network file share? (Choose two.)

  • A. HTTP
  • B. NTFSv2
  • C. CIFS
  • D. FTP

Answer : BC

If FortiSandbox connects to FortiGuard through a web proxy server, which FortiSandbox interface must have access to the proxy server?

  • A. port4
  • B. port1
  • C. port3
  • D. port2

Answer : B

Which protocols can a FortiSandbox inspect when is deployed in sniffer mode? (Choose two.)

  • A. FTPS
  • B. POP3
  • C. MAPI
  • D. HTTP

Answer : BD

When does a FortiSandbox categorize a file as suspicious?

  • A. When the file is detected as known greyware
  • B. When the file matches an antivirus signature that might detect false positives
  • C. When the file matches a signature in the extended antivirus database
  • D. When the file is not detected as a known malware, but it has some of the same behaviors as malware

Answer : D


What is the minimum FortiAnalyzer firmware version that supports FortiSandbox device registration?

  • A. 5.0.6
  • B. 5.0.11
  • C. 5.0.8
  • D. 5.2.1

Answer : C

Which are true about activating the Microsoft Office license in a FortiSandbox? (Choose two.)

  • A. Happens simultaneously with the activation of the Windows licenses
  • B. Does not require Internet access
  • C. Requires that you download a license file from the Fortinet support website
  • D. Requires you to enter the key in the FortiSandbox GUI

Answer : CD

Based on the exhibit, which files will be sent to FortiSandbox? (Choose three.)

  • A. A 7 MB PDF attachment to an email, sent over SMTP.
  • B. A 3 MB archive that decompresses to 16 MB, sent over HTTP.
  • C. A 3 MB Flash video, sent over HTTP.
  • D. An 11 MB EXE file, sent of HTTP, detected as suspicious.
  • E. A 5 MB EXE file attached to an email, sent over POP3, detected as known malware.

Answer : ACD

The Windows licenses in a FortiSandbox could be locked because they have exceeded the maximum number of allowed activations. What should the administrator do to fix the problem?

  • A. Contact Fortinet support
  • B. Contact Microsoft support
  • C. Reinstall the license files
  • D. Restore a backup of the configuration taken before the licenses became locked

Answer : A

Which protocols are supported for archiving scan job reports? (Choose two.)

  • A. CIFS
  • B. NFSv2
  • C. SMB
  • D. FTP

Answer : AB

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Total 15 questions