Specialist - Systems Administrator, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) v1.0 (DES-1B31)

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In an environment with two or more VDCs, which operation is unavailable when network connectivity is interrupted between the VDCs?

  • A. Write object
  • B. Read object
  • C. Update object
  • D. Create object

Answer : B


What can be used to access OpenStack Swift data on an ECS?

  • A. S3 Curl from ECS ECS UI
  • B. S3 browser ECS CLI
  • C. OpenStack Swift client browser OpenStack Swift API
  • D. Amazon S3 REST API ECS CLI

Answer : D

Reference: http://doc.isilon.com/ECS/3.0/DataAccessGuide/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm

Which Hadoop configuration file needs to be edited to be aware of ECS ViPRFS?

  • A. fs.permissions.unmask-mode
  • B. fs.AbstractFileSystem.viprfs.impl
  • C. core-site.xml
  • D. fs.viprfs.impl

Answer : C

Reference: https://www.emc.com/techpubs/ecs/ecs_hdfs_configure-2.htm

Which user role has access to all areas of the ECS portal?

  • A. System Administrator
  • B. Namespace Administrator
  • C. Tenant Administrator
  • D. Power use

Answer : A

Reference: https://www.emc.com/techpubs/ecs/users_authprov_and_mapping-1.htm

Which two tools can be used to access S3 data on an ECS?

  • A. S3 Curl from ECS ECS UI
  • B. S3 browser S3 API
  • C. S3 browser ECS CLI
  • D. Amazon S3 REST API ECS CLI

Answer : A

Reference: https://www.emc.com/collateral/TechnicalDocument/docu62943.pdf

In an ECS installed with full network separation, which IP address will the user/applications use to read/write on the ECS?

  • A. Replication
  • B. Data
  • C. Management
  • D. Public

Answer : B


Which ECS Advanced Retention Management (ARM) feature enables applications to specify a retention period that will trigger when the CAS application receives a specified condition?

  • A. Min/Max Governor
  • B. Event Based Retention
  • C. Litigation Hold
  • D. Extended Retention Period

Answer : B

Reference: http://doc.isilon.com/ECS/3.1/DataAccessGuide/ecs_c_cas_advanced_retention.html

What is the correct sequence of steps to configure Dell EMC Isilon CloudPools with ECS solution?
Select and Place:

Answer :

Reference: https://www.emc.com/collateral/white-papers/h14775-isilon-cloud-pools-and-ecs-solution-guide.pdf

What could be the reason that the D@RE button is visible but dimmed?

  • A. ECS software installed is a non-D@RE version
  • B. D@RE license has expired
  • C. D@RE license is not installed
  • D. D@RE is not enabled on the namespace

Answer : A

Which process allows ECS to reconstruct objects within a storage pool, if that pool loses a disk?

  • A. Full mirrored replication
  • B. Chunk management
  • C. Erasure coding
  • D. XOR operation

Answer : B

Which user can lock and unlock nodes through the ECS Portal or the ECS Management API?

  • A. admin
  • B. emcexpert
  • C. emcsecurity
  • D. root

Answer : C

Reference: http://doc.isilon.com/ECS/3.2/AdminGuide/ecs_t_lock_nodes.html

An ECS is configured as backend storage for OpenStack Cinder. Which type of data will it store?

  • A. Disk and server images
  • B. OpenStack Swift client access information
  • C. Multimedia files
  • D. Volume data backups

Answer : A

What is the correct sequence of steps to configure a NetWorker CloudBoost with ECS solution?
Select and Place:

Answer :

An ECS administrator creates a bucket to be used by the NFS clients. The development team tries to write some objects using the S3 browser on the bucket.
They call the storage administrator to inform them that they are experiencing write operation errors.
What is a possible reason for the errors?

  • A. Bucket is Read only
  • B. Object user needs write credentials
  • C. Base URL was not configured
  • D. Secret key used is not correct

Answer : B

What can be used to monitor ECS events in the ECS Portal for periods of greater than 30 days?

  • A. ViPR SRM
  • B. Centera Console
  • C. Atmos Capacity Reporting
  • D. Data Protection Advisor

Answer : A


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