VMAX3 Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators v8.0 (E20-507)

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What is the default port number to access the EMC vApp Manager for Solutions Enabler?

  • A. 443
  • B. 5480
  • C. 8080
  • D. 8443

Answer : B

A VMAX3 array will be used to provide storage to VMware ESXi and HP-UX servers. Front- end ports will be shared with all the servers. The default front-end port flags are in use.
What should be done to ensure that all the servers have access to their designated storage?

  • A. Override the required flags on the Initiator Group
  • B. Override the required flags on the Port Group
  • C. Set the required flags at the front-end port
  • D. Set the required flags on the Masking View

Answer : A

Which autoprovisioning component is created with the Unisphere for VMAX Create Host wizard?

  • A. Initiator Group
  • B. Port Group
  • C. Storage Group
  • D. Masking View

Answer : A

What is a consideration for autoprovisioning groups on VMAX3 arrays?

  • A. An initiator may only belong to one Initiator Group
  • B. A device cannot belong to more than one Storage Group
  • C. A port may only belong to one Port Group
  • D. Maximum number of levels of cascading permitted in a Storage Group is 64

Answer : A

You are attempting to install Unisphere for VMAX 8.0 on a server with the following configuration:
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 32-bit

Dual core processor -
180 GB free space
The installation is unable to continue because a pre-requisite has not been met. What is the likely cause of the error?

  • A. 64-bit operating system is required
  • B. 24 GB of RAM is required
  • C. 240 GB of free space is required
  • D. Quad core processor is required

Answer : A

Which action must occur before a TDEV can be deleted on a VMAX3?

  • A. TDEV must not have any allocated tracks
  • B. TDEV must be set to Not Ready
  • C. TDEV must be unbound from the thin pool
  • D. TDEV must be disassociated from the SRP

Answer : A

Which device type can be used as a Gatekeeper?

  • A. TDEV
  • B. BCV
  • C. VDEV
  • D. TDAT

Answer : C

On a VMAX3 array, a TDEV is provisioned to a host using a Storage Group that has no
SLO defined. How will the TDEV be handled by FAST?

  • A. Optimized SLO will be applied to the TDEV
  • B. FAST will not manage the TDEV
  • C. TDEV will be pinned to the middle tier
  • D. TDEV will be Not Ready

Answer : A

Which section in the EMC vApp Manager is used to edit the Solutions Enabler options file?

  • A. Manage Daemons
  • B. Appliance Info
  • C. Appliance Data/Log
  • D. License Validation

Answer : A

What is the granularity of FAST data movement requests in a VMAX3 array?

  • A. 1 Extent Group
  • B. 1 Extent Group Set
  • C. 12 Extents
  • D. 42 Extent Groups

Answer : A

What is a consideration when linking a TimeFinder SnapVX snapshot to a target Storage
Group (SG) in Unisphere for VMAX?

  • A. Target SG should not be in a Masking View
  • B. Target SG should be in a Masking View
  • C. Target SG should not be managed by the Optimized SLO
  • D. Target SG should be managed by the Optimized SLO

Answer : A

When navigating Unisphere for VMAX 8.0, which menu is used to manage Masking Views?

  • A. Hosts
  • B. Storage
  • C. System Dashboard
  • D. System Settings

Answer : A

What controls the visibility of the VMAX3 ACLX device to a host?

  • A. Show ACLX device flag set to Enabled
  • B. ACLX device LUN address set to 0
  • C. ACLX device must be part of a Masking View
  • D. SCSI3 Persistent Reservation attribute set on the ACLX device

Answer : A

Refer to the Exhibit.

How many tracks will be returned to the pool if snapshot 'backup' generation 2 is terminated?

  • A. 6074
  • B. 9157
  • C. 11146
  • D. 17220

Answer : A

An administrator has just migrated block data from a Unified VNX array to a new VMAX3 array. The administrator now wants to migrate the file data from the Unified VNX to the new array. The VMAX3 is not configured with eNAS and the administrator wants to enable it.
What is required to enable eNAS?

  • A. eNAS must be installed at the factory
  • B. Obtain the eNAS binaries and install them
  • C. Use SYMCLI to enable eNAS on the array
  • D. Contact Support and have them enable it through ESRS

Answer : A

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