Backup Recovery - Avamar Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers v6.0 (E20-895)

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An EMC customer has purchased a new Accelerator Node for their NDMP backups. During the configuration process, you receive an error that there is an authentication error. You discover that the 'ndmp user' is not created. Which command is used to create the user account?

  • A. server_user server_2 -add -md5 ndmp
  • B. server_user server_all -add -password ndmp
  • C. server_user --server_2 -create ndmp -password ndmp
  • D. server_user server_2 --create ndmp

Answer : A

Refer to Scenario 10.

The customer has raised a concern about the RTO of their Windows servers in their development environment. Which backup method would provide the lowest RTO?

  • A. Deploy a template of the O/S that is preinstalled with the Avamar agent and perform restores using system state backups
  • B. Capture VSS backups of the server and boot from the recovery ISO to restore the server
  • C. Use an Avamar VMware Image Proxy set to Windows and restore the VM with CBT enabled
  • D. Use an Avamar VMware Image Proxy set to Windows/Linux and restore the VM with CBT enabled

Answer : A

An EMC customer is using NetWorker with integrated Avamar deduplication nodes. They have expired a large amount of data on the NetWorker server. After several hours, they notice that the index entries have been deleted from NetWorker. However, data has not been removed from the deduplication node. What is a potential reason?

  • A. Garbage collection has not yet occurred on the deduplication node
  • B. Data must also be manually expired from within Avamar
  • C. Garbage collection has been suspended on the NetWorker server
  • D. Saveset metadata has not been purged from the storage node

Answer : A

An EMC customer wants to use LDAP authentication for their Avamar administrator user accounts. While testing the settings of the ldap.conf file with an ldapsearch string, a failure occurs with error "525: User Not Found"
Which entry in the ldap.conf file is the root cause for this error?

  • A. binddn
  • B. realm
  • C. bindpw
  • D. ldap_version

Answer : A

Click on the calculator icon in the upper left corner.
An EMC Avamar customer has an Avamar server with four 3.9 TB nodes. They are planning to add a new client to backup to this server. This client has 4 GB of RAM and two file systems. The first file system has 3 million files consuming .75 TB of space. The second file system contains 5 million files consuming 1 TB of space.
The customer wants to establish a benchmark for the client's backups in order to determine if the client cache files need tuning. Based on typical performance statistics, how many hours is the steady state backup expected to run?

  • A. 3
  • B. 4
  • C. 5
  • D. 8

Answer : D

An EMC Avamar customer is setting up backups of their SharePoint farm with the Avamar
SharePoint VSS plug-in. The customer has two web front-end servers, four application servers, and four database servers. Where does the front-end plug-in need to be installed?

  • A. On both of the front-end servers
  • B. On all servers in the farm
  • C. On the application and database servers
  • D. On one of the front-end servers

Answer : D

Refer to Scenario 4.
In the event that the primary deduplication node has failed and is unreachable, what will happen if a restore is initiated?

  • A. Recovery is automatically performed from the replication target
  • B. Recovery fails reporting the deduplication node as unreachable
  • C. Recovery will queue waiting for the deduplication node to come online
  • D. Recovery fails reporting that the client must first be activated on the replication node

Answer : A

A customer is using an EMC Avamar server to backup SQL databases. They often have a need to perform redirected recoveries of these databases to a different server. They are challenged by the fact that the storage layout on the recovery server does not always match the original backup causing the recovery to fail. What is the most efficient method to overcome their challenge?

  • A. Perform a file system recovery of the f-0 file and use SQL Server Manager to manually adjust the layout
  • B. Ensure the recovery server storage is provisioned to match the backup prior to initiating the recovery
  • C. Ensure all SQL databases share a common storage layout
  • D. Perform the recovery as a database using SQL Server Manager to optionally adjust the layout to match that of the recovery server

Answer : A

Refer to Scenario 6.

The customer needs to add another 2 TB of database data into the replicated environment.
The disaster recovery Data Domain system is expandable but the HQ Data Domain system is full.
Which replication solution supports the new capacity requirement at the least cost?

  • A. Add an additional Avamar server to both sites and integrate with the HQ DD system
  • B. No change in DD capacity is needed at the HQ site
  • C. Add an additional DD server to the Avamar/DD system at the HQ site
  • D. Add an additional DD system to both sites and integrate with the HQ Avamar system

Answer : C

An EMC employee has been assigned to run securedelete against two clients for a total of
20 GBs on an Avamar server. During a planning discussion with the customer, they want to know what the impact on their Avamar server would be while securedelete is running.
What is the correct response to the customer?

  • A. GSAN will be in admin mode and the Avamar server will be read only
  • B. Avamar will continue to function with a limited amount of available threads
  • C. GSAN will be shut down during the extent of the securedelete task
  • D. Avamar will continue to function without any limitations

Answer : A

An existing EMC Avamar customer has noticed that garbage collection is not running properly on a daily basis. The garbage collection logs show the process failing with the
MSG_ERR_FULL error each time it attempts to run. The Avamar Administrator reports the server capacity as 96%.What could be causing garbage collection to fail?

  • A. GSAN capacity is over 85%
  • B. Operating system capacity is over 85%
  • C. Operating system capacity is over 65%
  • D. Avamar server has reached the health check limit

Answer : B

Refer to Scenario 7.
Click on the calculator icon in the upper left corner.
For performance, what should the hash cache max be on the Microsoft Exchange servers?

  • A. 252 MB
  • B. 504 MB
  • C. 700 MB
  • D. 768 MB

Answer : D

A customer has a EMC Avamar desktop/laptop environment consisting of 100 clients distributed across three Avamar domains. Compliance requirements mandate that 15 clients with 2 TBs of data on each must have their backups written to tape. Avamar Data
Transport (ADT) with three 2 TB transport nodes will be used to accomplish the tapeout process.
Which changes are required to accommodate this environment?

  • A. Configure each of the clients in their own dedicated domain
  • B. Configure a dedicated transport node per Avamar domain
  • C. Configure a dedicated transport node, each containing five of the clients
  • D. Configure three domains, each containing five of the clients

Answer : A

A new EMC Avamar customer wants help in setting up their backup groups and schedules.
They are migrating from a traditional tape backup solution with full backups performed once a week and incrementals in between. They have a regulatory requirement to keep an annual backup for seven years but want to keep all other backups for one month. Both
Microsoft Windows and Linux clients will be backed up. Based on best practices, what should be recommended?

  • A. Include all clients in the same group using one dataset and an advanced retention policy
  • B. Use a separate group for each operating system /retention combination
  • C. Enable the default group and use that group for all backups
  • D. Use one group for weekly backups and one for the other days of the week

Answer : A

Refer to Scenario 7.
How should the backups be configured to minimize performance issues in the Microsoft
Exchange environment?

  • A. Back up from the active nodes
  • B. Back up from the cluster resource
  • C. Mount databases and backup from a proxy host
  • D. Back up from the passive nodes

Answer : D

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